Bylaws, Regulations and Policy Guidelines


Policy Guidelines

  • Harassment Policy

    The Union of National Defence Employees, a Component of the Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC), promotes a zero-tolerance policy with respect to harassment and discrimination. UNDE believes and promotes full equality of all its members and the right of each member to be treated with dignity and respect.

    UNDE will neither tolerate nor condone attitudes and behaviours at union functions, regardless of intent, that are likely to undermine the dignity, self-esteem or security of an individual or create an intimidating, threatening, hostile or offensive environment.

    The Component actively supports the Canadian Human Rights Act and associated programs that are designed to achieve equality within Canadian society as well as the PSAC Policies governing Harassment. This Policy does not prevent members from using those avenues but covers the guidelines the Component will follow for UNDE Harassment Complaints.

    The UNDE Harassment Policy and the Guidelines and Procedures for Managing Harassment Complaints (Annex B) address harassment situations that include personal harassment, sexual harassment and abuse of authority at all UNDE functions, meetings or socials.