Report-UMCC-CFHS-December 16, 2013

Canadian Forces Health Services Committee





Mary   Chamberlain, UNDE EVP, and Col Richard Pucci, COS, called the meeting to   order; Capt(N) Young, Director of Health Services   Delivery (D HS Del) and LCol Picard, 1 Dental Unit (1 DU); Brother Rick   Smith, PIPSC, and Mr Marc Watson, who accompanied   the new HR Director Danielle Villemaire, were also in attendance.

Col   Pucci stated that he was happy to be back at the UMCC table as he had enjoyed   his previous time working with the unions.

Adoption   of the September 23, 2013 minutes of meeting was postponed pending the   unions’ review and acceptance.

Old   Business
Professional   Development. HR advised that the draft policy has been   sent to corporate learning for comment.   Following their review the draft will be shared with the unions. UNDE EVP asked for a progress report by   end-January 2014 as this item has been going on for some time. PIPSC identified that the military have a   professional development policy that could be used as a reference. Open
Immunization. The committee briefly discussed the   briefing note provided by D Safe G and agreed that there are still many outstanding   issues. The COS offered to take the   lead on this item in hopes that this matter can be finally answered and   closed.

PIPSC advised that one employee was   denied immunizations for a tasking, they had to greive to have their request   respected.

Staffing Issues. UNDE EVP   raised the two staffing issues (Moose Jaw and Gagetown) that were previously   discussed at the September 2013 meeting acknowledging that the current COS   inherited the concern. The unions’   position is that any career advancement opportunities should be given to   existing staff. In the case of Gagetown, an employee on LWOP   with prioirity status could be hired to fill the vacated military position   vice using Calian. The committee was   reminded of the FTE restrictions. The   COS committed to follow up with 1 Dental Unit. Open
Redress of Grievance Policy (CFHS 3100-34). Missed, an update has been requested   secretarially. Open
New Businss
Administration of Sick Leave. UNDE   EVP stated that although management has the right to manage, they do not have   the right to unilaterally deny an advance of sick leave credits to every   employee, nor do they have the right to request a doctor’s certificate from   every employee when an employee has depleted their sick leave entitlements.

UNDE does   not know who the Clinic Managers are receiving their advice from, but it is   bad advice and consistently bad across the country. Essentially CFHS is forcing its employees   to decide if they can afford to be sick because employees who have depleted   their annual sick leave entitlements are forced to take LWOP and, because   they are forced to take LWOP, they must also pay to provide medical   certification. PIPSC stated that they   have had to respond to the same concerns.

The   unions requested that the collective agreement rights as they pertain to sick   leave be respected and that individual issues be dealt with on an individual   basis. (PA Article 35.04, SV Article 36.04, TC   Article 39.04).

UNDE EVP   reminded the COS that HR gives advice but that the employer representative   has the right to manage the workplace.

The COS   committed to reminding Clinic Managers about the collective agreement rights   of employees as they pertain to the administration of sick leave.

The   committee also discussed the employer’s options as they pertain to concerns   surrounding an employee’s use of sick leave; all agreed that the employer has   the right to request a Health Canada assessment.

Professional Dues Reimbursement.   PIPSC raised the issue earlier in an   email; since then one Local matter had been resolved through a   grievance. The committee was reminded   that the collective agreements give employees the right to be reimbursed, but   a mechanism has to be put in place.   COS stated that the Surgeon General has signed the letter, they should   not be any further issues. Closed
Hours of Work. UNDE   EVP stated that it has been brought to her attention that some employees are   being asked to combine their coffee breaks with their lunch break to make up   an hour for lunch.

UNDE EVP   reminded the committee that the 2 x 15 minute coffee breaks are paid time   whereas the one hour or half hour (depending on individual arrangements) is   not paid time. (PA   Article 25.06, SV HS Specific, TC Article 25.04).

UNDE EVP   also stated that it will be difficult for the employer to argue “operational   requirements” when they have just cut 100+ positions from the workforce.

The COS agreed   and committed to sending out a reminder to the Clinics regarding the   administration of hours of work.

Standing   Items
Collective   Work Descriptions (CWDs). HR advised that the writing/review process   is ongoing. Consultation with UNDE   continues and PIPSC has now been engaged to consult on CWDs of   classifications they represent. Standing   Item
Contractors   in Health Services Positions. D HS Del   representative will provide the update secretarially. Standing   Item
Grievance   Report. December 6, 2013 report provided   secretarially. UNDE stated that the   information as provided is of little value in being able to track   issues. HR explained that the   information is extracted from the GTS and is not broken out as the unions   require, HR committed to providing specifics as they are requested. Standing   Item
Employment   Equity Statistics. Committee members were reminded that   statistics are updated and reported annually on March 31 (previously   provided). Standing   Item


Next Meeting. March 2014 (TBC).


Questions/comments welcomed.


In solidarity,

Submitted Electronically

Mary Chamberlain

UNDE Executive Vice President