Report-UMCC-CFHS-September 23, 2013

CFHS Minutes





Mary Chamberlain, UNDE EVP, and Col Pierre Ruel, COS, called the meeting to order (see agenda);Capt(N) Young, Director of Health Services Delivery (D HS Del) and LCol Picard, 1 Dental Unit (1 DU); Brother Rick Smith, PIPSC, and Ms Pepin, Human Resources (replacing Ms Joanisse) were also in attendance.  
Professional Development. The Committee was advised that the draft is still in progress, it will be shared with corporate to ensure that everything that needs to be covered is covered and then it will be shared with the unions. The bargaining agent representatives asked why the draft has to be shared with corporate HR before the bargaining agents, consultation is not consultaion after the document is done; experience has shown that once the document is done, comments provided by the unions are often ignored. UNDE EVP stated that the unions were promised a draft last March, it slipped to June and now it is September and the draft document is still not available.


PIPSC stated that there may have been a delay in the TB direction and asked that at a minimum an interim CFHS document be provided that would cover the who, the what, and the how.


Immunization. The Committee briefly discussed the briefing note provided by D Safe G and agreed that more questions remain outstanding than answered. UNDE EVP offered to liaise with D Safe G on behalf of fhe committee to address the questions that arose from the discussion:


Who are the referenced stakeholders?

When is the next meeting of the stakeholders?

Why were the unions not invited to the table as a stakeholder?

Re para 3 and 7, who in DND must do the hazard analysis and provide reports to Health Canada? What do you do at those sites that do not have a OSH Committee in place? When will the analysis process start?

Re para 4, who in DND is responsible for drafting and promulgating a national directive? Who is responsible for ensuring that it is applied consistently?


Confidential and Privacy Policy. COS advised that UNDE’s concerns had been addressed through an email response. UNDE EVP confirmed that the information provided had been shared with the UNDE Local President and that no further concerns had been received on the matter.


Redress of Grievance Policy (CFHS 3100-34). The COS advised that the policy is still in the review/rewrite stage and that the policy will be provided for consultation as soon as it is available. He asked if the unions had any additional concerns. UNDE EVP repeated that the union still believe that the number of excluded AS 5 positions is excessive.



Reduction Action Plan Update. UNDE EVP stated that at the last meeting the UMCC members had agreed that WFA updates would be a standing agenda item. The COS advised that he had removed this item from the agenda because HR has advised that the information requested is provided by corporate. UNDE EVP stated that the information is not provided by corporate and is disappointed that once again HR is interrupting the consultation process the unions have developed with the employer representatives. COS stated that the item will be re-inserted on the agenda and as much infomration as he is permitted to share will be shared. UNDE EVP stated that the information requested is not confidential, just statistics of where CFHS is in the WFA process.


Standing Item
Collective Work Descriptions (CWDs). HR advised that the writing/review process is ongoing. Consultation with UNDE continues and PIPSC has now been engaged to consult on CWDs of classifications they represent. Standing Item
Contractors in Health Services Positions. D HS Del representative advised that 11 new contractor employees have been hired, 10 in Dental Assistant positions. In response to UNDE’s question, D HS Del advised 6 military and 4 civilian positions. UNDE asked the employer to confirm why contract workers have been hired to fill public service positions. Response will be provided secretarially.


Standing Item
Grievance Report. (attached).


Note: at the request of UNDE staff, UNDE EVP had requested that more information than is included be provided, such as the step the grievance was at in the process. Corporate HR has advised that the GTS does not have the capability to provide the requested information.


Standing Item
Employment Equity Statistics. Committee members were reminded that statistics are updated and reported annually on March 31 (previously provided).


Standing Item
Round Table


UNDE. EVP advised that the matter of CF employed physicians performing medical assessments on civilian employees has been addressed by CMP staff and it has been confirmed that UNDE’s understanding was correct. Physicians employed by CFHS are not permitted to treat/assess civilian public service employees. Health Canada is the recognized organization for matters pertaining to public service employees.


UNDE. EVP raised two staffing concerns that have been brought to her attention:


Moose Jaw: a UNDE member was offered an acting assigning and was then returned to their substantive position before the acting period ended; the higher classified position was then backfilled by a casual/THS employee. It was explained that when the CR 3 employee was employed in the higher position the CR 3 position was not backfilled thereby creating an operational shortfall in the previous workplace. COS asked what UNDE was requesting. UNDE stated that the public service employee should be allowed to continue with the acting assigment to allow for career advancement opportunities and that the lower classified position should be backfilled with a term if possible. UNDE was asked to provide the particulars to the COS and the staffing mechanisms used will be re-evaluated.


Gagetown: a priority employee is sitting at home on LWOP while a Calian employee has been extended in a same function position. UNDE acknowledged that Calian is in place to backfill military vacancies, however, UNDE is not aware that there is a policy that precludes the employer from backfilling a military position with a public service employee. COS asked what UNDE was requesting. UNDE responded that the priority employee should be considered for the vacant military position. COS stated that the staffing process will be re-evaluated but no guarantees are made, the employer was adamant that the vacant military position will remain a military position.


The COS and other employer representatives re-committed to supporting public service staffing as first consideration, however, the COS explained that staffing restrictions and FTE limits are still in place. UNDE and PIPSC agreed that “public service first” is the message at the corporate level, however, it is not the reality in the clinics. The COS encouraged the unions to continue to bring staffing concerns to the corporate level to be addressed.



Next Meeting. December 2013 (TBC).


Questions/comments welcomed.


In solidarity,

Submitted Electronically

Mary Chamberlain

UNDE Executive Vice President