Message from the President

Welcome to the Union of National Defence Employees!

We are the fourth largest Component of the Public Service Alliance of Canada, with over 19,000 members in public, private sectors and non-public fund employers. UNDE provides six essential services to its members

We work to ensure that our workplaces are safe, we represent members in grievances against management, we provide advice and representation on classification issues, we represent  members at Public Service Staffing Tribunal complaints, we provide education to our members about their rights and the role of the union, and we keep  our members informed about our activities. Beyond the basic services that the UNDE provides, we are also a community, built by members and run by members. Our mandate is dictated by the membership, and we carry out our mandate on behalf of the membership.

We hope that our redesigned website will be an effective tool in allowing members to connect with each other, and bring us closer to the core values of Union membership. The next coming years will be challenging and our communication with our membership will be key in protecting jobs, keeping members informed in a timely manner and remain accountable to our membership. At the same time holding the employer accountable when adverse decisions affect our members, their families and the communities they live in. Please take the time to get to know your new UNDE website, and thank you for visiting.



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