Report – UMCC – CFHS – June 25, 2014

Canadian Forces Health Services Committee




Mary   Chamberlain, UNDE EVP, and Col Richard Pucci, COS, called the meeting to   order; Capt(N) Young, Director of Health Services   Delivery (D HS Del) and Col Kevin Goheen, 1 Dental Unit (1 DU); Brother Rick   Smith, PIPSC, and HR Director Danielle Villemaire, were in attendance.

Adoption   of the March 26, 2014 minutes of meeting were previously agreed to   secretarially.

The   agenda was amended to add 4d.

Old   Business


Professional   Development. HR, Ms Villemaire, provided the draft   policy to the unions secretarially for consultation. The unions expressed concerns that, while a   good start, the orginal intent of a policy that provides a standard criteria   and selection process has not been met.   Ms Villemaire   requested that the unions provide additional feedback on the draft. Open
Professional   Dues Reimbursement. HR, Ms Villemaire,   advised that direction to pay the reimbursements was sent out last week. It was agreed that unless new concerns are   raised, the matter is considered closed. Closed
Staffing Issues. UNDE   expressed frustration with CFHS’ professed support for public service   staffing when the reality faced in the clinics is the opposite. The COS advised that public service   staffing is supported as first choice, however, the imposed FTE count limits   their ability to staff all the currenly vacant positions, thus the use of   contractor employed persons. Also,   some positions are being held for people currently on mat/pat leave or   DI. In order to staff a position,   there must be an off-set of lesser priority.   The COS added the hiring of 54 public service employees in the mental   health field speaks to the employer’s commitment.

The COS   suggested that “staffing” be moved to the standing items. Agreed.

Moved   to Standing Items
Redress of Grievance Policy (CFHS 3100-34). The policy was shared and UNDE feedback has   been incorporated into the final version of the policy. Closed
Immunization. UNDE stated that although this item was   considered closed following the March 2014 meeting, the National Health and   Safety Policy Committee (NHSPC) meeting was held on June 24; the subject of   immunizations was not discussed. UNDE requested that the COS follow up as it   had been agreed that the issue would be referred back to the NHSPC.. Open
New   Business


Type of   Leave – Inclement Weather. It was agreed that individual circumstances   should be addressed on a case by case basis; but common sense should prevail. Closed
New   CPRR/Performance Apparaisal Process.   PIPSC advised that a policy grievance has been filed alleging   disguised discipline.
Standing   Items


Contractors   in Health Services Positions. D HS Del   representative provided a written update advising that there has been an   increase of 75 contract employees in the clinics. It is anticipated that the surge is because   of posting season, contract workers are being used to fill the gaps.   (attached) Standing   Item
Grievance   Report. Attached. Standing   Item
Employment   Equity Statistics. The expected March 31, 2014 have yet to be   provided. HR will share electronically   once received. Standing   Item

Next Meeting. September 2014 (to be confirmed)

Questions/comments welcomed.

In solidarity,

Submitted Electronically

Mary Chamberlain

UNDE Executive Vice President