Report-UMCC-CFHS-Dec. 20, 2012

CFHS Minutes





Simone   Gardezy, PIPSC representative, co-chair, called the meeting to order,   followed by a round of introductions: Colonel Ruel, COS and co-chair; Colonel Weger, Deputy Commander; Colonel Goheen for Dental; and Colonel   Ferris for Medical, and General Overton, CMP, as an invited guest. Brothers Maxwell and Smith also attended on   behalf of PIPSC.

COS   opened the meeting stating that CMP and the DComd were invited to the meeting   to address two specific issues and then they would leave. As such, the agenda was amended to accommodate them.

The   agenda as amended was accepted. The September   28, 2012 minutes were accepted as amended .


Cleaning   Services in CFB Borden. UNDE EVP   stated that this item had been submitted for discussion because, in addition   to labour relations issues previously raised, UNDE has concerns surrounding   health and safety issues that could arise as a result of the cancellation of   the Borden cleaning contract; not just in regards to the public service   cleaners who are expected to take on the additional responsibilties currently   being performed by the contracted workers but for UNDE members employed in   the clinics. Also CFHS has promoted   the IPAC program as an important initiative, the EVP questioned the impact on   the CFHS IPAC program and the clinic’s certification. How can 75 cleaners be expected to maintain   the same cleaning standard as is currently being maintained by 200 cleaners?


CMP responded that CFB Borden has a   plan for the way ahead; the Base Commander has met and consulted with the   various units and stakeholders to understand their expectations. Using the clerical staff in a unit as an   example, employees will be expected to maintain their own workspaces within   reason. So if there is a spill, they   will clean it up rather than expecting a cleaner to do it.


UNDE EVP responded that spilling   one’s coffee on a desk and wiping it up is different than expecting a   non-cleaning staff member to grab a mop to clean up a spill on the floor. CMP advised that no one will be expected to   do work that is covered in another employee’s work description, ie mopping.


CMP also suggested that UNDE’s   concerns would be more appropriately addressed at the Borden Clinic level   with the Base Commander or through the chain of command at CDA in   Kingston. UNDE EVP responded that she   was not aware if the CDA UMCC was meeting (UNDE VP Ontario and VP Quebec   attend) and that the responses received at the Local level did not address   the concerns raised regarding the impact this decision could have on CFHS as   an organization.


COS advised that the Base Commander   has assured the Borden clinic that they are a priority. The Dental representaive stated that he has   received no concerns from the Borden Dental Clinic, he added that anytime he   has visited the clinic in Borden he was impressed with the standard of   cleanliness.


COS stated that CFHS will monitor   the situation and update the committee at the spring UMCC.


UNDE closed the item by stating that   the additional labour relations issues as they pertain to the public service   cleaners will be referred to the UNDE Local President in Borden as they are   not something CFHS can address.


Reduction   Action Plan Update. The DComd advised that CFHS was not able to   meet their cuts through attrition as had originally been hoped. As such, an elimination of 69 positions   resulted in 120 employees being declared affected. The WFA process is being managed by   regional Human Resources Staff but CFHS is monitoring. CFHS is actively supporting the alternation   process and also deploying affected employees into vacant funded   positions. The DComd also advised that   CFHS is accomodated individual situations as they arise, example one employee   needed five additional months to bring them to their full pensionable time so   their departure date was adjusted.


UNDE EVP asked how and who decided   which positions would be eliminated?   The DComd explained that the CFHS priority tool was used with input   from the clinics. EVP raised a concern   that specific positions had been brought to her attention and that there is a   perception that the positions in question are being eliminated for reasons   other than those identified. The DComd   asked the EVP to follow up with particulars and he would address the concern.


PIPSC questioned program cuts citing   IT services in the clinics being devolved to the Base IT sections. The DComd advised that these are legacy   positions leftover from when CFHS maintained functioning hospitals, the   positions should have been passed to Base before now. PIPSC raised concerns that Base IT do not   know the programs used within CFHS.   PIPSC also questioned why the affected employees are not being   transferred with the positions, this is not a real WFA situation because the   work will continue. CFHS has a service   level agreement (SLA) with the bases and the Base IT personnel will have to   get up to speed. The DComd added that   he does not know the Base capacity in regards to staffing levels. CFHS will continue to monitor.


All agreed that meaningful   consultation and better communications makes for a better understanding of   the decisions that have been made allowing people to be proactive versus   reactive.


The Committ thanked CMP and the   DComd for attending the meeting to address the two specific agenda items.


Old   Business


Professional   Development. Contrary to the update provided at the   September 2012 meeting that the policy would be drafted, translated and   distributed, Human Resources advised that it has not been written and that it   was anticipated that it would not be available until June 2013. Human Resources added that they hoped that this   would be acceptable. UNDE EVP stated   that this issue has been discussed many times over the past two years and it   was agreed that a policy would be produced, and that June 2013 was not   acceptable. PIPSC offered staff   resources to assist in research and writing the policy. PIPSC clarified that professional   development is a high priority for their members for enhancing and expanding   their skills. And that professional   development is a collective agreement right.


Immunization. The DComd has issued an email   directive that addressed the concerns raised.   However, PIPSC said that the direction does not go far enough in that   it does not identify the employer’s obligation to liaise with Health Canada   to schedule immunizations that are required by staff in the performance of   their jobs.


PIPSC stated that the unions will   take the issue to the NHSPC for discussion.


Note: Email has been sent to D Safe G 2.


Health   & Safety Committees. The DComd has issued an email directive   that addressed the concerns previously raised.


UNDE EVP stated that the specific   issue raised by UNDE has been addressed to the satisfaction of the Local   President. UNDE provided an excerpt   from the HRSDC Interpretations, Policies and Guidelines (IPGs) that gives a   very clear definition of a management representative.

Collective   Work Descriptions (CWD). Colonel Ferris, Medical representative   advised that there are 62 CWDs to be reviewed, 18 OPIs, working from the   supervisory levels down.


UNDE EVP asked who the OPIs   were? The response was that the people   reviewing and revising the CWDs are people who actually do the jobs. UNDE EVP asked if there will be consultation   with the incumbents, the response was yes.   UNDE EVP asked if CFHS had in-house classification expertise or were   they relying on DCCO. Col Ferris   advised that they will be relying on DCCO and he stated he would like a quick   turn around. UNDE EVP closed with a   concern that DCCO has very limited resources that everyone is relying on so a   quick turn around may not be possible and she encouraged that an effective   date be determined before sending for a classification review to avoid staff   relations issues after the fact.


Varying Workweek. The DComd has issued an email   directive that addressed the concerns raised.  Previously distributed to UNDE VPs.


New   Business


Reimbursement   – Membership/Licence Policies Cancellation.   Both unions expressed surprise to hear that reimbursements have been   suspended. UNDE EVP stated that the   referenced CANFORGEN 215/12 CMP 009 311528Z Oct 12 clearly applied to CF   members and that collective agreements must be respected.


COS and HR committed to sending   direction that the reimbursements for public service workers (less PSAC TC   members) should be actioned when submitted.


List of   Public Service Positions. UNDE EVP explained that UNDE and PIPSC had   requested a list of the established CFHS positions so that the unions could   see who was occupying which position, ie civilian or military. The unions were advised that ADM HR Civ had   directed that the requested information could not be provided. UNDE EVP stated that this was the second time   this week that UNDE had been told that their requests for information had   been denied by ADM HR Civ.



Standing   Items


Contractors   in Health Services Positions. Colonel Ferris   identified that there are 492 contract employees covering off 288 FTEs in   professional functions (doctors, dentists, physiotherapists) primarily in Edmonton,   Petawawa, Ottawa and Halifax.


Grievance Report:   Dated November 13, 2012, provided   secretarially. PIPSC questioned a   grievance that did not appear to be on the list and it was not on the   previous report. Following   clarification, HR advised that the report provided contains staff relations   girevances only, not classification.


UNDE EVP stated that although it is   unfortunate that harassment grievances are listed, it is good in the sense   that the grievances reflect what the unions have said at past meetings.


Employment Equity Statistics. March 31, 2012 statistics were provided   secretarially.


Round Table


UNDE. EVP stated that it was a productive meeting   and wished everyone a Merry Christmas.


PIPSC. Wished everyone a Merry Christmas.


COS. Colonel Ruel advised that CFHS was going to   install video conferencing and stated that it will be available for future   meetings should someone not want to travel.   He also wished everyone a Merry Christmas..






Next Meeting. March 2013 (TBC).



Questions/comments welcomed.


In solidarity,

Submitted Electronically

Mary Chamberlain

UNDE Executive Vice President