Report-UMCC-CFHS-June 13, 2013

CFHS Minutes





Mary   Chamberlain, UNDE EVP, advised the employer that the unions have agreed that   UNDE will co-chair the UMCC meetings for the coming year. COS asked how the committee should proceed,   who is the chair for this meeting? UNDE   EVP explained that her preferred choice is that both co-chairs interact   throughout the meeting as is done at other national UMCC forums rather than   the previously adopted practice of management chairing one meeting and labour   chairing the next. Colonel   Ruel, COS and management co-chair, agreed.   Brother Richard Smith, representing PIPSC, also agreed.

Following a   brief discussion regarding the status of the CFHS grievance policy and   the CFHS Confidentiality and Privacy Policy it was agreed that the COS would   follow up on the two directives secretarially and the agenda was accepted with no amendments (attached).

The minutes of the March 27, 2013 meeting had been agreed to secretarially. The COS asked if the unions were satisfied   with the format of the minutes and the addition of secretarial notes. All agreed that the minutes as presented   were informative.

Reduction Action Plan Update. DComd provided the current status:


76   affected employees

39   have opted

22   have deployed/alternated

5   still opting

3   waiting SRLO processes


Standing   Item
NOTE – Staffing, ADI and WFA. This item was not discussed at   today’s meeting but is included here because the item remained open in the   EVP’s previous report pending the employer’s response. The previous minutes accurately reflect the   discussion and agreement reached with the unions.


–          There   is no hiring freeze;

–          Management   should go ahead and staff PS requests vice defaulting right away to Calian;

–          A   confirmation of the purpose of Calian.   In other words we have access to Calian for professional support, not   clerical; and

–          Managers/COs   need to continue their best efforts of transparency with the unions,   specifically on staffing.


The   COS also sent an email out on April 4, 2013 expressing the same message.


Professional   Development. Human Resources advised that the draft is   in progress and will be provided to the unions by end June 2013.


Immunization. The Co-Chairs agreed that   the matter has been passed to D Safe G to address. UNDE EVP advised that this subject is on   the agenda for the upcoming NHSPC (June 26).   UNDE EVP offered to send an email to D Safe G requesting a status   report.


Collective   Work Descriptions (CWD). UNDE   EVP advised that the UNDE Union Services Officer (USO) responsible for   classifications has been consulted as promised, he has had an opportunity to   review the EG CWDs, has provided input, and his concerns have been addressed. Human Resources advised that the CWD   Committee still needs a representative from PIPSC.


Human Resources advised that there   are currently 30 active/ongoing CWDs.   Progress so far:


Mental Health Clerk – reclassified   to CR 4

Mental Health Clerk Supervisor –   classification decision pending

Med Lab Tech                       }

Med Labt Tech Assistant       }     all at DCCO

Med Lab Tech Supervisor     }


Standing   Item
NOTE – CFHS   Survey. This item was not discussed at today’s   meeting but is included here because the item remained open in the EVP’s   previous report pending the employer’s response. The unions’ concerns were addressed   secretarially by email following the March 27, 2013 meeting.


Contractors   in Health Services Positions. D HS Del   representative advised that he had the requested information provided to him   at the last minute and did not have a chance to review the information to provide   a status report to the committee. It   was suggested that the requested information be provided secretarially. COS reinforced that Calian is available for   operationally required clinical positions only, including pending the   finalizing of public service staffing processes,but Calian employees are not to   be employed in clerical positions.


PIPSC raised a concern that this is   not the perception in the workplace.   The COS asked for specifics so that he can address the concerns   raised.


Standing   Item
Grievance   Report. (attached). The Committee was also advised that there   are

13 Classification grievances   pending, all from UNDE members.


Standing   Item
Employment   Equity Statistics. March 31, 2013 statistics were provided (attached). It was agreed that this item will remain as   a standing item, however, the committee was reminded that the statistics are   only generated once a year.


Standing   Item
Round Table


PIPSC. Brother Rick advised that PIPSC is looking   for a representative to replace Sister Gardezy at the UMCC, he will continue   as the interim representative until further notice.


Co-Chairs. Agreed that the WFA update (HR can provide)   and CWD project should be moved to standing items. The COS again expressed CFHS’ commitment to   public service staffing, he advised that the Comptroller looks at all   available resources before referring to Calian. UNDE EVP thanked everyone for attending and   the discussion.



Next Meeting. September 2013 (TBC).

Questions/comments welcomed.

In solidarity,

Submitted Electronically

Mary Chamberlain

UNDE Executive Vice President