Report-UMCC-CFHS-March 27, 2013

CFHS Minutes




Simone   Gardezy, PIPSC representative, co-chair, called the meeting to order; in   attendance Colonel Ruel, COS and co-chair; Colonel Weger, Deputy Commander (DComd); Colonel Goheen for Dental; and   Lieutenant-Colonel Parent representing Colonel Ferris for Medical. Brother Richard Smith also attended on   behalf of PIPSC.

The   agenda was accepted. Minutes of the   December 20, 2012 meeting had been agreed to secretarially. It was agreed that the committee would   discuss issues related to the workforce cuts and staffing first so that the   DComd did not have to stay for the entire meeting.

Reduction Action Plan Update


DComd   stated that there were currently still 83 affected employees: 40 opting,   18-20 involved in SRLO processes, 3 on LWOP, and no specifics were provided   for the remainder.


In   response to PIPSC’s question will there be more cuts? The DComd responded that no additional cuts   are anticipated at this time. CFHS has   lost 106 FTEs and are currently at their mandated SWE levels.


Standing   Item
Staffing, ADI and WFA


UNDE   EVP stated that these items were submitted for discussion because there   appears to be different understandings of these issues in the field than have   been discussed and agreed upon at the UMCC.


UNDE   EVP asked for confirmation whether or not there is a staffing freeze? Or is the use of SOAs, temporary agency   staff, and Calian simply because Clinic Managers do not want to do the   paperwork required to staff a request up the chain of command to hire a   public service worker.


UNDE   EVP stated that WFA’d employees have received letters stating that there is a   discontinuation of their function.   UNDE EVP stated that a discontinuation of a function is just that, the   function will cease. It does not mean   that the responsibility will be handed over to a military person or a   contractor. UNDE is of the opinion   that recent WFA activities are simply “backdoor contracting out”.


UNDE   EVP stated that CFHS has always promoted the employment of public service workers   and that CFHS has confirmed on many occasions that Calian is in place only to   replace military and the professional functions that cannot be staffed.


UNDE   EVP stated that it previously took UNDE years to get Calian workers out of   UNDE represented positions and now they are back filling positions of clerical   employees that were WFA’s because [as previously explained] technological   change. Why are Calian workers now   performing clerical responsibilities?   Why are Calian workers continuing to be employed in areas where public   service workers are being cut?


The   DComd provided the following in response:


–          No there is no staffing   freeze. There was agreement around the table that   UNDE’s perception of why SOAs etc are being used is correct.

–          The   DComd confirmed UNDE EVP’s understanding of the purpose of the Calian   contract.Calian is not supposed to be doing work of UNDE represented employees,   administrative support duties are not in the contract.

–          The   DComd confirmed that Calian is a short term fix, for example to meet   operational commitments until the completion of a staffing process.

–          Calian   workers replace clinicians – the professional functions. In this regard the DComd advised that in   light of the cuts to the clerical staff, clinicians are now required to do   some of their own administration, thus   Calian workers would also have to perform that function in their clinician   role.

–          DComd   reconfirmed that there is still a commitment to employing public service   workers, adding that 12 public service employees were hired last week in   Mental Health. Further, that the MND   has committed support to the care of the Canadian Forces.


The   COS asked the unions what is needed to address the unions’ concerns.


UNDE   EVP stated that clear written direction, whether it be an email or formal   letter, must be sent out to the chain of command reinforcing discussions and   agreements made at the national level.   UNDE EVP added that although information is shared with UNDE   representatives at all levels, Clinic Managers are not going to listen to the   union.


CFPSA and CFHS Service Level Agreement   (SLA). UNDE EVP stated that it was recently   brought to her attention that there is a SLA between CFPSA and CFHS to   provide preventative programs; concerns regarding the continued funding for   these programs have been raised. The   DComd confirmed the union’s understanding, stating that funding is provided   to CFPSA to provide preventative programs, example smoking cessation. He stated that there is no intent to cease   this funding unless CFPSA decides to discontinue the service. Closed
Cleaning   Services in CFB Borden. An email from the Clinic Manager in Borden   was provided to the unions. The email   reconfirmed the Base’s commitment to CFHS and confirmed that to date there   are no issues with the cleaning standards in the Medical Clinic. The Dental representative stated that he   had not received any comments from the Borden Dental Clinic but would follow   up to confirm. UNDE EVP stated that   other areas of the Base are not as satisfied.


PIPSC asked if there is money   available through CFHS in the event that the required standards are not met,   citing other locations where the contractor is not meeting the expected   standatds? The COS advised that he is   not aware of any additional funding.   The committee was also reminded that cleaning services were devolved   to the Bases.


PIPSC stated that in order to meet   standards clinics will have to rely on their staff to make up the difference,   taking time away from the staff’s normal duties and patients.


Management agreed, this will likely result   in less productivity in patient services, priorities must be set adding   people can no longer do “more with less”.


The unions thanked the management   team for acknowleging what the unions have been saying all along.


Professional   Development. Human Resources advised that the draft will   be made available at the June 2013 meeting for consultation. Much frustration was expressed by the   unions, particularly PIPSC, because this issue has been at the table for the   past two years and the policy was promised two meetings ago.


Immunization. UNDE EVP stated that   following the last meeting an email was sent to D Safe G for advice. The CPAO provided did not cover   immunizations. The COS asked where the   employer is not meeting it’s obligations, what is needed?


Again a lot of frustration was   expressed. PIPSC stated that there has   been no risk assessment conducted, there is no regulating for civilian   employees. PIPSC stated that CFHS has   a responsibility to protect the workers (PIPSC Collective Agreement Article   24.02). PIPSC identified that Health   Canada is the department that provides this service to departments.


UNDE EVP committed to sharing the   email between the unions and D Safe G.   The COS committed to looking into the issue further.


Collective   Work Descriptions (CWD). Human Resources advised that a consultant   has been hired to write the CWDs; of the 62, two CWDs are in progress, CR 5   and another that could not be recalled at this time. Focus groups of employees will be held   before the WDs are finalized.


UNDE EVP asked who is the   consultant, what are their qualfications, and where is the union in the   process? It had previously been agreed   that the unions would participate in the process for CWDs covering their   respective classifications.


Human Resources advised that the   consultant is an accredited classification officer with experience in writing   WDs.   The unions would be consulted   before the WDs are finalized.


UNDE EVP asked that the consultation   with the unions take place before the focus groups reinforcing that the UNDE   staff member responsible for classifications is very experienced and works   closely with DCCO on CWDs. UNDE’s   request was agreed to. UNDE EVP agreed   that the consultation would be a priority when the CWDs are received for   review.


Reimbursement   – Membership/Licence Policies Cancellation.   Email direction was sent out stating that where the collective   agreement called for reimbursement, the collective agreement would be respected.


CFHS Survey. The unions expressed joint concern that a   survey was circulating amongst randomly selected CFHS staff. Concerns were how employees were selected,   confidentiality of the process and the intent of the results. The COS was not aware of the referenced   survey. UNDE EVP committed to sending   the email in question.


Note: The COS responded secretarially by email immediately   following the UMCC confirming that the survey was conducted under the   auspices of the Surgeon General Health Research Program. The SOP covering the program will be   updated to confirm the requirement to advise the Unions when a survey is to   be sent to civilian members.


UNDE EVP sent a subsequent email   asking what the intent of the survey is, what the results will be used for,   and if the unions could have a copy of the results. Future responses and updates will be shared   with the members.


Contractors   in Health Services Positions. Information   not available for the meeting. Will be   provided secretarially.


Standing   Item
Grievance Report:


Standing   Item
Employment   Equity Statistics. March 31, 2013 should be available for the   June 2013 meeting.


Standing   Item
Round Table


UNDE. UNDE EVP stated that she recently became   aware that a Clinic Manager is developing performance measurement tools and a   confidentiality policy. UNDE’s   understanding from previous discussions at the UMCC is that only corporate   can develop policy? Also, performance   management tools are already available and all employees take an oath of   confidentiality? UNDE does not   understand why there is a need for local development and since LMRC minutes   are not received from this particular site it is not clear if consultation is   taking place, with whom, and to what degree?   COS stated that he would look into the concerns raised.


COS. COS asked that in the future the agenda   clearly identify the POC for each agenda item so that everyone is aware of   the items they are responsible for and can be prepared to respond. Agreed.


PIPSC. PIPSC asked for the status on the Grievance   Policy. Human Resources stated that   the delegations are being processed.   After futher discussion it was clarified that PIPSC was requesting the   updated version of CFHS process document number 3100-34 – Redress of   Grievance which was to be updated to reflect the current grievance structure   recently proposed and agreed to (albeit with concerns raised). Following a discussion of what has   transpired to result in a need for the policy revision, UNDE EVP added that   some of the employees being put forward for exclusion are not happy.





Next Meeting. June 2013 (TBC).


Questions/comments welcomed.


In solidarity,

Submitted Electronically

Mary Chamberlain

UNDE Executive Vice President