Sept. 30-Oct. 4, 2019

National Executive Minutes

National Executive Meeting

Sept. 30 – Oct. 4, 2019

Ottawa, ON

Chairman June Winger National President
Members Vacant Executive Vice-President
Dan Frost Vice-President (NL/NB)
Terry Kiley Vice-President (NS)
Benoit Laberge Vice-President (QC)
Jeff Wrinn Vice-President (NCR)
Serge Desbiens Vice-President (ON)
Mona Simcoe Vice-President (MB/SK)
Bryan Meakin Vice-President (AB/North)
T. Mark Miller Vice-President (BC)
Cathy O’Kane Vice-President (NPF)
Eugene Stone Vice-President (CSE)
Paul Jones Human Rights Advisor
Recording Secretary Sandra Mombourquette




The National President welcomed the National Officers to the Fall meeting.

The harassment statement was read aloud by Human Rights Advisor Paul Jones who was also named intervener.

The hours of sessions were set as follows:

Monday, September 30, 9:00 – 12:00 / 1:15 to 4:30

Tuesday, October 1, 8:30 -11:30 / 12:30 to 4:30

Wednesday, October 2, 8:30 – 11:30 / 12:30 to 4:30
Thursday, October 3, 8:30 – 11:30 / 12:30 to 4:30

Friday, October 4, 8:30 – 11:30 / 12:30 to termination of business.


The agenda was adopted as amended.                 m-s O’Kane/Wrinn  CARRIED



Regional Conferences: The National President has started to attend the Regional Conferences, BC and Quebec to date.

National Office: UNDE LRO Paula Dignan’s leave has been extended until December 2019 while she is on a temporary assignment with PSAC NCR.  UNDE Comptroller Brian Loshuk has retired, his job has been posted and interviews have begun to find his replacement.

Carry-Over of Leave Limits: The National President advised the Department has agreed to now honour the annual leave carry-over provisions as per the collective agreement.

MOA Supervisory Differential:   This should be fully compensated by the next pay day, if not please send names of members still affected to National President asap.  Members are still confused by the pay stub as it is not clear and hard to understand.

Civilian Leave Guidelines: The National President reminded everyone that she is awaiting feedback on the Civilian Leave Guidelines, reiterating that this is their opportunity to have input on how the leave is administered.

Cannabis Policy: It is the one-year anniversary from when this policy was introduced.  RP Ops minutes state they are implementing their own policy however the National President raised it with the Deputy Minister who agreed RP Ops should not have a separate policy. The National President stressed the focus needs to be properly placed on impairment and accommodations to ensure the members have safe workplaces.

Federal Election: The call for nominations closes Sept. 30th; new rules apply as monies are severely restricted to the PSAC/Components and DCLs.  The National President is asking the National Officers to support the PSAC Regional actions and speak with members, focusing on each parties’ platforms and mandates.

UNDE’s Public Image: The National President says that UNDE needs to make the support members provide to the CAF more prevalent to Canadians and she has also spoken to the Department about this.  She will continue to push forward on this and wants VPs to report to her specific examples of support after events to publicize the good work of UNDE members and the reliance the DND has on them in order for the CAF to complete their missions.


PRESENTATION to UNDE National Executive: Update on class-action lawsuit re: sexual harassment at CAF by Krista Devine, Director of Representation and General Counsel, PSAC.

PRESENTATION to UNDE National Executive: Update on ESAs: legislation and process by Paul Dagenais, Labour Relations Officer (Classifications), UNDE.


A moment of silence was observed for the following members who have passed since the last meeting:

Brother Yvon Lévesque, Local 10527

Sister Louisa Dallaire, Local 10501

Brother Keith Stangland, Local 40807

Brother Garrett Stamp, Local 90125

Brother Gary Broomfield, Local 90125

Brother Randy Russell, Local 90125

Brother Anthony Brunner, Local 30910

Brother Bruce Campbell, Local 70654

Brother Kelvin Wood, Local 60303

Brother Robert Beaulne, Local 70603

Brother Makram Farag, Lcoal 70654

Brother Cédric Gouillart, Local 10501




NON PUBLIC FUNDS                                   m-s O’Kane/Desbiens

 VP O’Kane presented her written report which highlighted education being a priority for this period.  There was also a question of who is responsible for First Aid training for NPF.  There will be national mobilizations in all regions as NPF will be at the bargaining table, VP Laberge asks for VP O’Kane to send out an e-mail to the National Officer of that region which can then be forwarded to the Locals in advance of these.

                                                                                                        RV 1 – CARRIED


 Concern & Support Intervention Committee – VP Laberge said that PSAC NEVP Magali Picard agreed that it is necessary to form a Committee to help those who have lost their job due to their union involvement; it is difficult to get new members involved after that, they are afraid of losing their job due to unionism.  There is a proposition that was made by a member to deal with this, VP Laberge will have a conference call with the Locals and will provide feedback.

  PREVIOUS MINUTES – ADOPTED         m-s Meakin/Stone     CARRIED



ADM-IE (RP Ops) Report                                                  m-s Miller/Desbiens

VP Miller presented his written report which identifies the issues raised at the meeting all concern funding.  He is also working with National Office staff on creating a central area on the website for IE reports for the Locals to easily locate.



Real Property Ops Unit Atlantic LMCC                            m-s Kiley/Frost

VP Kiley presented his written report which identified a problem with Red Seal certification in the Atlantic; he also was made aware of seismic changes being planned between real properties in the future which VP Frost will try getting the minutes for more information.


Real Property Ops Unit Ontario LMCC                    m-s Desbiens/Meakin

VP Desbiens presented a nil report as there is nothing to report for this period, the next meeting is scheduled for Oct. 7, 2019.

RV 4 – CARRIED                                                                                                                                                          

Real Property Ops Unit West LMCC                               m-s Simcoe/Wrinn

VP Simcoe presented her written report.  There is a question of safety concerning the Energy Performance Contract; Office of disability management-still waiting on funding; standardized work descriptions-waiting on org charts.

RV 5 – CARRIED                                                                     

Real Property Ops Unit Quebec LMCC                        m-s Laberge/Simcoe

VP Laberge presented his written report and although there was no meeting for this period the Deputy Commander met with a few delegates to share his vision, he indicated that since labour relations are excellent there is no need to change anything at this time. The next UMCC meeting in scheduled for October.


Air Command                                                                        m-s Miller/O’Kane    

 VP Miller presented his written report outlining minutes of the meeting that were sent previously to the National Officers and since there is no feedback there are no highlights.

RV 7 – CARRIED        


Template for meetings – VP Laberge asked about the new template that National Officers were sent to use for this meeting’s reports since very few have used it.  After some discussion on what the reports should include, the National President said it was not mandatory to use the template but the information included in the reports should be a recap of what happened in the reporting period regardless of whether the National Officer attended a meeting with management related to the portfolio. She advised that the members need to be able to see what work is being performed during the reporting period. This will be added to the EVP guide that is being developed.                                                                                                                                             


2nd Canadian Division Support Group (CDSG) – Quebec                             m-s Laberge/O’Kane

VP Laberge presented his written report, there was no meeting for this period as there will be a new Commander in place by the end of 2019.  However, VP Laberge did participate in the Commander’s orders group on June 19, 2019, which mainly focused on harassment, mental health and workplace violence.


3rd Canadian Division Support Group (CDSG) – Western Canada               m-s Simcoe/Stone

 VP Simcoe presented her written report which identified new CO Lemire; during the base establishment review, problems were highlighted since some of the jobs that went to Shared Services now that civilians are not doing the work.  Also, funding that was meant for the Office of Disability Management went to Phoenix, need to keep bringing up at meetings so this is not forgotten.

RV 9 – CARRIED                                                                                                     

4th Canadian Division Support Group (CDSG) – Central                               m-s Desbiens/Wrinn

VP Desbiens presented his written report which stated there was no meeting for this period.  The next meeting is scheduled for October 28, 2019.

RV 10 – CARRIED                                       

5th Canadian Division Support Group (CDSG) – Atlantic Canada                m-s Frost/Meakin

 VP Frost presented his written report.  The Atlantic 5th CDN Division has assumed command of CFS St. Johns from the Navy and the transition of employees will be April 1st, 2019. The division intends that they will grow in civilian and military positions.  The new General will attend the next meeting.                                                                                                                                                             RV 11 – CARRIED


Canadian Forces Housing Authority (CFHA)                m-s Frost/O’Kane

 VP Frost presented his written report.  CFHA feel that they are in a good position to receive the Platinum Level Certification, probably in the Fall.  They are working at increasing housing by 1300 and will keep growing.

RV 12 – CARRIED                                                   

Canadian Forces Health Services (CFHS)               m-s Wrinn/Desbiens

VP Wrinn presented his written report.  They are still working on the reclassification of CR03 to CR04, however only those currently in the positions will be reclassified otherwise those in position previously will not qualify unless there is a grievance.  Surgeon general wants a cost analysis done before approving members that left the unit.

EAP – VP Simcoe asked how to deal with questions in her region where the answer might spill over into other regions, the national President suggested copying the appropriate national officer of that region.                                                                                                                                                                                       RV 13 – CARRIED

DRDC                                                                                         m-s Meakin/Stone

VP Meakin presented his written report which stated a shift in Director Generals, the shift is intended to improve focus, direction and help by achieving goals in the program.  There have been concerns with staffing and succession planning.  VP Kiley said there is an issue with a member in Nova Scotia that VP Meakin will bring up at next meeting.                                                                                RV 14 – CARRIED


Apprenticeship                                                                          m-s Miller/Meakin

 VP Miller presented a nil report for this period.                            RV 15 – CARRIED

Employee Assistance Program                                          m-s Wrinn/Laberge

VP Wrinn presented his written report, there are 8 new referral agents in the NCR.  EAP training is being done currently.  VP Wrinn wil ask as next meeting how to get members from other regions in on the training when it is scheduled.  The National President said they are looking at outsourcing since usage is low.


FR Steering & Wellness                                                        m-s Desbiens/Frost

 VP Desbiens presented his written report.  There was an FR meeting in September which followed the Fallen Firefighter Memorial Ceremony in Ottawa.  New station wear coming in new year.  Bargaining-FR members feel it is hard for them to move ahead since they cannot strike.

CFFM- an update on the CFFM’s office activities was given at the meeting. Those included; vehicles, carcinogen reduction program, R2MR, bunker gear, wildland fire gear, AFFF environmental problems, FSTD (training).

VP Laberge asked who can perform investigations in Val Cartier, VP Desbiens will look into this.


Health & Safety Report                                                               m-s Kiley/Miller

VP Kiley presented his written report which itemized work refusals, prevention of violence in the workplace and return to work.

RV 18 – CARRIED                                                               

Young Workers Report                                                                                 m-s Simcoe/Desbiens

VP Simcoe presented her written report which included regional highlights, an update on the logo, the poster which will be translated and UNDE web page photos of the reps.  The Committee is working on building a job description for the Reps as well as hoping to get UNDE e-mail accounts created for each regional rep.                                            RV 19 – CARRIED



 Public Service Week – National President Winger opened the discussion on having a plan in place before the next Public Service Week, the focus was on how to recognize UNDE as a union during this time.  She asked the National Officers to get ideas from their Locals and bring them to the next NE meeting.  This discussion can also continue on the monthly NE conference calls.


GDI Strike – National Officers travelled to Petawawa early on the morning of October 3rd to walk with and offer support to the striking GDI members of UNDE Local 00639 who have been on strike for 11 weeks as of this date.


LMCC Army Commander                                                     m-s Frost/Desbiens

 VP Frost presented his written report.  There was discussion on ODM, ESA letters have been signed and issued, the SWE will be increased and managed once negotiations are over.  Casual labourers were hired due to shortage in staffing.


Finance Report                                                                            m-s Meakin/Stone

 VP Meakin presented his written report.  Comptroller posting: an offer is pending a security clearance and personality assessment.  Locals are asked to verify MUD sheets to ensure updates.  Minutes and statements of AGMs should be sent to Amanda Agnew at National Office.  There was discussion on unallotted members, how to identify them and get them signed up, this should be brought up at LMCCs.


 Building visit: The National Officers visited a building in downtown Ottawa that is for sale as a potential purchase for the National Office.  There was some discussion on the pros and cons following the visit.


MOTION                                                                                       m-s Stone/Meakin

Whereas UNDE currently rents the offices in Ottawa.

Be It Resolved that UNDE make a conditional offer of up to $1.6M to purchase a unit located at 340-342 MacLaren Street in Ottawa.”

                                                                                                             RV 22 – CARRIED


Human Rights Advisor Report                                           m-s Stone/Desbiens

 Human Rights Advisor Jones presented his written report.  The UNDE Pride flag was popular at all the Pride parades across the country.  Preparations are underway for the upcoming Human Rights Coordinators Meeting in Winnipeg in November.  There still seems to be confusion around the Duty to Accommodate and Return to Work Policies even with the Office of Disability Management in place.  Brother Jones has completed his term as the Civilian Defence Advisory Group (CDAG) for persons with disabilities but will not be re-offering.  There was some discussion that NPF members are not aware of DAG meetings, Brother Jones will find out where they are.                                                                                                   RV 23 – CARRIED

British Columbia Report                                                       m-s Miller/Simcoe

VP Miller presented his written report.  The BC Regional Conference was a success.  VP Miller is going to undertake reviewing the Bylaws for all of his Locals.  The National President asked that National Officers review all Locals’ Bylaws in their regions to ensure they are compliant.

RV 24 – CARRIED                                              

Alberta & The North Report                                  m-s Meakin/Wrinn               

VP Meakin presented his written report which included a list of activities for this period.  He said that some members are asking that “operational requirements” be better defined in the Collective Agreements since the term has been used frequently over the summer and needs to be legitimate when used by the employer.

RV 25 – CARRIED                                                                     

NEW BUSINESS            

UNDE Motto/Logo – VP Laberge asked if there will be a new logo and if new pull-up banners will be produced for the regions.  COMTRA will be looking into this.

Notification of holidays – VP Laberge asked to be notified when the National President and/or EVP go on annual leave for longer than one week.  It was decided that it is the Labour Relations Officers’ duty to inform their respective VPs when they will be away for one week or longer.  It is the EVP’s responsibility to ensure the VPs are informed when there is a shuffle of regions that are assigned to the Labour Relations Officers.


Quebec Report                                                                        m-s Laberge/Simcoe

 VP Laberge presented his written report which itemized meeting for this period as well as a change of commands in many of the Committees he sits on.



Bylaws Report                                                                         m-s Miller/Desbiens

VP Miller presented the Committee’s written report.  Reports for the harassment policy have all been successfully submitted by all regions for this period.  Since the last meeting the Committee continued reviewing previous carried Convention business to ensure that UNDE’s Bylaws reflect these changes by the membership, errors/omissions/oversights were corrected.


Honours and Awards Report                                            m-s Kiley/O’Kane

 VP Kiley presented the Committee’s written report.

 Motion to divide the report            m-s Stone/Wrinn                 CARRIED


Motion to divide each submission   m-s Kiley/Laberge          CARRIED      

 A-Lifetime Memberships

 1) Brother Jean Lipari, member of Quebec Local 10526 nominated for lifetime membership.

The Committee recommended concurrence.  Secret ballot vote.                                CARRIED

2) Brother Philippe Turcq, former EVP and long serving member of the National Executive as VP Quebec, member of Local 10526 nominated for lifetime membership.

The Committee recommended concurrence.  Secret ballot vote.           CARRIED

3) Brother Douglas (Monty) Montgomery, former member of the National Executive as VP CSE, member of Local 70654 nominated for lifetime membership.

The Committee recommended concurrence.  Secret ballot vote.                CARRIED

Motion to destroy all ballots                   m-s Meakin/Stone                     CARRIED

 B-Scholarship Awards

There was a total of 6 scholarship applications received at National Office.  The four successful recipients met all the requirements and were therefore recommended for the $2,000 scholarship, and they are:

Brianna Varghese, Local 70654, CSE, Ottawa, ON, awarded the Ken Green Scholarship.

Holly Arsenault, Local 60303, CFB Gagetown, NB, awarded the Pat McGrath Scholarship.

Lilija Laliberte, Local 90102, CFB Gander, Labrador & NF, awarded the Gary Smith Scholarship.

Lillian Phinney, Local 00629 Petawawa, ON, awarded the Bob Percher Scholarship.

It was discussed that the language under the requirements for scholarships needs to be re-written for clarity purposes; not to be too strict with eligibility requirements; add the current year when the call-out is sent out to Locals and on website.

RV 28 – CARRIED                                                                                    


Manitoba/Saskatchewan Report                                      m-s Simcoe/Meakin

VP Simcoe presented her written report that included activities and meetings she attended during this period as well as highlights from her Locals, including some changes on the Local Executives.                                                      RV 29 – CARRIED


Communications Security Establishment Report          m-s Stone/O’Kane

VP Stone presented his written report which highlighted activities, bargaining and meetings during this period including a Joint Consultation meeting with the four unions on the way forward for the Cyber Centre and Public Service Employment Survey.  CSE is planning their regional conference at the end of October.                                                                                                                                    RV 30 – CARRIED


National Capital Region Report                                      m-s Wrinn/Desbiens

VP Wrinn presented his written report.  There has been no UMCC during this period, however there was an OGUL meeting (Ottawa-Gatineau UNDE Locals).



Ontario Report                                                                      m-s Desbiens/Wrinn

VP Desbiens presented his written report which listed his activities and meetings for this period.  Since VP Desbiens sits at the Treasury Board Bargaining table, he gave an update to National Officers.

Local 00639 (GDI) in Petawawa has been out on strike for 11 weeks.  PSAC is directing this strike.  The employer is not holding GDI responsible and need to make them accountable.  There is a definite need to get these members back to doing public service work.  Need to bolster the line to show solidarity.  Letters should be sent to MPs running in the upcoming election informing them they wont’ get votes.  The National President and VP Desbiens will prepare a letter and copy NPF members in Petawawa.


Newfoundland, Labrador & New Brunswick Report m-s Frost/Desbiens

VP Frost presented his written report which highlighted various activities in the regions.  Phoenix pay issues still continue to plague the region.  He is looking into training for the Private Sector locals possibly January 2020.


Nova Scotia Report                                                                    m-s Kiley/Meakin

VP Kiley presented his written report which outlined various meetings he attended between May and October 2019.  There was a townhall for members on Standardized Job Description (SJD) to inform employees of the classification modernization activities that are underway.  This session was meant to explain what SJDs are and what impact they will have on the employees.



Executive Vice-President Report                                  m-s Winger/Laberge

National President Winger presented Brother Phil Turcq’s report due to his recent resignation from UNDE.  The report listed activities and updates including COMTRA who will be reviewing the training modules and finishing the videos. Finally, the report also listed reports of the regions from the Labour Relations Officers as well as Grievance Reports.                                              RV 35 – CARRIED



Education – VP Laberge asked to have a review of the UNDE education modules since some of the French ones are outdated.  The National President said that this falls under the mandate of the EVP and will be performed once the new EVP is elected.

Minutes of NE conference calls – VP Laberge asked about a lack of minutes from a National Executive conference call that took place this month.  The National President explained that this was an oversight and will ensure minutes are done in the future.

Harassment Statement – VP Laberge asked to have the translation reviewed once the update to the harassment policy is made.

Investigation Report – VP Miller said there was an investigation that involved him that was unfounded.  Since he is the Chair of the Bylaws Committee, he felt this needed to be accounted for, the Committee will review and update the process in the Bylaws for clarity.

 Election Process – VP Simcoe asked if the election process can be added to the agenda for the next meeting, a review and lessons learned will be discussed.

 PRESENTATION to UNDE National Executive: Derek Leebosh, Vice-President Public Affairs, Environics Research Group gave the National Officers a presentation on the findings of the PSAC survey results focused on the respondents who are members of UNDE.

 Next NE Meeting will immediately follow the Local Presidents Conference in February 2020.