September 19-22, 2010

National Executive Minutes

September 19-22, 2010

Ottawa, ON

Chairman John MacLennan National President
Members Mary Chamberlain Executive Vice-President
  Dennis Sheppard Deputy Vice-President (NL/NB)
  Terry Kiley Vice-President (NS)
  Philippe Turcq Vice-President (QC)
  Paulette Barker Vice-President (NCR)
  Serge Desbiens Vice-President (ON)
  Dale Buck Vice-President (MB/SK)
  Carla van Dyk Deputy Vice-President (AB/North)
  T. Mark Miller Vice-President (BC)
  Louise Courbron Deputy Vice-President (NPF)
  Clay Joyce Vice-President (CSE)
  Patricia McGrath Human Rights Advisor
Recording Secretary Sandra Montpetit  

Note: Blair Winger, VP Alberta/North and Debbie Graham, VP NL/NB were absent from the meeting since they were at the Treasury Board bargaining table.



The National President welcomed members to the Fall meeting of the National Executive.

The harassment statement was read aloud by Human Rights Advisor Pat McGrath, also acting as intervener.

The hours of session were set as follows:

Sunday, Sept. 19, 9:00 – 11:30 / 1:00 to 5:00
Monday, Sept. 20, 9:00 – 11:30 / 1:00 to 5:00
Tuesday, Sept. 21, 9:00 – 11:30 / 1:00 to 5:00
Wednesday, Sept. 22, 8:00 – 12:00 / 1:30 to finish of business

The agenda was adopted as amended.


Kit Shop water bottles: National Office is still gathering information on finding a supplier for environmentally-sound, Canadian/union made bottles.  National Office will check Cavan for pricing.


EAP Report – Deputy VP van Dyk presented a written report (Annex 1).    m/s/c-van Dyk/Turcq

There have been developments in the training of RAs; two training courses are coming up.  EVP reminded the National Executive of a previous discussion around the transfer of RAs from one location to another and that it had been decided that a receiving local did not have to accept an RA transferring from another location (ie: military person).

Concern was raised that it was recently identified that a UNDE local officer was attending the EAP Steering Committee representing management.  The National President said that this was not appropriate and that it would be addressed by himself with the VP.


FR Report – Deputy VP van Dyk presented a written report (Annex 2).       m/s/c-van Dyk/Miller

The firefighters have started a petition in order to have their own Bargaining Table established.  This was delivered to John Gordon, National President PSAC, and will be officially presented at the NBoD in October.

Regional Firefit competition was held in Medicine Hat in June, which UNDE sponsored a banner for.  The FR Wellness Committee will explore putting together a team for the national competition next year.

The next Wellness Committee will be meeting in Ottawa in October (to be confirmed), UNDE being the host this time.  National Fallen Firefighter Memorial Service was held in Ottawa in early September and was well attended by some of our FRs from across the country.


DCC Report – VP Turcq presented his written report (Annex 3).                  m/s/c-Turcq/Joyce

The members of the Committee held a meeting in Ottawa in June where they also received training on business case writing.  The Committee also reviewed and amended their vision.

VP Buck noted concerns that the Local in Dundurn, Sask. And the armouries are faced with the contracting out of the armouries.  VP Barker also noted some concerns with contracting out of work in the NCR which will be monitored as well.  National Office is working on a campaign plan for both.

Some assistance was requested in order to submit Access to Information requests for payments made to Defence Construction Canada.  VP Turcq to explore recruiting someone dedicated to prepare business cases.

The National Executive and DCC will look at getting 3rd party assistance in writing business cases, foremost targeting the 14 Air Command satellite sites.


GLT  Report – VP Miller presented his written report (Annex 4).                 m/s/c-Miller/Turcq

VP Miller informed the members that there continues to be communication problems with this Committee and that they have still not met.  There is question whether there is a requirement to continue to have this Committee.

There have been improvements on matters involving the Apprenticeship Program, a letter was sent from National President MacLennan along with Liam McCarthy from PSAC to DND identifying some concerns and they responded with a letter of their own.  National President MacLennan attended the NL/NB Regional Conference and gave an update on this issue.


GS Report – VP Buck gave a report of progress.                                           m/s/c-Buck/Turcq

There was a training course on business case writing prior to the last National Executive meeting in order to get work back in-house.  So far, there have been 3 business cases sent in to National Office. The FOSs in the Winnipeg Local are up from 24 hours to 40 hours. The new GS posters have been sent out to all the Locals. CARRIED

Bylaws Report            – VP Miller presented his written report (Annex 5).             m/s/c-Miller/Joyce

Motion to divide second last paragraph addressing the proposed amendments of the UNDE Harassment Policy until the National Executive members have had an opportunity to read it.                                                                                                                         m/s/c Miller/Turcq

Also, the Committee dealt with two referrals from the Honours and Awards Committee to make the following recommendations:

  • Bylaw 3 Article 2: add (0302-02, 0303-04) to the end of existing article (0302-01) because there was a need to clarify “member”; and
  • Bylaw 8 Article 6(c): add (i) “shall forward to the national Office for electronic storage the listing of active members ie: position, date of election/appointment..etc” because missing documentation has negatively impacted on membership awards.


  • Bylaw 11 Article 5(a): Emphasis on this Bylaw is clear that all delegates are elected to Convention.

These recommended amendments will be referred to the Convention Committee.


Young Workers Initiative Report

– VP Barker presented her written report (Annex 6)                                     m/s/c-Barker/Miller

The Committee had a conference call to discuss different issues and initiatives, including developing a new logo, website and promotional items.  There have been a few members from this Committee who have left either on maternity leave or resigned, need to look at replacing them with new members.  There was talk about members of this Committee recruiting new young members to take their place once they have reached the age limit to be on this Committee.

Also, more information required in protecting jobs at Local 608.



Quebec – VP Turcq presented his written report (Annex 7).                                    m/s/c-Turcq/Kiley

RV 7 – CARRIED          

Ontario – VP Desbiens presented his written report (Annex 8).       m/s/c-Desbiens/Miller


Non-Public Funds – Deputy VP Courbron presented a written report (Annex 9).                                                                                                                           m/s/c-Courbron/Chamberlain

COMTRA Committee was asked to look at EAP training options for the NPF Locals.


Manitoba/Sask. – VP Buck presented her written report (Annex 10).


Alberta/North – Deputy VP van Dyk presented a written report (Annex 11).
m/s/c-van Dyk/Kiley


British Columbia – VP Miller presented his written report (Annex 12).      m/s/c-Miller/van Dyk


HR Advisor – HRA McGrath presented her written report (Annex 13).



Occupational Group Review – National President MacLennan lead a discussion on the review structure of classifications and its implications of realignment.  The initial phase of the Occupational Group Structure (OGS) review and redesign is anticipated to be completed within two years.  The National President advised that the EVP and the UNDE USO responsible for classifications have been assigned to the file.

PSAC staff Seth Sazant will be giving a presentation on Wednesday to the National Officers.

Protecting members’ jobs and what is being done nationally – VP Desbiens brought to the table concerns from his Trenton Local on this issue.  National President MacLennan advised him to go back to the Local for additional information, what has been done about this at the Local level before getting involved nationally, and what are the specific issues that would require national involvement.  He also noted that there is training available on how to write business cases.  He asked that details to be provided by mid-October.


The previous day’s minutes were approved with minor changes.


Executive Vice-President – EVP Chamberlain                                  m/s/c-Chamberlain/Kiley

EVP Chamberlain presented her written report (Annex 14).  The EVP Report includes the list of grievances by region, USO reports, the COMTRA Committee report, and the updated list of members trained across the country.   The EVP provided clarification that the grievance reports provided identify the grievances that have been received at the national office over the reporting period.  In future, the report will contain all active grievances at the national office by region.

The Bargaining Conference in Ottawa last week was a success and the COMTRA Committee will prepare an evaluation form to be sent out to all those TB Locals who were in attendance.

National Office has looked into the purchase of a new mini-kiosk at a cost of up to $1,000.  This kiosk would be available to the Locals in addition to the existing one which some members have complained is cumbersome.  There was discussion about having one purchased for each region and that the COMTRA Committee could design them.

It was also noted that there is a need to purchase flag poles as well as harnesses to accommodate the flags.



Communications Security Establishment  – VP Joyce presented her written report (Annex 15).

This Local successfully launched a fightback campaign this summer to highlight the contracting out of some services in the CSE.  This will be a 3-phased approach to be finished by end of year.  The two companies bidding for the work are: SNC Lavalin-ProFac and Plenary Properties.  This fightback committee, made up of retirees and affected members, also rented a tent at the Ottawa Pride Festival to bring awareness of this issue.


MOTION to pass resolution as follows:                                            m/s/c-Chamberlain/Desbiens

“ Whereas the UNDE 2002 Triennial Convention passed a resolution that UNDE hold annual Local Presidents’ Conferences to address issues of a national interest (Policy Guidelines – General 9);

Whereas UNDE’s pas practice has been that only UNDE Local Presidents can submit agenda items to set the conference agenda;

Be It Resolved the members of the National Executive, through the COMTRA Committee, have the ability to supplement the submissions from the Local Presidents to set the agenda for the UNDE Local Presidents’ Conference”


MOTION to pass resolution as follows:                                            m/s/c – MacLennan/Turcq
“Whereas the 15th UNDE Triennial Convention is being held in Calgary Alberta August 2011
Whereas the Meal and Per Diem rates are currently set using Treasury Board Rates
Whereas these rates are reviewed for each convention
Therefore be it Resolved for the 15th UNDE Triennial Convention that Meal and Per Diem rates be set at a flat rate of $100.00 of per day to cover the cost of meals and incidentals for delegates, staff and Host Committee members. 
Be it further resolved that these Rates are only in effect during the period of Convention.”


MOTION to pass resolution as follows:                                m/s/c – MacLennan/Courbron
“Whereas UNDE Bylaw 11 Article 12 (a) requires the National Executive to apply a formula for selecting Convention Committee members
Whereas the 15th Triennial Convention Committees formula needs to be decided before the next National Executive meeting
Therefore be it resolved that 3 Convention Committees Bylaws, Finance and General be established to appropriately administer resolutions to convention 
Be it further resolved the decided formula by the National Executive for each committee will be made up having one delegate from each of the 10 regions on each committee creating a 10 member committee who are selected in accordance with Bylaw 11 Article 12 (a) through (g).”


Classification – taking too long – VP Desbiens explained that several Ontario Locals are concerned with the time it takes for classification grievances to be reviewed.  The National President explained that Treasury Board is holding up the process and that this concern needs to be brought up to the ADM HR CIV.


National Capital Region – VP Barker presented her written report (Annex 16).                                                                                                                                        m/s/c-Barker/Chamberlain


Convention Update – Sandra Montpetit gave an update to National Executive on the progress on planning the upcoming Triennial Convention which will be held in Calgary on August 15 to 19, 2011 at the Fairmont Palliser Hotel.

Approach to getting members on bargaining teams – National President MacLennan explained that if the Regional Bargaining Conferences go ahead as planned that UNDE will have caucus meetings the day before each of the PSAC Regional Bargaining Conferences begin in the three locations.  Our strategy to the approach will be made at this time.

Line of Communication (chain of command) for grievances – Human Rights Advisor McGrath voiced concerns that she is being approached for guidance on Human Rights issues from members and union reps when in fact they should be directed to their Union Services Officer.

MOTION concerning the mini-kiosks was put forth as follows:    m/s/c – Miller/Chamberlain
“Whereas Regional and Local representatives are offering and attending functions in their regions;

Whereas UNDE has a mandate to be visible and promote the component;

Be It Resolved that UNDE purchase a mini-kiosk for each of the 10 regions, cost not to exceed $1,000 for the individual kiosk, highlighting regional diversities;

Be It Further Resolved that the design of the kiosk will be coordinated by COMTRA in consultation with the VPs”.



The previous day’s minutes were approved with minor changes.


Nova Scotia – VP Kiley presented his written report (Annex 17).                 m/s/c-Kiley/Turcq

VP Kiley added that a one-day LMRC training session will be offered in Halifax.  EVP Chamberlain stated that, respecting the VPs’ role to coordinate training in their respective regions, she is concerned that UNDE may be setting a precedent by agreeing to the proposed one-day LMRC training.  EVP Chamberlain reminded the National Executive members of the decision that they had previously adopted as a body.  She also stated that she is not aware of a one-day course, either within the department or otherwise.  The DND/UNDE LMRC Enhancement Training is three-days and the JLP UMCC is two-days.  VP Kiley stated that this one-day MLMRC training was given in Halifax in November 2008.   EVP Chamberlain added that  although the UNDE National Executive agreed that the DND/UNDE LMRC Enhancement Training would be first consideration, DND has no funding to provide the training and more Locals and Regions are now relying on the JLP UMCC Training.  In response to further questions from the National Executive the EVP responded that there is no cost to DND for JLP training; we cannot use DND Management Facilitators because just as there were no DND Management Facilitators for the DND/UNDE LMRC Enhancement Training Program, there are no DND Management Facilitators in the JLP bank for any JLP learning opportunities; and, EVP Chamberlain reminded the National Executive that UNDE has taken a position that PEs are not recognized as Management Facilitators.   EVP Chamberlain stated that training is designed, developed and delivered to meet a specific intent.  As such modules should be delivered as intended.  The EVP asked where is the commitment from DND Managers to the LMRC process if they are not even willing to give up two days for training?

President MacLennan stated that JLP training is only going to get bigger therefore we need to clarify this issue of training.   VP Buck stated that we need to ensure our members are properly trained.


Honours and Awards Report – VP Kiley presented his written report (Annex 18)

Motion to divide the report to have the scholarship application awards separated from the lifetime membership application awards.                            m/s/c/-Chamberlain/Sheppard

There were three scholarship applications that the committee received and they were awarded as follows:

The Ken Green Scholarship – Amanda Kehler-Stevens (daughter of Randy Stevens Local 1007)

The Bob Percher Scholarship – Megan Martin (daughter of Don Martin Local 80412)

The Gary Smith Scholarship – Michael Aaron Sheppard Northorp (son of Ross Michael Northorp Local 80406)


The respective VPs are to present the awards to the recipients and get a photo.  They are also asked to find out from the recipients if the recipients would allow their essays to be posted on the UNDE website.

There were two submissions of lifetime memberships for Jacques Gagnon of Local 10511 and for Roger Dodier of Local 10511.   EVP Chamberlain and VP Turcq congratulated both members for being recognized by their Local.  EVP Chamberlain added that Brother Dodier also provided many years of service and representation to the members of the Ontario region.

Both recipients were accepted unanimously by the National Officers in a secret ballot.

The Honours and Awards Report was voted and accepted.                           m/s/c-Kiley/Barker


Finance Report – (Annex 19)                                                             m/s/c/-Turcq/Courbron

VP Turcq presented the committee’s written report and financial statements dated April 30, 2010.  Locals are reminded that the UNDE fiscal year ends September 30, 2010 and to send in their audited financial statements voted on at their AGMs to Amanda Agnew-Jamieson at National Office before the end of December.


Bylaws Amendments (brought back to the table from day one of the meeting)

The Bylaws Committee presented a report on housekeeping with specific amendments to be made to the UNDE Harassment Policy.

Motion to table the report until the Committee can come back with a modified version of the document with the proposed changes.
m/s/c/-van Dyk/Joyce



The previous day’s minutes were approved with minor changes.

Privacy and Protection Training – The National Executive members along with the available UNDE Staff members participated in a half-day pilot training session on Privacy and Protection Training given by Brian Caunter, an Information Security Management Consultant.  After some fine tuning, this training will be offered to all members across the country as Module 13.

ADM HR CIV – Cynthia Binnington, the Assistant Deputy Minister HR Civilian, along with Mandy Hanlon, the Director General of Labour Relations and Compensation, came to have a discussion with the National Officers and answer questions on various subjects, as follows:

VP Kiley asked about term employees not being rolled over.  The ADM HR CIV assured the group that direction has been given to the employer to deal with this and that HR should be advised if this is not happening.

VP Miller inquired on any information they might be able to share on the new Compensation Advisor role.  The National Officers were told that the pay system needs to be modernized and that it would take time to develop and implement this system, it will be phased in gradually over the next few years.

Human Rights Advisor McGrath asked about duty to accommodate concerning charging parking for persons with disabilities.  Ms. Binnington informed everyone that there is more shifting going on in this area and that she will check the policy.

VP Desbiens discussed classification grievances and questioned the reason they take so long.  There are over 300 and only one to two are being dealt with per month.  The group was told that Treasury Board is stretched right now in terms of workload.

VP Turcq questioned HR’s implication in CANOSCOM.  He believes that CMSG are not staffing these positions in a proper manner due to a lack of communication with the Union and HR.  There is a need to get all three concerned parties in the same room, planning an agreeable process and to do it as early as possible.

Deputy VP Sheppard voiced his concern over HR moving out of his region and the problem in accessing personnel files in order to deal with grievances.  He was told that many regions do not have HR Officers on bases anymore but that they will look into making this work in a modern world, that there must be a way to partnership and look at different ways to deal with this issue.  It is more challenging due to privacy and security of members’ files.

VP Buck informed both the ADM HR CIV and the DGLRC that some members in her region are still having problems with Human Resources staff questioning what is leave for union business, which in turn has caused management to also question UNDE representatives when they request LWOP for union business.  And that some UNDE representatives require a leave pass every time they leave the workplace and a lot of times their requests are denied.  Ms Binnington informed her that there are provisions that are supposed to be followed and that she and her team will pursue it and get back to the National President concerning this problem.

MOTION to offer Train the Trainer for the new Privacy Module as follows:
m/s/c – Chamberlain/Miller
“Be It Resolved that a Train the Trainer session for Module 13 be held in Ottawa:

  • 2 facilitators per region
  • 2 days training to ensure a clear understanding of the material
  • Conducted by the two consultants used to develop and deliver the training to the NE and UNDE Staff


The meeting adjourned at 4:30pm.