Report – Dale Buck, VP Man/Sask

Manitoba & Saskatchewan

National Executive Meeting – April 2009 – Annex 4

Report from Jan to April 2009

In Man/Sask from Jan 15 to 18 we held a regional education where we did Module 1 and had Brother Dale Clack came in to facilitate a day on how to make a region and local plan from data collected in UNDE survey. Both the module and Brother Clack was well received and the members that attended gave reviews back that they were given great tools to do their jobs in the workplace.

From Jan 25 to Feb 6, 09, I spent my time in Cornwall Ontario on an EAP RA course. This was a very intense course and very interesting. I did learn that we have to educate our members on what our roles are within the EAP program and why this program came about.

In Feb I attended a presentation put on by Sister Mona Simcoe of local 705, to management on the roles of the union and how it affects our work place. She did a great presentation and showed managers that we are here to help with labour relations and that it is also important to the Union to have good labour/management relations.

In March I attended the PRC Prairie leaders meeting on March 14. This I found to be helpful in getting the right information from the council and who I would send our membership to if they need representation in the region.

On March 17 I Co-chaired the LFWA LMRA in Edmonton. This committee is made up of nearly all new members. I feel that it will take some work on the unions’ part to make sure the focus of this committee stay on the civilian needs and not the military.

The rest of the time during this report I have been assisting the locals within this region.

Local 50704 Shilo

Brother Randy Walker and his executive have been busy with everyday running of the locals. 704 members are keeping Louis Bisson busy with PSST and it is good to see the membership are standing up for their rights. The members in the FR are keeping management busy also.

Report on UNDE Health & Safety Conference from local 704 rep; Kevin McMillan

John MacLennan opened the conference on Friday. Ms Sylvie Chateauvert, D safe G and secretary of the National Health & Safety Policy Committee, Brother Tom Denault, President of the Federal Government Dockyard Chargehands Association and Union Co-Chair National H&S Policy Committee and Brother Denis ST. Jean, PSAC H&S rep. They all talked about health and safety in the workplace and about safety policies. Friday afternoon Dr. Gary Namie was the keynote speaker. He talked about Bullying in the Workplace. I found it very interesting and enjoyable presentation. On Saturday after opening comments from conference chair and a question & answer session we did work shops on union roles, rights & responsibilities. e.g. safety and RTW committees. I found the conference interesting, knowledgeable and enjoyable. Kevin McMillan.

 Local 50705 Winnipeg, Thunder Bay, Kenora and Portage La Prairie

Sister Mona Simcoe has been keeping her local executive jumping for it seems that something new is popping up in this local everyday. With representing the membership and dealing with management from so many commands. The local has work very hard in signing up the rand members and is down to only 4 rands out of 530 mbrs. The local has also made sure that management was keeping their word and put computer in every section giving every member access to them. They are dealing with contracting out rumours’ of stocktakers, hiring of Drake Temp services for short term positions, contracting of summer student positions because management claim there is no money; continually fighting contracting out issues that members make us aware of. The Local was also successful in making sure the JET program is up and running and GS BUS & GS FOS are been able to take full advantage of this program. The local now has a grade 12 equivalency program; times sponsored half by the employer and half by employee.

17 Wing keeps the local busy with over zealous managers putting their own spin on what is coming down the tube from air command. There seems to be many military supervisors with their own interruption of our collective agreements. But it is a good thing that members still have confidents in there union reps to come forward with their concerns.

1 Can Air Division have finally asked for a meeting with Sister Mona since she has taken over the role of President in Nov 2008. There are concerns with Health & Safety within this building which finally had to come to a NJC grievance. The membership over in this building seems hard to reach and have concerns about specking with the union but the executive of 705 is trying to change this practice.

Health Service management has approached Sister Mona with starting up an LMRC of their own and the local is now looking into stewards that work in this area to sit on this committee.

Report on UNDE Health & Safety Conference from local 705 rep; Christine Goodings:


I made some good networking connections at the conference and was able to interact with people from other bases, finding out a lot of things that are happening, firsthand. The speaker on day one was quite good and I can now understand why they classify bullying as violence instead of harassment. Again, lots of valuable information. Day two was a little less effective in that our particular session was not well organised but we again had a lot of personal experiences to discuss and it did straighten out some questions that I had. What I did find was that we here in the Peg are not nearly as messed up as we think….count your blessings. The question and answer session on day two was very informative also.

Administratively everything went well and there were really no glitches at all. The claim forms could have been accompanied by a better letter of explanation but overall it was a positive experience. The flight and accommodations arrangements were simple and I was very pleased with the conference as a whole. One positive outcome was that I have a much better idea of what courses I need to take (RTW and further grievance handling) as opposed to what are only nice to have.

Local 40800 ATCO Moose Jaw

Brother Alex Johnson has had to deal with a lot of apathy within this local, but since the training in Jan his executive and he have been able to find away to get rid of some of the members concerns. The local is starting to prepare for another round of bargaining. They are canvassing the local for demands well in advance so they are prepared when they do present them.

Report on UNDE Health & Safety Conference from local 800 rep; David Matsyk

Sylvie Chateauvert the new D Safe G and secretary of the National Health and Safety Policy Committee gave a small briefing:
– Described the structure of the safety program for DND            (DND)
– Described committee structures     (DND)
– Routing of safety problems (chain of command)      (DND)

Bruce ? gave a small briefing:
– Described the return to work program           (DND)
– Committee makeup         (DND)
– Importance of various committees’ training               (DND)
NOTE: The union local should vet those employee members.

Denis St. Jean PSAC Health and Safety rep talked about:
– Workplace committees and enforcement
– Internal responsibility system

    • Before calling in a 3rd party, try to resolve the problem locally

– 1,000 people per year in Canada are dying due to the workplace
– Document everything to show due care and diligence
– Committees should have terms of reference
– In negotiations add Health and Safety desires
– Return to work committee

    • Protect the employee’s medical info other than functionality

Questions and answers portion, interesting ones
Problems with back to work committees
Training: Lack of
Usage: Lack of usage and lack of committees
Communication problems
Untrained management about responsibilities and due care and diligence

Dr. Gary Namie gave a great presentation on workplace bullying
The costs to employee’s
The costs to employers

  • Sick time, low productivity, low moral, costs of replacing employees

There was an interesting presentation by a Workers Compensation Appeals specialist
Document everything and as soon as possible

We were told that the private sector employees (there were four of us there) that we fall under provincial legislation.

We then broke up into working groups of different DND region locals and us private sector employees. We then discussed our problems and possible solutions about our health and safety concerns at our individual locals. Our moderator / facilitator was Louis Bisson, the Union Services Officer assigned to the private sector locals

All together the time spent was informative and I quite enjoyed the experience

The items marked (DND) are directly DND items
By David Matsyk

Local 40801 Dundurn

Brother Glenn King has been working hard to bring his new executive members up to speed with issue that are happening within the local and region. Members being able to take union courses or training have become a problem because of other commitments. With two commands in this local it is an everyday challenge for the executive with representing the members. Also there is a challenge with setting up a RTW committee on the DET side for they like to say 17 Wing is taking care of them.

 Report on UNDE Health & Safety Conference from local 801 rep; Evelyn Jackson

Local 802 Moose Jaw, Yorkton and Regina

Sister Della Bennett and her executive are working hard to make sure that everyone in their local are informed and they know who to go to if they have a question or concern on their rights. The local had to deal with WFA of some of their members from Regina and they keep monitoring management to make sure the member’s right are protected. With having to deal with two different CO in two different places (MJ & Dundurn) the executive work is challenging to say the least. Health Service command is also a concern with this local for they are not quit sure where this command is going with staffing and members are become concerned about their jobs. One thing I can say for this executive is if they find out someone rights are not being respected they make sure they fight for this member and win. Ie: acting pay.

Report on UNDE Health & Safety Conference from local 802 rep; Everett Buckmaster:

I just recently got back from the health and safety meeting in Ottawa. I just wanted to pass on some of the things that union members were concerned with when it came to DND health and safety. This was a good opportunity for me as co-chair of the safety committee to learn more about the role the union plays when it comes to health and safety.

First on the agenda was a panel of speakers on the workplace OSH committees and return to work.
The speakers were:
• Ms Sylvie Chateauvert, D Safe G and Secretary of the National Policy Committee
• Brother Tom Denault, President DLTC and Union Co-Chair National H&S Policy Committee
• Brother Denis St. Jean, PSAC H&S rep

The panel talked about the importance of having a return to work committee and a safety committee.
The main focus was to spread the word about the legislated rights that employee’s have to take time during regular working hours to complete tasks for the safety committee. We went through a bunch of the descriptions in the bill about where and how we are to take the time to complete these tasks. After, people had a chance to ask question or concerns that they are having at there home bases. Some things that were brought up: managers not allowing them time during there regular working hours to have safety meetings, or making them come in unpaid if they were a shift worker.

Then next speaker was:
Workplace Bullying –Dr. Gary Namie

Dr. Namie was a very energetic and enthusiastic speaker. Talked about what kinds of bullies there was in the work place, as well as the effects they have on employees. I enjoyed the content he was speaking about, as the effects of this type, can affect some one physically and psychologically. The example was one about a woman that was picked on and bullied to the point where she stutters and slurs when she spoke. The effects have stayed with her and will never leave and can not be reversed.

The next day was workshops about Union’s Roles, Rights and Responsibilities. Mostly to do with return to work committees. There’s been cases where bases had little or no return to work committees and the individuals have ended up on welfare because of it. I understand that 15 wing has a return to work committee that is in its early stages and can be used, but with our base only having 30 or so employees, it’s not very widely used and doesn’t have a lot of experience.

That’s her in a nut shell. If anyone has any questions or concerns, please let me know.

 Local 40807  Aramark/Sodexho

Brother Kevin Roh with his VP Kevin Rosnes and rest of the executive is keeping members informed. The local has just had a successful grievance thanks to Louis Bisson the members were able to get the 10 cents an hour back that manager thought they should keep while the member was on probation. This is a great boost in confidence with the union and the help we provide. The executive enjoyed the education training in Jan and bought back a plan to the local to help get more members involved. With two different employers in this local LMRC are a challenge but Sodexho seems to be be meeting on a regular bases.

Report on UNDE Health & Safety Conference from local 807 rep Doris Craig

I found the H&S Conference very enjoyable and informative. The keynote speaker was, I thought, very good. I have attended lectures on “Workplace Violence” but never one on “Bullying”.

Upon my return we discussed the conference at our section Safety meeting where I passed on some of the info that I learned.

I would like to thank you for the opportunity of attending.

Best regards
Doris Craig