Local 70654 CSE

Welcome to our Local 70654 website.

In our Local 70654, we had a very unique situation that other unions did not have, we were able to communicate with you previously on our employer’s network. Since covid19, that option is no longer available as not everyone has access. We have created an email that we will use to communicate with our members in Local 70654 that wish to be added to the mailing list.

To get added to the email:

Please email us at zz-654exec-dl on our work network and include a personal email that you would like to use to receive our communications.

The reason we are asking for it to be done this way is twofold, the first is that we know some people would be concerned with mixing work and personal emails, and the second, we want to ensure that everyone on our mailing list is a member of our local, not a random person requesting to be added.

We also have another mailing list set up that informs our members of bargaining updates, please use the same manner above to request being added to that mailing list. You can request both in the same email.

  • Tin Tang
    1st Vice-President
  • Noah Mehmoody
    2nd Vice-President
  • Alastair Holmes
  • Stephanie Torrealba
    Co-Chief Steward
  • Kevin MacNeil
    Co-Chief Steward
  • Stephanie Torrealba
    Human Rights Coordinator
  • Gary Bosloy
    Regional OHS Representative
  • Freyja Wilson
    Youth Regional Representative