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Victoria - Convention Day Two

As usual Tuesday dawned bright and sunny in Victoria. The delegates had scant time, however, to enjoy the beautiful day because a full day of Convention work awaited them. Brother Turcq led off with a request for donations for the striking airport workers. Money poured in and within moments $10, 225 had been committed. The UNDE President matched that total. The new grand total of $20, 450 continued to rise as a box circulated.

The Bylaws Committee took the floor and continued with their Priority Resolutions. Discussions were lively, votes were held, some Resolutions passed and some didn’t. Later in the afternoon, Bylaws came back and successfully dealt with all their Resolutions.

In the morning, the President had the pleasure of presenting special awards and lifetime memberships. Always a very heart-warming and poignant time.

Several Delegates rose to suggest ways to support the protest against the Phoenix Pay System: wearing UNDE blue on Wednesdays, sporting anti-Phoenix shirts and possible plans for a protest.

The General Committee took the floor to present an emergency Resolution to work with PSAC to fight back against the Liberal plans for more P3’s and privatization. It was unanimously and enthusiastically adopted. A blended demonstration will be planned for Thursday morning to protest both Phoenix and P3/Privatization.

The Finance Committee came back and dealt with all their Resolutions. The Budget was subsequently passed in record time.

The day concluded with an All-Candidates Forum for National President, Executive Vice-President and Human Rights Advisor.