Recent Activity 2016

00625 News

Recent activity in the local has included the following:

Orientation on Pheonix Pay Sysetem
Call to order 11:48 Harasment Policy read.
Exec Minutes for 4may deferred. National Day of Action results reviewed Bill C4 recindment comitment discussed. GMM minutes discussed. Action Dan forward for reviewed by 20Jul. Loan Payback e-mail to be pursued as no response from Facebook message recieved.
Grievance Committee Minutes 16Mar deferred. Caseload allocation discussed. CFC consultation scheduled
Meeting adjourned 13:00

8 Jun 2016
Orientation on Day of Action demonstrated good support of bargaiing team with an excellent turn out to Local BBQ.Address by President and VP was well recieved

18 May 2016
GMM Ratified Representative appointments, Enhancede Financial accountability through use of Credit card approved. Pursuing alleged misconduct allegation in relation to loan payback approved. Debriefed UNDE H&S Conference Presidents Conference and Collective Bargaining Status. Nominated Local delegates to PSAC H&S Conference Approved BBQ/Picknick for 8June2016.

4 May2016
Orientation NPSW
Exec meeting minutes 24Feb approved.GMM agenda items discussed, Financee update discussed. BBQ picknic recommended for 8June2016. NPSW boycott discussed.

Orientation: Right to Inform
Harasment Policy reviewed ,Bargaining Committee Minutes from 16Sep2015 approved. Bargaining update provided. LMRC activity reviewed. Represetnative update of website indicated delayed due to technical challenges.

Orientation General Safety Occupational Health and Safety
OSH Committee  Departmental training requirements and other sources reviewed
Return to Work awareness protocols were discussed. C4 Changes to refusal to work and dangerious work definition was outlined. Lockdown at 4900 reviewed with respect to protocols in place.
Grievacne Committee addressed report protocol for Stewards, Case load reviewed. Joint Departmental  Stress Committee standup discussed. Action Chris to clarify.

Orientation Equity and Inclusiveness
Harasment policy read. called to order 11:48
Action Minutes 19Aug2015 Approved.

Review of Action Committee delegates.

GTAC offering up to $100 for a course up in the York area. Similar to  EAP program

By-election in the east end – Whitby/Oshawa – won by Cons. Normally a cons riding.  GTAC had called out to all mbrs in that riding

MDAC meeting coming up – our rep mostly unavailable but they may be getting telecom capability

TRWC – 08 Mar is int’l women’s day. Closed committee, not everyone can attend

RVAC/Pride – both meeting together 25 feb – guest speaker – Eileen to attend, conference next month – Eileen has a seat there

NAIM – Sheila not present

Executive minutes deferred, Outstanding Loan update provided Action Dan to reach out to member on facebook again. Website update problems discussed. Action Dan Utilize Gmail web posts and Youtube pending resolution. Promotional product order discussed Action Carolyn to proceed with order.
Adjournment 12:42


Orientation Duty To Represent
Membership Committee Representative Elections Held. Committees reconstituted. Communication strategy to proceed per past practice.

Orientation Union Rights and Responsabilities
Grievance Committee Meeting 21Oct2015 Approved. Standing bylaw on Steward Reporting reviewed. Action Dan to share excell example and provide Sol access protocol. Absence from consecutive committee meetings discussed. MSC CH, PR that MH be removed as an inactive Stewards. 2 day notice for Chief steward access discussed. Consultation with Members missing discussed. Duane to schedule one on one with absent stewards. Midterm review of structure discussed. absence of Bargaining Demand stewards fropm Grievance committee identified as an oversite. Action Duane to include Bargaing Committee Steards in outreach orientation. New Shop steward pamphlet shared.

Orientation Mandate
Exec Committee Meeting Minutes 21Oct2015 Approved, Trasition of Chief steward including transfer of Local materials discussed. Retention of Local phone by Past President Confirmed . Consultation process discussed.
Executive Committee Minutes