UNDE625 AGM Minutes 9Nov2018

00625 Minutes

UNDE625 Annual General Meeting
@ Dennison Classroom 11 and remote telecom locations CFC/4900/DCCCA

  • Item I Item I Call To Order
    President Handley called meeting to order at 11:53 with the reading of the UNDE Harassment statement. At that time she identified herself and Brother Barrett as Interveners. Carolyn thanked 30 members present and remotely attending the meeting

    1. a) Roll Call Of Officers Identified President, Treasurer Secretary and Correspondence Secretary as being present
    2. b) Moment of Silence for Deceased Members/Former Members was observed
    3. c) Carolyn Introduced Special Guest Serge Desbian UNDE RVP Ontario who spoke on regional issues and collective bargaining. In addition Sister Handley introduced Philippe Turcq UNDE EVP who spoke on matters around Phoenix and other Issues facing the membership. Both speakers also took questions from the floor.
  • Item II Review of 9May2018 GMM Minutes
    MSC Dan, Cheryl THAT distributed minutes be adopted
  • Item III Officer Reports
    1. a) No Bylaw Change Proposals received (Nil)
    2. b) Financial Statement was presented for review by the Treasurer. Cheryl gave a brief overview of the expenditures of the local
      MSC Dan, Kris That Financial Statement be adopted
    3. c) Year End Committee Reports
      1. i) Grievance Committee Report was delivered by Dan indicating about ( files addressed throughout the year relating to Classification, Work Descriptions, PMA’s and Discipline
      2. ii) Representative Appointment Ratification discussed primarily with respect to Staff College. The Local representative structure posted on the UNDE website was approved by consensus pending representative elections in January.
  • iii) Schedule of Meetings was discussed and approved by Consensus as posted as Events 2018-19 on UNDE Website UNDE625 page News.
  • Item IV Election of Officers
    EVP Turcq conducted elections in accordance with UNDE Bylaws.

    1. a) Suleman Jasat was acclaimed Vice President
    2. b) Dan Barrett was acclaimed Chief Steward
    3. c) Andrea Colleti was acclaimed 1st Auditor
    4. d) Lynda LeBlanc was acclaimed 2nd Auditor
    5. e) Oath of Officers was administered by UNDE VP
  • Item V Adjournment
    Meeting was adjourned by Consensus at 12:55