VP Barker’s report to the National Executive

April 2009 National Captial Region

National Executive Meeting – April 2009 – Annex 11


Date                                                    Duties 
Dec                              National Executive meeting
Dec 11                         Stewards Forum – 6:00 – 9:00 pm  
Dec 17                         Local 70603 AGM meeting
Dec 19                         Local 70608 AGM meeting
Jan 24 & 25                PSAC Regional Health & Safety Conference
Jan 31                         NCR Council Meeting

Feb 19-22                   PSAC Union School
Feb 26                         AGM – UNDE Local 70512
Mar 6                          International Women’s Day activity
Mar 24                        International Day for the Elimination of Racial
                                    Discrimination – Dept Commerative activity
Mar 28                        PSAC – NCR Resolution discussion

April 6                        LMRC/UMCC meeting


NCR report

Local 70603 – Annual General meeting was held and there were only 2 positions up for re-election.  Lorraine Brown was elected as the vice-president and Sheila Breton was elected as a Director.  The Oath of office was administered by the VP-NCR.
Health & Safety representatives were assigned to each of the buildings that fall under this local’s jurisdiction.

Local 70608 – Annual general meeting was held at the NDMC building, no election held as the term of office was not completed.  The information with regards to the ratification vote was given this was to be held Jan 7th at the Hampton Conference Center.

Local 70612
AGM held 26th Feb, Camsell Hall 11:30 – 13:30 Booth Street, all positions were up for election.  Mr Glen Whalley attended and gave a brief overview on negotiation,
Newly elected President Brother Robert Gauthier, VP – Mike McCallion, 2nd Vice-President – Laura McLeod , Chief Shop Steward-Liette Desparois, Sarah Dilabio – Secretary &Treasurer-Luc Germain,  the newly elected officer took the Oath of office.

I would like to thank Brother Phil Rock for his contribution to the local and the union during his tenure as Local President.
Note  – during the ratification vote some locals had the opinion that this process should be organized regionally.

PSAC NCR Regional Health & Safety Conference:
Good conference lots of info.  The panellists gave an overview of return to work program.

I’ve heard so many things surrounding the Health Canada Assessment that I asked the panellists if a manager can force employees to go to Health Canada for an assessment (tactic to remove the worker from the workplace) and was told that it was not mandatory and employees should be filing grievances if they are harassed/forced into going to Health Canada.

NCR Council Meeting:
The meeting started with opening remarks from the REVP Maria Fitzpatrick.  There was a moment of Silence honouring members who had passed away since the last meeting.

Sara Belanger gave a presentation on being Politically Active and the Union Member.
Here are some reasons why PSAC needs to be involved in social and political action.

  1. To help shape laws and policies that will protect, maintain and enhance the right to free collective bargaining.
  2. To help elect federal, provincial, territorial and municipal politicians that will defend public services and the workers who provide them;
  3. To push for policies that promote employment and economic security (especially important during this economic crisis);
  4. To promote equality and social solidarity, and freedom from discrimination for all Canadians;
  5. To push for government accountability (we sure need it!);
  6. To renew our Union, and build membership solidarity within the PSAC:
  7. To make our Union more inclusive for all our members, and to walk the walk when we affirm that “an injury to one is an injury to all”.

The question was raised by a UNDE member as to the reason for the $50.00 charge for registration to attend the Health & Safety conference and the Union School.  It was explained that the charges was decided upon by the organizing committee of both.  Members were concerned that this could be viewed as a barrier for smaller locals who might not be able to afford this cost and also that the PSAC membership should not be paying for education or conferences put on by the PSAC.

I would encourage all locals to ensure a representative attends these meeting as many decisions are made at these forums.
The meeting concluded earlier as there was no quorum.

Union School
This was held at the Nav Can center in Cornwall from 19th – 22 Feb, there were over 100 participants.
The theme was “Educate, Unite, Defend” through education we can achieve a common purpose of promoting and defending the rights of our members in the workplace and their communities.

I attended three workshops over the 3 day period.  Psychological Harassment, Combating Discrimination and Exploring New Ways with Members.

Psychological Harassment identifies another kind of harassment that is usually not recognized, challenged or discussed by union activists.

Combating discrimination discussed techniques/strategies to use in the elimination of discrimination it also allows you to examine your life experiences by answering true or false to certain predetermined statements.

The Management Co-chair Capt (N) Bisson gave a debrief on the way ahead for the NCR LMCC, in it she indicated that she had no authority to make decisions for the L1’s within the NCR and suggested a committee be struck to review the structure/functionality of this committee.  The LMRC/UMCC committee will continue to meet until a report is drafted for review.
The RTW is non-effective and in a quandary, however the will to have an effective functioning RTW program is paramount within this region.

I feel that being new to this position it was thought that not holding these meeting would be rather easy and at this level (NCR) could be phased out, I have expressed the importance of these meetings and will ensure issues that affect our members are addressed at the proper channel.

In Solidarity

Paulette Barker