UNDE625 Minutes 19June2019

00625 Minutes

UNDE625 General Membership Meeting 19Jun2019
@ Dennison Classroom 7, & telecon attendees from CFC, 4900 & DCCCA

  1. Dan Called meeting to Order at approximately 11:45 with Lonny recording minutes.
  • -Harassment Statement was read By Dan with Andrew and Dan Identified as interveners
  • -Roll call of officers was conducted noting present Dan Barrett/ President, Suleman Jasat VP, Cheryle Wright Treasurer/ Lonny Kates Recording Secretary, Paola Restrepo Correspondence Secretary, Andrew Cotrim Young Worker Rep and a vacancy for Chief Steward.
  • Remote site reports attendees. No guests present. Quorum declared by Dan
  1.   Agenda was confirmed held at all sites. MSC Mario, Andrew That Agenda Be approved.
  2. Approval of Minutes
  • 9Nov2018 AGM Minutes
  •  13Feb2019 Special Meeting for Election of officer and ratification of Secretary and Correspondence secretary appointment discussed. President Dan Barrett was Elected at this meeting with Corresponding Secretary Lonny Kates and Paola Restrepo Appointed pending ratification at tnext general membership meeting. Dan was sworn in at that time by Senior Executive Sol Jasat.
    MSC Mario Andrew that verbal report be adopted.
  1. Officer Reports
  • Dan provided State of the Union address addressing local need for stewards and representatives  and need to support collective bargaining teams
  • Treasurer provided Financial update indicating that no funds had been expended since December pending update to Signing authority
  1.                Old Business
  • Meeting schedule 2019 changes were discussed webpage will reflect changes in Committee sections for related Records of Discussion and in Minutes section for the AGM and GMM
  • Committee Representation was discussed Mario Fioroni and Navteg Mann were Appointed
  • Vacancy of Chief Steward and Recreation and Welfare Committee were discussed in the absence of nominees the matter was deferred by Consensus
  • Committee Appointment identified on the web with above mentioned Stewards were Ratified by consensus
  • Phoenix update was provided with New system anticipated to take on clean records once operational. members encouraged to resolve any outstanding Phoenix issues ASAP. New application Launch for Phone also discussed.
  • Collective Bargaining update provided. Support to your Team is Critical at this time. Visits to MP and demonstrating support for the Bargaining Representatives was requested
  1. New Business
  • Staffing Concerns (CFC Cleaners) were discussed with interest from Cleaners at Dennison Identified. Ongoing resolution through CFC LMRC continues to be pursued
  • Toxic Workplace Protocol was discussed with members request resources to deescalate matters and exercise their right to a harassment free workplace
  • New Mental Health Legislation bill C77 was debriefed from Presidents Conference in February Video of the segment is available to members interested in further information. A post is anticipated to be generated as soon as possible.
  • Management responsibility /Union Duty to Represent was touched on briefly in relation to Orientation Program in the GTA.
  1. Adjournment
  • MSC by Consensus that the meeting be adjourned at 13:30