UNDE Apparel and Accessories

*Please note that all orders must be submitted by email and only orders from Local Presidents or the approved purchaser of the Local will be accepted. 

**All pricing and delivery information will be confirmed as orders are placed. 

Send your selection, size and quantity to Kim Brackhahn.

UNDE T-shirt (dark blue)


  • Men’s crew neck
  • Ladies crew neck or V-neck
  • Small to 4XL

UNDE zippered hoodie (black)


  • Small to 5XL

Henley Long Sleeve

Henley Long-Sleeved Sweatshirt

$10   SALE!!!!!

  • Small to 4XL

Soft Shell Jacket


  • black
  • Medium, 2XL, 3XL

UNDE watches


  • Ladies and Men’s

Key finder


UNDE baseball cap


UNDE black backpack on wheels


while quantities last!



UNDE navy blue zippered fleece



UNDE portfolio



UNDE drawstring nylon bag



UNDE toque (beanie) gray – $7.00 each



UNDE water bottle