Union Management Consultation

Consultation Framework

revised Nov 2009

As part of the “La Relève” initiative, the Department of national Defence (DND) developed a Union Management Consultation Framework in 1998. A key element of this framework is a National level committee co-chaired by the Deputy Minister, involving members of the Defence Management Committee and all unions representing DND employees. The DND has undergone extensive changes and reductions over the past several years. The ongoing consultation between management and unions throughout this change process has been critical to achieving the Department’s goals and objectives. The purpose of this framework is to reinforce the spirit of openness and candour that currently prevails in the Department, to restate our commitment to its continued vitality, and to set out new guidelines to improve the process.

DND was already in compliance with the Public Service Labour Relations Act implemented 1 April 2005 (PSLRA, Section 8). As promulgated by the Public Service Modernization Act, the PSLRA contains a provision whereby deputy heads must, in consultation with the bargaining agents, establish a consultation committee for the purpose of exchanging information and obtaining views and advice on workplace issues.

In September 2004 a study was undertaken to examine the effectiveness of the existing national labour-management consultation framework to ensure that it continues to meet the needs of the Department and to present options for change, as deemed necessary. As such, amendments to the original framework are found herein.

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