CFHS Minutes

OPI – Mary Chamberlain


Colonel Weger, COS, called the meeting to order; Sister Simone Gardezy, PIPSC representative, as co-chair.  The meeting agenda and the March 8 meeting minutes were accepted as presented.

Old Business

Review of Excluded Positions.  COS advised that he had reviewed previous minutes on this subject and confirmed that UNDE EVP’s understanding of the agreement to review the CFHS excluded positions was correct.  He also advised that reviewing the excluded positions for grievance delegation, afforded CFHS an opportunity to review the excluded positions overall.  A list of currently excluded positions was provided.  UNDE EVP stated that she did not believe that the list was all inclusive.  UNDE EVP will provide the list received from TB though the PSAC.

Delegation of Grievance Responsibility.  The COS advised that he would like the subjects of excluded positions and grievance delegation reflected as two separate issues in the minutes.  COS agreed that there should be two grievance levels in the clinics, 1st being the Section Head and 2nd being the Clinic CO.  To address a concern raised by UNDE, the COS stated that when 1st level grievance officer position is vacant, the Clinic CO will be the 1st level grievance officer and  2nd level will be at 1 or 4 HS as appropriate respecting the chain of command.  UNDE EVP thanked the COS for the explanation and confirmed UNDE’s position that the delegation should rest with a military manager wherever possible and that the delegation should be reasonable.  A final list of delegated persons will be made available at the next meeting.

Civilian National Practice Leader.  PIPSC provided a copy of a Terms of Reference; upon review, it was agreed that this was a local, not a national, directive.  COS stated that he had contacted the site previously identified and to his understanding the matter has been resolved.

Professional Development.  PIPSC confirmed their concerns and requested a national selection criteria that is consistent and transparent.  UNDE EVP asked if the problem of allocation of funds for professional development is an issue across nationally?  If not then creating and implementing a national policy could impact negatively on those locations where the problem does not exist.  COS agreed stating that administering the professional development program is a Clinic Manager responsibility, he committed to follow up with those sites identified.

Credentialing and Professional Dues.  COS confirmed that nothing has changed in the reimbursement process.

Return to Work.  Mr Watson, HR, stated that supporting documents to provide training in the workplace are available on the D Safe G website.  And that training can be made available through the safety network.

Immunization.  The COS distributed the CFHS interpretation.  Discussion around the wording and the prospective interpretation ensued.  It was agreed that the wording would be amended so that no ambiguity would arise.  The final intepretation should be reflected in the minutes of the June 29, 2011 meeting.  Essentially the policy is that immunizations will be given to employees based on workplace risk.  COS suggested that this should be added to the workplace safety review.  Reference was also made to the Occupational Health Advisory Guide.

New Business

Varying the Work Week.  PIPSC raised a concern that in some locations Departure Assistance Groups (DAGs) are being conducted on weekends, sometimes with travel involved.  PIPSC stated that they agree that operational commitments must be met.  However, concern was raised that employees’ work weeks are being changed from Monday-Friday (day workers) to Wednesday-Sunday to accommodate the operational requirement to work weekends, and employees are not receiving compensation in accordance with the collective agreements.  Concerns were also raised in regards employees working evenings.  UNDE EVP stated that this could also impact on UNDE-represented employees.

Standing Items

Contractors in Health Services Positions.  COS advised that there are currently 489 contractors (majority being Calian) working in CFHS:  290 in civilian positions and 73 in military positions.  It was confirmed that contract workers are required to fill PIPSC-represented functions because the contractor pays better than TB.  UNDE EVP raised a concern that a Calian employee is filling in for a Receptionist Clerk position.  COS will follow up again.

Grievance Report.  Was not available for the meeting.  Provided secretarially.

Employment Equity Statistics.  HR explained how to read the statistics as presented.

Round Table

UNDE EVP asked if any of the committee members were aware if there was a SOA that covers the provision of safety glasses for civilian employees.  Committee was advised that CFHS provides safety glasses for their employees in dental services.

Next meeting.  End September (TBC)

Questions/comments welcomed.

In solidarity,

M.L. Chamberlain
Executive Vice President