Young Workers

To foster an environment that facilitates the recruitment, education, and representation of UNDE workers, thirty-five years old and under, by giving them a strong voice and providing opportunities relevant to young workers.

Young Workers - blueprint for the future of UNDE


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PSAC Vancouver Island Young Committee meeting:
The entire Executive are UNDE members!

MAY 2019

Tuesday May 14th 6 pm Victoria Regional Office
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JUNE 2019

Bus to Nanaimo pride parade and festival June 9 2019

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JULY 2019

YW will be walking in the Victoria Pride Parade July 7th 2019
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  • Terms of Reference


    To Identify, Recruit, Educate and Engage Young Workers in the National Defence.



    One Representative per region:

    Newfoundland, Labrador & New Brunswick (NLNB), Nova Scotia (NS), Quebec (QC), National Capital Region (NCR), Ontario (ON), Manitoba & Saskatchewan (MS), Alberta & the North (ABN), British Columbia (BC), Communications Security (CSE), Non Public Funds (NPF).

    OPI is delegated by the National President each mandate.



    To establish and maintain a young workers network;

    To disseminate information relevant to young workers;

    To encourage attendance at relevant workshops, seminars, conferences & training to keep current on issues;

    To provide reports to respective VP’s and the UNDE National Executive;

    To encourage mentoring programs throughout all levels of UNDE;

    To participate in conference calls, as required;

    To participate in meetings of UNDE Young Workers Committee as organized by the O.P.I;

    To consult with O.P.I and VP’s when required and to include them in communications.


    Action Plan

    2017 – 2020


    A survey in kind will be issued to local presidents in the respective regions through the Regional Vice Presidents.  This will be done in order to collect information about young workers in each local in order to better identify the young worker membership. Self-identification is the first step in order to ensure a successful representation of the demographic.

    Young Worker representatives will be in contact with the Vice President of their region, local Presidents and local Young Worker representatives to retrieve further information and continue with the flow of communication.


    In order to ensure a stronger workforce for the future within the Public Service, recruitment of Young Workers will be essential due to our numerous aging members. Identifying our young workers is the first step in creating a solid foundation and network within UNDE and PSAC, recruiting Young Workers to help spread information and to bring in more new workers will strengthen the work force for years to come.  In order to create lasting relationships; public social media pages will be created in order to disseminate information to other Young Workers, current or future.


    Based on the needs and issues of Young Workers in the regions and workplaces we will disseminate information to assist Young Workers to further aid in their careers within the National Defence. Creating platforms and providing documentation in order to aid Young Workers on; Phoenix and resources available regarding pay, Human Resources, Equity concerns, union information and resources available, updates on demonstrations and picketing, and contact information for their representatives.


    Young Workers within the committee will meet with the Vice President of their region, local Presidents and local Young Worker representatives to keep all activists informed and the action plan moving forward. The Young Worker committee will create avenues in order to have their voices and rights heard and acknowledged.  The Young Worker committee will bring forth resolutions on behalf of all other Young Workers. Planned demonstrations will be held and information based upon it in kind will be forwarded to other Young Workers in order to create a unified front moving forward.  A succession plan will be discussed and evaluated with respect to the demographics of regions in order to ensure there will be a future voice for Young Workers in the years to come.



Group photo of Young Workers Committee at UNDE Triennial Convention in Victoria, August 2017.


  Youth Rep for BC, Danielle Dardengo, speaking at the Sacred Water Ceremony with BC’s Lt. Gov listening in. Dec. 10, 2017.