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Victoria - Convention Day Three

Wednesday morning found the Delegates tired in body from the hard work of the previous two days but soaring in spirit from the exciting boat trip on Tuesday evening. Congratulations to the Host Committee for a most memorable dinner cruise aboard the “Queen of Diamonds” – dinner, dancing, socializing and a close up look at Canada’s Navy in Esquimalt Bay.

The day commenced with Brother Miller providing the floor with an update on the planned Demonstration. Three buses will transport the Delegates, at 1130 on Thursday, to the front gate of the Esquimalt Base. The General Committee then took the floor and worked their way through the unpassed Resolutions.

At 1000 Robyn Benson, PSAC National President, addressed the Convention. She began by praising Brother MacLennan for his 18 years of dedicated service as President of UNDE and highlighted the great work done by that Component over the years. She emphasized the twin evils of privatization and contracting out – both past and future. Together PSAC and UNDE need to combat these threats, not as allies but as one solid Union. Outlining broken promises and half measures of the current Liberal Government, she promised to turn up the heat on the Liberals to deliver a whole lot more, a whole lot faster. A boisterous follow-on question & answer session centred on all the problems of the Phoenix Pay System and how to fix them.

The General Committee returned to the floor. Resolutions were split off, referred back, passed and rejected.

At three o’clock, Sister Winger led a tribute to John MacLennan. She ran through the many highlights of his storied career, accompanied by a slide show. Interestingly John was first elected president of UNDE at Victoria and 18 years later is retiring at that very same city. For the next two hours, a cavalcade of friends and relatives and colleagues, both past and present, extolled his many work and social exploits. The day was capped off with a giant celebratory cake.