Alberta & the North

National Executive Meeting – June 2007 – Annex 6

Please consider this my report of activities from October to May.

        November 6th to 10th – Visit locals in Alberta AGM’s
        Jan 15th to 19th – Training session with local 903/ 905, and HR in Edmonton
      Jan 23rd to 26th – Participated in panel for HR for managers course in Edmonton
      Feb 18th to 23rd – EAP symposium
      Feb 22nd to 24th – ESA training in Medicine Hat
      Mar 20th to 21st – Visit to Wainwright
      Mar 28th – Meeting with VP PSP/NPF/Canex
      Apr 19th to 22nd – Council of Prairie Locals, Moose Jaw, SASK
        Apr 28th to 2nd of May – Visit to Local 905 Edmonton & LFWA LMRC
      May 22nd to 24th – Funeral, Victoria

I would like to thank the locals in Alberta and the North for allowing the National President and I to attend their AGM’s in November 2006. Although the weather was extremely challenging, the visits proved to be very productive. I would also like to thank sister Van Dyk and brother Crawford for their support on the GS and GLT committees, and sisters MacDonald and Winger on the successful completion of the ESA training for the region.

There have been a number of issues in this region during the last reporting period including the training session with HR in Edmonton, the hiring of collection agencies, concerns with PSST complaints, ESA training, the certification and presentation of the charter to local 30912, PSP/NPF/Canex Suffield (congratulation to brother Verrault) and the subsequent privatization of a portion of that membership, and visits to locals to address concerns of the local executive and membership. It has been a challenging time, with the learning of valuable lessons.

The council of locals in Moose Jaw was a success and I would like to express my gratitude to the hosting local for doing such a wonderful job, and to brother Molsberry for his efforts to get the council back together and for the success of the meeting. I feel that we now have the basis to move forward and to address those challenges that we all face in dealing with management. I would also like to thank sisters Benson, Graham, Blaney, Pavia, Armstrong, and Sweeney; and brothers Gordon and MacLennan for their frank, open and honest participation.

Lastly, I wish to thank brothers Robinson and Miller for their hospitality during my visit to Victoria and my sincerest condolences to brother Roberts on his tragic loss.

Marie Kennedy