Report from Membership Meeting 25 March 2015

00629 Minutes



25 March 2015

Executive in Attendance Steve Gauthier President
Grant Tennant 1st Vice President
Vallerie Griese Treasurer/Secretary
                 Absent Steve Yashinskie 2nd Vice
Dan Boutilier 3rd Vice
Secretary Vacant
Chief Shop Steward Vacant
Serial Discussion Action By
1 Call to Order

1630 hrs.

2 Moment of Silence


Bow our heads for a moment of silence – Mike Leblanc & Andrew Gribbon

3 Introduction:

Introduction of the Executive.

Harassment Policy Read.



4 Review of Previous Minutes


Brief review of Octobers membership minutes

5 Review of Financial Statement

Treasurer read current financial statement

Accepted by Margret Whitely

Seconded by Steve Doering

6 Executive Vacancies

Chief Shop Steward & Secretary

Request for interested parties.   No response

7 Bargaining Update

No movement at this time. SV Group wage comparison study is complete but not evaluated. This round of bargaining will not be resolved until the 2015 Election in October.   No contract will be signed. Consensus is that the conservatives will not be voted in and if they are, will not have a majority seat.

Sick Leave – Treasury board wants to bring sick leave to the table and PSAC will not allow. There are reports that members are burning off excess sick leave for fear of losing it. Sick leave is to use if and when you require time off for illness, surgery etc.  It has been noted that the Health and Safety report from Base Foods states “Do not come to work if you are sick”   in closing Sick leave is NOT on the table

Suggestion from members

– send out email advising not to abuse sick leave for fear of losing it

– Create handouts for members to give to coworkers or a bulk email advisory

President/1st Vice
8 19 Minutes Solidarity March

Only 17 people showed up for March’s Solidarity march on March 19th. Out of the 17 four (4) were from the Pipes union, 3 From Local 680 & 3 were executive members

Aprils march will be held on 17 April vice 19th as this day falls on a Sunday. The purpose of the Solidarity March is to show support for Bargain teams who are currently in negotiations. Every time we hold a show of support Col Leblanc has to provide a report to Ottawa which in turn brings attention to our dedication in holding firm to our collective agreement.   The reason the march is held on the 19th of each month vice any other day is in direct relevance to the scheduled election date of 19th of the month of October. Local 629 members need to take this seriously. We need commitment from local 629 members

Discussion on ideas for March – barbeque at the entrance to the Legion parking lot and promote this day of action with flags, banners and posters. Something to think about

9 Renfrew District Labor Council

Meeting are held once every 2nd month in Renfrew.   The board consists a representative from numerous unions such as Steel workers, teachers, health care, AECL; UNDE etc Benefits of membership are networking with other unions, comparison on bargaining agendas and support in promoting organized labor.   Annual members fee is due at a cost of approx 20 cents per member

Motion to accept – Robbie Davidson

2nd     Bev Macleod

Motion carried

1st vice
10 Labour Day 2015


The first Labour day event was organized in August 2013 with only 4 organizers whom were also the only volunteers. The cost of this event $2600.00 of which the entire amount was refunded by way of reibursments/donations from UNDE, PSAC, and Renfrew County District Labour Council.

2014 Labour Day Event – was cancelled not due to financial support but because we had no volunteers to assist in carrying this event out.

2015 Labour Day Event – In coordination with our Local, Renfrew District Labour council has agreed to spear head the organization of this event. Planning meeting were held in Nov, March and again this coming June. A brief report was provided on the progress of this event to date.

Marketing suggestions – electronic Bill Board (Memorial Center)

1st Vice/Treasurer

Robbie Davidson

11 Presidents Report


Synopsis of the evolution of 4 CDSG from Base Petawawa

LCol Moyles has been replaced by 6 LCol’s. Military attitude toward civilian counterparts has evolved to “If you don’t like it, Grieve it” As a result of this mindset to not work with their employees to resolving ongoing issues grievances are at a high and not enough steward to handle the work load.   This fact creates an urgent need for members to step up and volunteer in the role of shop stewards. Management consistently and deliberately does not meet grievance deadlines imposed by treasurer board. In short the change in the Base Structure has fractured a once harmonious relationship with management.

The last 10 employees affected by WFA are done at the end of this month. Retirement party will be held at the Petawawa Golf Course. Contact Grant Tennant for more information.

Military taking over Civilian position

If anyone knows of a situation where a military person has been put in a vacant civilian position your executive wants to know asap. Please contact anyone on the executive to report .


President/1st Vice
12 Education and Training

UNDE Grievance Handling – 4-8th May 2015, Peterbourgh ON

4 confirmed members course loaded

PSAC Grievance Handling – 27-28th June 2015 Best Western Pembroke

Vacancies, interested parties are to submit their name to Grant Tennant asap.

President/1st Vice
13 Healthy and safety   LMCC / LMRC


2nd Vice Steve Yashinskie portfolio is LCMM/LMRC

3rd Vice Dan Boutilier portfolio is Health and Safety

Both have been mandated to get their portfolio in order and start working with management to ensure issues are being put forth.

Col Gagne had stated that he would like to see union Stewards at all Health and Safety meetings. Also urges co-chairs of the Health and Safety Meetings to attend the base LMCC.   Col Gagne, 4 CDSG HQ Commander has expressed his support in all committee.




















Margaret Whitely

14 PSAC National Convention


2015 – Quebec City

Delegate – Steve Gauthier

Meeting Adjourned

17:40 hrs


Minutes prepared by Vallerie Griese, Treasurer

Minutes approved by Grant Tennant, A/President