VP Regional Report – June 2007

Manitoba & Saskatchewan

National Executive Meeting – June 2007 – Annex 4


November 3, 2006 to June 12, 2007 calendar of duties performed:


Date Location Duties
Nov 9 – 10 Saskatoon Local 801 AGM – Dundurn
Nov 14 Winnipeg Local 705 AGM – Winnipeg
Nov 15 Winnipeg Manitoba Federal Council
Nov 17 –19 Elkhorn Education Session Man/Sask Locals
Nov 20 Moose Jaw Local 802 AGM
Nov 21 Moose Jaw Local 807 AGM
Nov 22 Moose Jaw Local 800 AGM
Nov 23 Regina PSAC regional Office meeting
Nov 30 Vancouver Western Bargaining Conference
Dec 1 – 3 Vancouver Western Bargaining Conference
Dec 7 – 8 Ottawa Meeting ASR & CLS
Dec 14 Winnipeg Meeting 1 CAD


Date Location Duties
Jan 18 Winnipeg ESA Training Man/Sask Locals
Jan 30-31 Ottawa National Bargaining Conference
Feb 1-3 Ottawa National Bargaining Conference
Feb 5-8 Ottawa GLT – MAM sub Committee – Benchmark meetings
Feb 11-12 Moose Jaw Local 807 meeting on SODEXHO hiring and Aramark
Feb 13 Regina PSAC Regional Office meeting
Feb 19-22 Hull EAP Symposium
Feb 27-28 Hull PSAC Zone Committee Meetings with SV Bargaining team
Mar 1 Hull PSAC Zone Committee Meetings with SV Bargaining team
Mar 16-19 Saskatoon PRC Meetings
Mar 28-29 Winnipeg Meetings 1 CAD – Federal Council – PSAC Regional Office
April 3 Shilo Local 704 Meeting
April 19-22 Moose Jaw Prairies / North Council of Locals
April 27 Winnipeg Meeting Local 705 Presidents & 1 CAD
April 30 Edmonton LFWA ALMRC
May 1 Edmonton LFWA ALMRC
May 12-15 Ottawa GLT Committee Meeting
May 16-17 Moose Jaw Local 807 Emergency Meeting
May 22-23 Winnipeg 1CAD UMCC
June 5 Shilo Local 704 General Meeting
June 7 Winnipeg Local 705 General Meeting
June 12-15 Ottawa National Executive
June 21-24 Winnipeg PSAC PRC Meeting


Local 40800 ATCO – Moose Jaw

The members in Local 800 have been focused on collective bargaining and are at present preparing for conciliation set for the end of June 2007. The membership have had an unofficial 96% strike vote (straw poll) to take to conciliation, the local executive and the bargaining team are pleased with the way the local is moving ahead.

Local 40801 Detachment Dundurn

It has been fairly quiet out of Dundurn of late; I am hoping we can get more members involved locally in the Union and also taking part in training. The issues and differences with having to commands managing our members in Dundurn is an ongoing challenge.

Local 40802 CFB Moose Jaw

As the local is fairly spread out with members in Moose Jaw – Regina – Yorkton – Dundurn – communication will be key to ensure that all members are being kept informed. I believe that the first LMRC with new management in Moose Jaw has proven to be fruitful, hopefully this will continue and management will appreciate the value of having the Union at the table in a participative management environment.

Local 40807 ARAMARK – Moose Jaw

This local has gone through the most turmoil of all in the region. With the contract going to SODEXHO and only 7 members staying under the ARAMARK – DND contract, there has been enough stress for all concerned. It was a good sign when the certification of SODEXHO members came through from the Saskatchewan Labour Board, which left that first hurdle behind us. An emergency meeting with the membership May 16, 2007 was a good opportunity for members to ask questions and to elect a Vice-President and Secretary-Treasurer. Bargaining team reps were chosen for negotiations, these negotiations with 2 separate employers by one local will be challenging, and we need to stay together to get the best contract we can for all members.

Local 50704 CFB Shilo

Shilo is now finally getting close to it’s full compliment of civilian positions, which is helping the attitude of all. There are still issues within Medical Command and these were discussed at the Council of Locals. Ongoing grievances and complaints are keeping the Union Executive and stewards quite busy. Some HR advice of late has been questionable from the Union’s perspective, but there is still a fairly respectful relationship between local management and the Local.

Local 50705 CFB Winnipeg

I am not quite sure what is happening in Winnipeg and in particular at 17 Wing and 1 CAD HQ, we seem to be in a constant state of “battle” with management on various fronts. Again HR advice and management decisions are questionable and this will have to something we ensure we are discussing at the Local LMRC. With the arrival of just about a complete change of management in 17 Wing and 1 CAD hopefully common sense will show its head? I am sure this will be uphill for the Local Executive.

Council of Locals – Moose Jaw – April 19 – 22, 2007

It was nice to see the 2 regions Alberta/North and Man/Sask back together again at the Council of locals in Moose Jaw April 19 – 22, 2007. We saw a commitment to meet annually and keep the Council focused on its mandate. A number of changes the Council Bylaws were adopted with the next Council in Edmonton in 2008. A big thanks you to Locals 800 – 802 – 807 of Moose Jaw who did a great job of hosting the Council.

In closing we have to look at our educational needs within the region – identifying more new stewards and members who want to be involved in some capacity will have to be a goal for each local. I know that you all are volunteers and without your commitment things would be considerably worse than they are. I urge you to keep the network strong within our region and talk to each other whenever you can.

In closing from me personally and on behalf of the members you represent:

Thank you all!!

Brian Molsberry
VP Man/Sask