National Executive

Message From the President
  • June Winger

    June Winger

    National President
  • Benoit Laberge

    Executive Vice-President
  • Dan Frost

    Vice-President (NL/NB)
  • Terry Kiley

    Vice-President (Nova Scotia)
  • Johanne Roberge

    Vice-President (Québec)
  • Jeff Wrinn

    Vice-President (NCR)
  • Grant Tennant

    Vice-President (Ontario)
  • Mona Simcoe

    Vice-President (Manitoba/Sask)
  • Bryan Meakin

    Vice-President (Alberta/North)
  • T. Mark Miller

    Vice-President (BC)
  • Eugene Stone

    Vice-President (CSE)
  • Cathy O'Kane

    Vice-President (NPF) and alternate EVP
  • Paul Jones

    Human Rights Advisor
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