Report-UMCC-CFHS-Sept 28, 2012

CFHS Minutes






Simone Gardezy, PIPSC representative, co-chair, called the meeting to order, followed by a round of introductions. Colonel Weger was in attendance as the outgoing Chief of Staff (COS), and Colonel Ruel, the new COS, was introduced, Colonel Goheen for Dental, and Colonel Ferris for Medical.

The agenda was amended to add 4.e. Health and Safety Committees. The July 12, 2012 minutes were accepted as presented.


Old Business


Review of Excluded Positions AND   Delegation of Grievance Responsibility.   Closed at the last meeting.   PIPSC raised the subject requesting if the CFHS policy on the   grievance process would be amended.   Colonel Weger stated that policy was in rewrite and would be distributed   as soon as it is translated. He stated   that nothing has changed in regards to the grievance process for the dental   clinics, there will be one step in the clinic then one step at corporate. There will be two grievance steps in the   medical clinics whenever possible. In   the event a second step at the CO level is not possible, the second step will   take place with the regional delegated officer.


Colonel   Weger added that he has heard the unions’ concerns and is issuing direction   that the delegated grievance officers will have the authoirty to resolve   grievances.


PIPSC   raised concerns that the greivances are sitting at the clinic level for   months and not being transmitted to the next level?


NOTE: EVP is not aware that this is an issue for   UNDE members? An extension of   timelines must be agreed to by all parties otherwise the collective agreement   timelines should be respected.


Professional Development. Colonel Weger again agreed that the process   must be fair and transparent. The   policy is be drafted, it will be translated and distributed.


Varying Workwork. Colonel Wegfer stated that direction   is being issued that there should be consultation locally when hours of work   will be amended/varied. Futher, that   earned overtime will be recorded and administered appropriately.


Immunization. Colonel Weger stated that direction   is being issued to confirm that immunization of civilian employees is a   Health Canada responsibility. The   Health Canada Guide will be provided and posted in the clinics.


PIPSC   requested that a health and safety document be developed to identify the   required immunizations and a reminder to remain current. Colonel Weger advised that this information   can be found in the Health Canada Guide. He reconfirmed that it is not within   the CFHS mandate to immunize civilian employees.


Health & Safety Committees. Colonel Weger stated that email direction   is being issued to all clinics to reinforce the Canada Labour Code   requirements and equal representation.


UNDE   EVP corrected that the health and safety committee composition does not have   to be equal – equal/balanced representation applies to LMRC committees. As long as there is at least one employer   representative and appropriate union representation the meetings can take   place. UNDE EVP advised that this can   be found in the Canada Labour Code Part II.


UNDE   EVP stated that the request for a review of the clinic committees was in   conjunction with the review being conducted by D Safe G as requested by the unions at the National Health & Safety   Policy Committee. The unions want to   know where the committees exist, who participates and who nominated the   participants. PIPSC reminded that only   representatives nominated by the union can speak on behalf of the union.


PIPSC   requested that updates regarding return to work (RTW) situations and   ergonomic issues be reported on at the health and safety meetings. UNDE EVP questioned whether this   infomration would be available within CFHS considering RTW falls under D Safe   G and is administered at the Base/Wing level by the General Safety   Officers?   PIPSC believes that the   information should be made available.




DRAP. Colonel Weger advised   that the department is now addressing “Government Wide Spending Reduction   Review” which includes CF Transformation, Strategic Review, Support Services   Review, Defence Reduction Action Plan (DRAP).   He stated that he had no new information   to provide, organizations are awaiting decisions from senior management.


CFHS   has been targetted for 106 FTEs (could be more than 106 positions if someone   is job sharing).


UNDE   EVP asked if there will be program eliminations? Colonel Weger said no programs will be   eliminated but positions could be lost within a program or some services could   be regionalized.


Colonel   Weger acknowledged that some operationally required positions are currently   vacant. He stated that no hiring is   being authorized by CMP at this time and that the SWE ceiling will continue,   thus the continued use of the third party service provider. Once the SWE reductions have been met,   vacancies will be prioritized for staffing.


PIPSC   stated that there have been instances where term employees have been re-hired   as a casual and then again as a Calian worker. UNDE EVP asked why a term employee would be   converted to casual when there is a freeze on the term rollover policy?


HR   stated that he did not know. He   advised that term employees can be renewed until March 31, 2013, but that no   extensions beyond that are authorized at this time. Casuals can be hired by Local   managers. HR asked that Sister Gardezy   provide the examples to his office.


Colonel   Weger stated that CFHS continues to support public service staffing as the   best value for the organization. He   recommitted to the roll over of Calian workers but advised that to date there   has been little interest, likely because of the public service salaries.


UNDE   EVP stated that it is ironic that the Minister stood in the house just this   week and committed his support to the CF and the veterans but that even CFHS   is afftected by the cuts.


New Business


Presentation on Staffing Processes   in Health Services. Submitted by PIPSC. Sister Gardezy stated that her questions   had been answered during the budget discussion. It is understood that there is not staffing   without higher authorization and that internal moves are allowed but the   vacated position cannot be backfilled.   UNDE EVP reiterated that DND is conducting a head count reduction.


Collective Work Descriptions (CWD). HR advised that the current CWDs were   created or reviewed in 2005-2007.   Colonel Ferris provided an update on the way ahead. EVP stated that UNDE had asked for a seat   at the CWD Committee at the July meeting but UNDE had not received a   call. EVP stated that a member of the   UNDE staff sits with the DND CWD Committee and that UNDE would like a seat at   the CFHS CWD   Colonel Ferris agreed.


Note:   Email sent to HR with UNDE USO Classification contact information.


Standing Items


Contractors in Health Services   Positions. Colonel Weger advised that there are currently   279 Calian employees occupying public service positions (an increase from from   260 in July and 233 in April).


He   stated that the biggest concentration is in Edmonton, Halifax and Petawawa;   Physicians – 137; Dentists – 35; and Physiotherapists – 22.


Grievance     Report:   Will be provided secretarially.


PIPSC stated that they would like     the report available for the UMCC so that the committee can discuss the     issues.




Employment   Equity Statistics. HR advised that the statistics are only   updated once a year.


Round Table


UNDE. UNDE EVP thanked Colonel Weger for his   support to the consultative process during his two-year tenure and wished him   luck in his position of Deputy Commander.   EVP suggested that budgets be moved as a standing item.


PIPSC. Thanked Colonel Weger stating that progress   had been made on issues brought forward during the last two years. PIPSC also advised that Mental Illness   Awareness Week is September 30 to October 6.


Colonel Weger thanked the unions.


Colonel Ruel stated that he was   looking forward to his tenure as co-chair.




Next Meeting. December 12, 2012, 1:30 pm.


Questions/comments welcomed.


In solidarity,

Submitted Electronically

Mary Chamberlain

UNDE Executive Vice President