Report – UMCC – July 13, 2012

All regions CFHA Minutes





Ms Dominique Francoeur, CFHA CEO, opened the meeting by welcoming the committee. Brother Carm Icaci attended representing ACFO.


Agenda. The agenda was accepted as presented.


Minutes of the April 20, 2012 meeting were accepted and signed.


Workforce Adjustment



CEO stated that although she had committed to ongoing consultation and to keeping the unions informed as the CFHA plan was developed, the right to consult was taken out of CFHA’s hands once the proposal was put forth and included as part of the DRAP.


She also advised that CFHA being included with the other DRAP initiatives offers more employment opportunities for the CFHA affected employees.


CEO advised that 42 affected letters have been issued (40 are UNDE represented positions), of these 21 positions will be eliminated over the next three years. UNDE EVP confirmed that this represents approximately 7% of the overall CFHA workforce.


CEO advised that CFHA did not have a mandated specific target. UNDE EVP asked how the specific 40 positions on the list recently received were arrived at.




The CEO responded that each site was examined with the intent of “leveling resources”, meaning that each site of same/similar number of units was examined with the outcome of having a consistent number of staff. The following was taken into consideration:


–                  Number of PMQ units at the site


–                  Geographic requirements, for example travel time in locations where the PMQs are not all situated in one specific spot. Halifax was identified as having three locations where PMQs are located.


–                  Streamlining processes and operations


–                  Setting priorities


–                  Reducing service deliveries, example longer response time


The review identified that CFHA does not need the number of people they have to do the work.


The CEO reminded the committee that, as previously discussed, the Vancouver and Moncton offices are closing. She advised that through this review, some sites grew – Esquimalt (+1 EG), Suffield (+1 CR 5) and Valcartier (+ 1 EG). And other sites are losing positions. It was determined that the two large sites, Gagetown and Petawawa, have the appropriate number of staff for the number of units they are managing so these two sites were not affected.


The CEO advised that some employees have already stepped forward to retire, other positions that must be staffed have been identified within the organization and employees are moving, necessary SRLOs have yet to be determined. Vacant positions were used to off-set and CFHA will be decreasing their term employees.


The CEO also stated that the end-date of 2014 date is not carved in stone, individual situations will be taken into consideration. And she confirmed that the alternation process will be respected.


UNDE EVP asked how the work would continue? For example, UNDE has previously raised concerns about DCC doing our EG members’ work. CEO stated that that it is not intended that DCC will take the work.


Is this the end? The CEO stated that she is optimistic that CFHA is done, depends on the government. She stated that CFHA must be self-sufficient.


Old Business


Healthy Workplace. The CEO shared some tools that have been developed by the working committee. She also advised that the previously announced employee survey has been postponed to a later date.


Standing Items


Term Report (as of July 10, 2012)


            Some term employees are still required to backfill encumbered positions that are vacant for sick leave, maternity leave or some other short term reason. The CEO was very firm that term positions will not be extended unless absolutely necessary. UNDE EVP questioned the CR 4 term position in Halifax stating if it is determined that the position is required for another year, why not just staff it indeterminately.






Start Date /

Forecasted End Date


Esquimalt EG   3 17   October 2011 – 31 August 2012


Greenwood EG   4 4   January 2011 – 31 October 2012


Halifax CR   4 26   July 2010 – 28 September 2012


Halifax EG   3 12   July 2010 – 30 September 2013


Ottawa CR   5 26   October 2010 – 14 June 2013


Ottawa EG   1 2   September 2009 – 31 March 2014


Petawawa EG   3 21   November 2011 – 31 August 2012


Petawawa CR   4 16   April 2012 – 28 September 2012
Trenton EG   3 4   Jan 2010 – 1 May 2013


Wainwright CR   4 15   August 2011 – 5 September 2012


Winnipeg CR   4 4   April 2011 – 31 August 2012




Grievance Report



Level 1                        PSAC/UNDE               Effective Date of WD               5


Level 2                        PSAC/UNDE               WD Content                            1


Classification               PSAC/UNDE               Group and Level                     33



No pending PSST (staffing) Complaints.


 Round Table


UNDE EVP stated that although WFA is not an easy process for anyone, UNDE appreciates the CEO’s sharing of information. UNDE EVP added that unlike other organizations within DND, CFHA is actually able to provide rationale to support the proposal and decisions that have been made.


Next Meeting. September/October 2012 (date to be confirmed) or earlier if requested TBC


Questions and comments are welcomed.

In solidarity,

Sent electronically,

M.L. Chamberlain
Executive Vice President