VP Regional Report – September 2007

Manitoba & Saskatchewan

Local 40801 Detachment Dundurn

It has been fairly quiet out of Dundurn of late; I am hoping we can get more members involved locally in the Union and also taking part in training. The issues and differences with having two commands managing our members in Dundurn is an ongoing challenge.

Local 50705 CFB Winnipeg

I am not quite sure what is happening in Winnipeg and in particular at 17 Wing and 1 CAD HQ, we seem to be in a constant state of “battle” with management on various fronts. Again HR advice and management decisions are questionable and this will have to be something we ensure we are discussing at the Local LMRC. With the arrival of just about a complete change of management in 17 Wing and 1 CAD hopefully common sense will show its head? I am sure this will be uphill for the Local Executive.

Council of Locals – Moose Jaw – April 19 – 22, 2007

It was nice to see the 2 regions Alberta/North and Man/Sask back together again at the Council of locals in Moose Jaw April 19 – 22, 2007. We saw a commitment to meet annually and keep the Council focused on its mandate. A number of changes to the Council Bylaws were adopted with the next Council in Edmonton in 2008. A big thank you to Locals 800 – 802 – 807 of Moose Jaw who did a great job of hosting the Council.


Brian Molsberry
UNDE VP Man/Sask