Wellness Advisory Committee Agreement in Principle

All regions

It is the intent of the CFFM to implement a firefighter wellness program designed to enhance the health and wellbeing of DND/CF firefighters.

In doing so, the CFFM, in consultation with UNDE, will establish a Wellness Advisory Committee comprised of key stakeholders to provide recommendations and/or advice on issues affecting the wellness of firefighters. The composition and terms of reference of this committee will be established with a target date of 01 April 2000.

It is understood that:

– The Personnel Support Program (PSP) will be a primary vehicle in the implementation of the Wellness Program.

– The elements, the ‘Strengthening of the Forces’ initiative will be extended to civilian firefighters whenever feasible.

– Firefighters shall have the opportunity for one hour of physical fitness training per shift/day, subject to operational requirements.

– Firefighters have full entitlement to PSP facilities and services and, wherever not possible, the CFFM will make best efforts to facilitate alternative arrangements (such as paid membership to a physical fitness club).

– Firefighters should have access to PT facilities which have the proper equipment in the proper operating condition, and the CFFM should facilitate such access.

– The CFFM recognizes the requirement of firefighters to maintain a healthy lifestyle and will investigate options is an attempt to mitigate negative repercussions against a firefighter injured while participating in a sanctioned PT activity while off-duty.

– The CFFM, in consultation with the advisory committee, will seek improvements around the Health Canada medical testing process.