The Communications and Training Committee (COMTRA), a standing committee of the National Executive, is responsible for maintaining the UNDE Education Program.

Module 8 training in Fredericton (June 2016). Facilitated by Brendalee Blaney, Labour Relations Officer.

Module 8 training in Fredericton (June 2016).  Facilitated by Brendalee Blaney, Labour Relations Officer.

There are currently ten modules available, delivered by trained union facilitators. Locals, in conjunction with their regional Vice-President, identify the needs of the membership and choose modules accordingly.

For additional information, please contact your UNDE Vice-President.

Trained Facilitators In Your Area

Newfoundland/Labrador and New Brunswick

  • Silas Bird
  • Katherine Laliberte
  • Gwen Spratt

Nova Scotia

  • Gord Williams
  • Gerry McEachern
  • Rose Smith-Gimblett


  • Serge Desbiens
  • Carolyn Weadick
  • Preben Hansen
  • Grant Tennant
  • Sharon Wilkinson

National Capital Region

  • Gloria Bannon
  • Robert Basque
  • Joan Buchanan
  • Sandra Griffith-Bonaparte
  • Shawn King
  • Jo-An Munday
  • Elizabeth Pecana
  • Jeff Wrinn


  • Michel Allard
  • Josée Bergeron


  • Josée Emond
  • Mona Simcoe

Alberta & The North

  • Corrie Barkley
  • Denise Davey
  • Sherwin Mahar
  • Christie Strazza

British Columbia

  • Kevin Hunt



  • Eugene Stone
  • Stephanie Torrealba