UNDE625 AGM Agenda 7Nov2019

00625 Minutes

UNDE625 AGM 7Nov2019 11:30-13:30
@Denison,CFC,4900,DCCCA & requested remote locations to degree possible

Item I Call To Order

  • Harasment statement
  • Rolecall of Officers
  • Declaration of Quorum
  • Moment of Silence for Deceased Members

Item II Adoption of Agenda
Item III Review Of Previous Minutes 19June2019
Item IV Officers reports

  • Bylaw Amendments (Nil)
  • Ratification of Appointments (Nil)
  • Financial Statement
  • Grievance activity

Item V Election Of Officers

  • Introduction of UNDE Guest ( State of the Union)
  •  Election of Treasurer ( AGM 2019-2022)
  •  Election of  Correspondence Secretary (AGM 2019-2022)
  •  By-Election of Chief Steward (AGM 2019-2021)
  • Election of 2 Auditors
  • Swearing in of Officers

Item VI Adjournment