VP Regional Report – December 2007

Manitoba & Saskatchewan

National Executive Meeting – December 2007 – Annex 10


June 12, 2007 to December 9, 2007 Calendar of Duties Performed:


Date Location Duties
June 7 Winnipeg Meeting Local 705
June 20 Winnipeg Meeting Director – Winnipeg Learning Centre
June 21-24 Winnipeg PSAC PRC Meeting
Aug 16-17 Winnipeg Meetings 1 CAD and PSAC Regional Office
Aug 27-28 Winnipeg Meetings 1 CAD UMCC Co-chair & Director Civ Pers Prairies
Aug 28-30 Moose Jaw Solidarity BBQ and Regina Regional office meeting
Sept 4-5 Winnipeg ESA Level 2 negotiations Air Command
Sept 19-20 Moose Jaw Local 800 ratification vote
Sept 21-22 Yorkton Man/Sask Regional/ Locals educational session
Oct 13-16 Winnipeg PSAC Prairie Regional Council meetings
Oct 22-24 Saskatoon Local 801 AGM and management meeting
Oct 29-30 Winnipeg Meetings PSAC Regional Office
Nov 4-6 Edmonton LFWA ALMRC
Nov 7-9 Winnipeg Local 795 AGM – 1 CAD UMCC
Nov 13-16 Moose Jaw Locals 800-802-807 AGM’s
Dec 1-6 Ottawa UNDE National Executive – meetings with Ottawa Mgt
Dec 7-9 Ottawa UNDE Local Presidents’ Conference

Report by Local in Man/Sask Region

Local 40800 ATCO – Moose Jaw

Over the last reporting period a lot has happened in the local, negotiations, ratification of a new collective agreement and grievances. This was an intense round of negotiations and not a significant majority supported ratification of the new agreement which belies the fact there are issue in this workplace. Operational requirements will have to be further defined between the employer and the members, and I would suggest those discussions will have to start at the Labour Management meetings, which have to begin soon.

Work descriptions will have to be a focus prior to the next round of bargaining and I have shared a number of resources to assist, unfortunately management needs to be more engaged in the writing of these. The members will have to ensure the collective agreement is followed, and this will take grievances as local management is not going to be reasonable.

I feel that the Local Executive will be up for the challenge and with support from both UNDE regionally and nationally and from PSAC regionally, they should be well informed and prepared.

Local 40801 Detachment Dundurn

Brother King was re-elected as Local President and with other changes on the Executive, a need to re-vitalize the steward network and engage the membership is a priority. Dundurn will have a future on the Detachment side, with the availability of ranges and close proximity to Wainwright. On the Depot side their future is secure also but maintaining vigilant representation within the AMMO group must continue as CFAD Angus begins a major build.

A focus on communication and updating the membership should be a good way to see if we are meeting the member’s needs, maybe a local survey might identify members willing to step forward to assist in specific areas.

Local 40802 CFB Moose Jaw

Sister Bennett has been acclaimed as Local president for her second term, and I believe along with her Local executive and stewards she will continue the outreach to her widely dispersed local membership – in Moose Jaw – Regina and Yorkton. The membership is well informed and through email the local communicates quite well.

The local LMRC is maturing nicely and management and the local seem to have a respectful relationship. With continuing education and support both regionally and nationally I am sure the local will thrive.

Local 40807 SODEXHO – ARAMARK – Moose Jaw

Local 807 has had to endure a significant amount of adversity with negotiations with Sodexho for the majority of the local membership culminating in a very close ratification vote – 51% for – which has left a large number of members not happy. I do believe a 3 year contract in excess of 16% would be looked upon quite well by most PSAC members; this group was split on the issue.

The other struggle the local has is a second employer ARAMARK with the minority of members in the local and a company who has chose to not negotiate in good faith in my opinion. The employer has offered 2% a year for 3 years with an ARAMARK housekeeper now making less than the newly legislated minimum wage for Saskatchewan?

With the entire struggle the local has maintained an Executive and with the newly elected people I am sure they will server the members to the best of their ability.

Local 50704 CFB Shilo

There are a number of issues within the local the executive are engaged in –

• Return to Work policy and how it is administered by management;
• classification issues as in other Treasury Board locals;
• PSST complaints and various grievances;
• and the fire-fighters are in a long battle to be recognized for the ambulance duties they provide for the base and surrounding communities;

The local seems to have a good relationship with local management, although they can agree to disagree; common sense seems to show its head more often than not.

The local is strong a vibrant and the Local Executive and stewards work well together.

Local 50705 CFB Winnipeg

Sister Buck has been acclaimed as the Local President for another term. Local 705 has had a number of issues also over the last reporting period, but are slowly addressing each and every one. Local management is not as engaged in labour – management relations as the Local would like but none the less 705 Local Executive accomplishes wins where they can.

The hiring of military has been an n issue with the membership and our poor record of challenging with PSST complaints is not building much confidence. The Local has done very well with the various campaigns such as the No-Zone grievance campaign, Black Pay days, and various information sessions for the membership. Well done to all involved.

On behalf of UNDE members in the Manitoba-Saskatchewan region – thank you all!!

Brian Molsberry, UNDE VP Man/Sask