Local 30902 Cold Lake

Welcome to Local 30902


Local Executive List

  • Stephane Depot
  • Nick Grant
  • Kim Kruhlak
  • Marie Gravel
  • Bill Freel
    Health and Safety
    Youth Representative
  • Michael Crotty
    Chief Steward
  • Tom Lawrence
    Shop Steward
  • Nicole Hillier-Hamilton
    Shop Steward
  • Chelsey Keys
    Shop Steward









Article 1.        This organization shall be a local of Union of National Defence Employees, a union of the Public Service Alliance of Canada and shall be known as Local 30902, 4 Wing Cold Lake, hereinafter referred to as UNDE Local 30902 or “the Local”, or Local 902.




 Article 1.        Aim is to encourage all employees of all classifications at 4 Wing Cold Lake, without regard to race, creed colour or national origin, to share in the full benefits obtainable through membership in an organization capable of acting on their behalf, by becoming members of UNDE.


Article 2.        To obtain through democratic means legislation, which will safeguard and promote the principle of free collective bargaining for all employees of the Local so that they may enjoy the best possible standard of wages, salaries and other conditions of employment. 


Article 3.        To protect the interest, rights and privileges of all employees under jurisdiction of the Local by representing any member or group of members or employees under terms of a collective agreement, in appeals and grievance under an established procedure or in any other matters within the jurisdiction of the Local.


Article 4.        To assist in the accomplishment of reform measures throughout the whole of Public Service and the community, through affiliation with Canadian Labour Congress and the Alberta Federation of Labour.





Article 1.        All union dues paying employees of the Department of National Defence at 4 Wing Cold Lake shall be eligible for membership in the Local.  A person becomes a member of UNDE Local 30902 when his/her signed Application for Membership card is received.


Article 2.        Membership Responsibility  – Each member of the Local is deemed to have agreed to abide by and be bound by these By-Laws, the By-Laws of UNDE and the Constitution of PSAC upon formal reading and vote at a general meeting of membership.


Article 3.        Membership Dues     – Membership dues levied upon each member shall be in accordance with:


  1. the amount set by the PSAC Constitution;


  1. the amount determined by UNDE Convention (to be paid to UNDE); and


  1. the additional amount determined by the Local as voted by a two-thirds majority of members attending a meeting specifically noted on posters for that purpose. This additional amount will be reviewed annually.



 Article 1.        The Executive Committee shall be composed of:


  1. President;


  1. Vice-President;


  1. Secretary


  1. Treasurer


  1. Chief Steward


  1. Health and Safety rep and


  1. Youth Rep



Article 2.        Insofar as the executive Committee is concerned, a majority of the members four of seven shall constitute a quorum.




Article 1.        Officers annotated at By-Law 4 shall be elected in the following manner:


  1. President shall be elected for a two-year term of office;


  1. Vice-President shall be elected for a two-year term of office to fall in alternating years to those of the president, to allow for continuity;


  1. Secretary shall be elected for a two-year term of office; elected in the same year as the Vice President to allow for continuity;


  1. Treasurer shall be elected for a two-year term of office; elected in the same year as the President to allow for continuity; and


  1. The Chief Steward shall be elected by the Stewards for a two-year term of office.


  1. The Health and Safety rep shall be elected for a two-year term of office; elected in thesame year as the President; and


  1. The Youth Rep shall be elected for a two-year term of office; elected in the same yearas the Vice President.




Article 2.        Officers so elected in Article 1 shall be done so at the General Membership Meeting of the Local.


Article 3.        Duties of elected officers in Article 1 are listed in By-law 9.


Article 4.        The Chief Steward is elected by the Stewards and this position may be changed only by this same body.


Article 5.        Vacancies on the executive of the Local shall be filled by the normal nomination process at a regular meeting:  however, should this fail, they may be appointed by the remaining executive members.


Article 6.        General membership meetings will be held as determined by the executive but with a minimum of not less than four per calendar year.


Article 7.        At the discretion of the President, executive meetings will be held as required.


Article 8.        The annual general meeting will be held in November each year, at which time the election of officers will take place. At the meeting in which the president is elected, all committees will be reviewed. New members will be called for; committee chairs will be stood down and re-elected within committee caucus after the annual meeting.


Article 9.        A quorum at a general or special meeting shall consist of no less than two executive members and six members in good standing.




Article 1.        All elections shall be by secret ballot and decided by simple majority.


Article 2.        All nominees for Local office must be members in good standing of the Local and be in attendance at the time of election, or provide written consent to stand for election.


Article 3.        In the event of more than two candidates for one office, the candidate receiving the fewest number of votes shall be dropped from the ballot whenever a clear majority of the votes is not accorded any candidate.


Article 4.        Election of officers shall take place at the annual general meeting.  The Chief Steward is elected in accordance with Article 4, By-Law 5. In Instances where this is not possible or practical, the Chief Steward may be elected at a General Meeting of the local.


Article 5.       


  1. A Nomination Committee shall be appointed by the Local President and shall assist the Vice President of the Region in conducting the election of the Local Officers.


  1. The Nomination Committee shall also be responsible for receiving written nominations and for ensuring that, in the event a nominee is unable to attend, the nominee has submitted a signed statement as to the reasons for not being in attendance.


  1. In the event the Vice President of the Region is unable to attend, the Chairperson of the Nominations Committed shall be responsible for conducting the meeting.



Article 6.        All officers shall take office at the end of the annual general meeting at which they are elected.


Article 7.       


  1. The Oath of Office shall be given at the meeting when the election takes place by the senior office at the meeting or by the Chairperson of the Nomination Committee. All members shall stand while the Oath is administered. Each officer will repeat the Oath aloud as directed by the officer administering the Oath.


  1. b) An elected officer, not in attendance when the election takes place, shall be sworn in at the first opportunity by the Local President or Senior Officer in the presence of at least one other Local Officer.




Article 1.        All funds shall be deposited in the Toronto-Dominion Bank, Cold Lake, Alberta.  The National President of UNDE shall be so advised.


Article 2.        Strike funds shall be maintained in a separate account but be itemized and form part of the annual audit report.


Article 3.        Signing officers shall be the President, Vice-President, Secretary and the Treasurer, of whom any two shall sign all cheques.  No disbursement shall be made without authorization of these By-Laws, as voted at a general or executive meeting, excepting the President shall have the right to expend $200.00 with the consent of the Executive Committee 4 of the 7 (not including the President).  The amount will be accountable at the subsequent meeting of the general membership.


Article 4.        A financial statement shall be made available at each general meeting.


Article 5.        An audited financial report shall be available for the annual meeting and shall be submitted to National Office within 30 days of the meeting or no later than 31 December of each year.


Article 6.        An Audit Committee of no less than two will be appointed by the President no less that 30 days prior to the annual meeting.


Article 7.        Fiscal year shall end 30 September in order to conform to requirements of the annual meeting to be held in November.


Article 8.        Travel expenses shall be paid in accordance with current Public Service rates or actual expenditure incurred.  In the case of actual expenditures being more that the Public Service rate, receipts must be given to the Treasurer in the finalization of all expenses.


Article 9.        The President, Vice President and Chief Steward will be paid a per diem of $60.00 per month, the Secretary will be paid $45.00 and the Treasurer will be paid $40.00 per month.


Article 10.      Members wishing to purchase material, promotional or otherwise (UNDE. PSAC apparel, business cards etc.) must do so through the approved point of contact for the local. The local will not be responsible for costs incurred by individual members that did not receive prior approval of the Executive or General Membership.


Article 11.      Local 30902 may make donations to a registered charity or a recognized 4 Wing charity (ie: Padre’s Benevolent fund) from membership dues as voted on at a General meeting, to a maximum of $300.00 annually. The Local will also support fundraising by any member(s) based on its own merit.  The Local may contribute financially to events that support the membership, ie. Contributions towards Public Service Barbeque etc.  to a maximum of  $200.00, unless voted on at a General meeting.

Article 12.      Travel or transportation expenses incurred while any members (executive or regular) are conducting Union business on personal time must be pre-authorized by the majority of the Executive to have travel expenses reimbursed by the Local.  The reimbursement will only occur in instances where there is a clear connection to Union business and no reasonable alternative transportation was available. Detailed receipts must be provided and clearly detail the travel is directly from Point “A” to Point “B”.

Article 13.      Up to $150.00 (one hundred and fifty dollars) may be spent for gifts as deemed necessary and voted on by the General Membership.

Article 14.      Upon application and at the discretion of the Executive, a one time two hundred ($200.00) dollar donation may be made to any member in good standing that is experiencing circumstances resulting in personal hardship. Some personal disclosure may be required to qualify.






Article 1.        The number and selection of delegates shall be in accordance with UNDE By-Law 11, section 5 and PSAC Constitution and Regulations Section 9, sub-section 4 (b).  Any member in good standing of the executive or the general membership of Local 30902 can be voted in to attend provided he/she meets the attendance criteria below and is willing to obtain training as decided by the local President.


No person shall be eligible to be nominated as an accredited or alternate delegate unless he/she has attended 75% of the general meetings held during the 12-month period prior to the meeting in which he/she is nominated.


Article 2.        Delegates and an alternate will be elected at a general membership meeting held at least four months prior to the opening date of the National Convention.





Article 1.        The Local President shall:


  1. preside at all meetings and shall be responsible for the efficient and proper conduct of the Local;


  1. ensure the Local holds no less that four general membership meetings annually with executive/special meetings held, as required;


  1. be an ex-officio member on all committees;


  1. report his/her activities at the annual meeting to include an encompassing view of the affairs of the union during the preceding 12 months;


  1. appoint a Nominating Committee and Audit Committee at least 30 days in advance of the annual meeting;


  1. advise and be aware of the initiation of strike action by any group within the confines of 4 Wing Cold Lake;


  1. cast deciding vote on any issue in the event of a tie;


  1. chair LMCC meetings alternately with management’s chairperson
  2. liaise, guide and inform executive members and delegate different duties to the other executive members as he/she feels necessary;


  1. with the knowledge and consent of the Executive Committee, be empowered to expend an amount not exceeding $200.00 in an emergency situation in advance of a general membership meeting but shall account for this amount at the following general membership meeting;


  1. have the authority to delegate members to meetings, conferences, seminars, etc., when time does not allow their appointment at a regular meeting, and in addition, is empowered to advance an amount not exceeding $150.00 per person;


  1. be aware of the initiation of grievance or appeal action;


  1. be responsible for the proper care and use of the Charter Membership; and



Article 2.        The Local Vice-President shall :


  1. be prepared to carry out the duties of the President in his/her absence;


  1. attend LMCC meetings


  1. be overall coordinator for assuring attendance at Wing General Safety meetings;


  1. through the President, the Vice-President will be responsible for bargaining demands and will work through the Bargaining Coordinator to ensure that, through the Stewards each group’s demands are relayed to National Office by the deadline date as determined by UNDE Chief Negotiator; in addition to ensuring bargaining information from National Office is relayed to the membership through the stewards;


  1. render as much assistance as possible to the Education Committee and will be dedicated to further training of members of Local; and


  1. assist the Chief Steward with grievances and appeals as required, attend and assist with balloting, ratification meetings assist with secretarial duties or any other related duties as delegated by the President.


Article 3.        The CHIEF STEWARD shall:


  1. be a member of the Local executive and attend executive meetings;


  1. be chairman of the Grievance Appeal Committee;


  1. hold meetings with the Stewards to discuss problems, review grievances, etc;


  1. advise Stewards and members in the areas of problem solving, drafting of grievances, etc;


  1. represent a griever at the second level of the grievance process;


  1. assist in the training session of the Local Stewards;


  1. mail grievances, grievance correspondence, grievance transmittal forms etc, to proper union destinations;


  1. advise members on grounds for appeals and distribute appeal forms to those who wish to use them;


  1. maintain a filing system on grievances, appeals, union correspondence and other resource material and union literature;


  1. maintain copies of the Acts and Regulations and Rules in respect to PSAC in Canada;


  1. maintain current copies of collective agreements for the bargaining units at 4 Wing Cold Lake;


  1. be directly responsible to the President and keep him/her informed of employee concerns brought to his/her attention; and


  1. be a standing member of the LMCC.


  1. Present names of people to the Executive who have either completed required education and/or who have expressed an interest in becoming a Shop Steward. When approved by the executive, the Chief Steward will approach that individual to become a Steward.


Article 4.        The SECRETARY shall:


  1. record the minutes of the annual, general membership, executive, and special meetings when required, and shall be responsible for the typing filing and distribution of such minutes;


  1. be responsible for the typing, filing and distribution of any correspondence emanating from minutes of meeting;


  1. be responsible for any other correspondence, as directed by the President, in support of Local activities;


  1. maintain a copy of the By-Laws, ensuring that amendments are noted following each meeting wherein a change has been decided;


  1. maintain a current listing and attendance record of executive members and shop stewards;


  1.       initiate a listing of executive officers and shop stewards after each                                                                                                                                                                                                                      annual meeting and ensure that the copies are distributed to CHRO,               UNDE VP, UNDE National Office and PSAC;


  1. may be a standing member of the LMCC;


  1. distribute LMCC Minutes to appropriate addresses and Stewards within the Local;



Article 5         The TREASURER shall:


  1. maintain a current listing of UNDE National Office staff, UNDE VP, PSAC Regional Representatives, AFL and other relevant union liaison, together with mailing addresses and telephone numbers.


  1. keep accurate record of all financial transactions and shall be responsible for keeping a ledger relating to the Local;


  1. present a financial statement at every general membership meeting;


  1. ensure that all financial records of the Local are audited prior to the annual meeting and a report presented to the membership at large;


  1. ensure that a copy of the annual audited financial report is forwarded to National Office by 31 December each year;


  1. issue honorariums as listed and according to By-Law 7, Article 11;


  1. upon receiving a signed membership card, shall annotate the printout as such and then forward signed card to National Office;


  1. be familiar with the current rates of travel expenses, including meal rates, accommodation and mileage, and shall relate any change in such to the general membership; such information will be recorded in the minutes of a general meeting; and


  1. prepare a budget for the following year to be presented for approval to the general membership at the annual meeting.



Article 6         The HEALTH AND SAFETY REP shall:


  1. be a member of the Local executive and attend executive meetings;


  1. attend all the LMCC meetings as a resource member;


  1. attend the Return To Work meetings.



Article 7         The YOUTH REP shall:


  1. be a member of the Local executive and attend executive meetings;


  1. be the representative of all the youth members under (35 years old) in our local;


  1. be the head of the entertainment committee.





Article 1.        Every effort will be made to provide any and all members in good standing the opportunity to receive Basic Union (UNDE and/or PSAC) training.


Article 2.        Any training must be authorized by a majority of the executive committee. Funds will be disbursed only when it is deemed by the majority of executive members that the training is worthwhile and the Local may expect to derive some benefit from such training.


Article 3.        A training allowance of $25.00 per day will be paid to each member for attendance at a seminar, conference or course on a non-working day when the Local is responsible for funding.


Article 4         A person will be appointed by the President to provide Union Orientation to new Public Service employees.





Article 1.        This Local shall be bound by existing UNDE By-Laws and these By-Laws will not conflict with either UNDE or PSAC By-Laws.


Article 2.        These By-Laws shall become effective upon adoption at a general membership meeting, which has been suitably advertised at least 30 days prior to the meeting, and ratification by the UNDE National President.


Article 3.        Amendments to these By-Laws may be made at any general or special membership meeting.