Ratification Votes: What You Need to Know

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Dear Friends,

Starting next week, members in the PA, TC, EB, and SV groups as well as PSAC-UTE members will have the opportunity to vote on their respective tentative agreements. To participate in the ratification votes, please make sure we have your updated personal contact information. You can do this by accessing the Member Portal.

You can find all the details to participate in your respective ratification vote on the national website and the Prairie Region website, including webinar dates, times, and registration links. Following the webinar, you will be able to cast your vote.

As there is a maximum number of participants for each webinar, please only register for one webinar.

Below is information concerning each group’s ratification kit as well as relevant FAQs:

Ratification votes: What you need to know 
EB group ratification kit, including the full text of the agreement.
TC group ratification kit, including the full text of the agreement.
PA group ratification kit, including the full text of the agreement.
PSAC-UTE ratification kit, including the full text of the agreement.
SV ratification kit, details to be released soon.

FAQ: Tentative agreement for PA group, common issues
FAQ: PSAC-UTE tentative agreement with CRA 
FAQ: New parental allowance for TB groups
FAQ: Phoenix damages settlement

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact your RO.

As mentioned above, last week PSAC has secured a tentative agreement that provides increases to wages, no concessions, improved working conditions and a breakthrough increase to the shift premium rate for nearly 10,000 members of the Operational Services (SV) group under Treasury Board. You can see the details of the tentative agreement here.

Parks Canada will be resuming bargaining on August 24, 2020. Stay tuned for updates.

We are continuing to work with DCL and separate employer locals as they face layoffs and changes to their working conditions as an impact of COVID.  Our primary goal is to minimize the impact to members and their families and to ensure our members feel supported in these processes.

Please stay tuned to the regional and national websites for updates.

In Solidarity,

Details of Tentative Agreements and Resources

SV group reaches tentative agreement 
Deal Reached for PSAC-UTE Members
EB group reaches tentative agreement
Deal reached for Phoenix damages, PA group and common issues 
PSAC secures improved Phoenix damages settlement
TC group reaches tentative agreement

PSAC filing legal challenge against Canada Border Services Agency

Earlier this month, Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) management at Toronto Postal Operations created new shifts and began assigning students – without managerial supervision – to work these shifts. CBSA management has also refused to offer these shifts as overtime to Border Services Officers (BSOs).

Our PSAC-CIU bargaining team has made proposals in national negotiations concerning protections against unilateral changes to schedules and to protect our bargaining unit work. We’re in favour of students getting training and opportunities for work experience, but they should not be used to replace trained officers at CBSA ports of entry. Our proposals in negotiations would ensure that students are not being used as cheap labour by the employer.

Alberta Federation of Labour Campaign: Defend Workers Rights

Jason Kenney is tipping the scales against working Albertans. Bill 32, his new law, will reduce worker bargaining power, both in the workplace and on the political stage. Kenney says this about protecting you. But that’s a lie. It’s really about giving himself and his rich friends and donors more power. Check the AFL campaign to stop Kenney’s attack on worker rights.

Take Action
Saskatchewan Federation of Labour: Putting Workers First Webinar Series

Stopping Privatization in its Tracks
August 20, 2020, 10:30AM to 12:00PM
Register here.

5-step Plan For Better Services and Stronger Crowns
August 25, 2020, 2:00PM to 3:30PM
Register here.

As we approach the October 26, 2020, provincial election, working people need to be prepared to fight for what we deserve.

Manitoba Health Coalition: Why Manitoba Needs a Seniors Advocate

A Conversation with BC’s Seniors Advocate – Isobel Mackenzie
Wednesday, September 9, 2020 from 7 PM – 8 PM
Register here.
Invite others to join the conversation via Facebook.

Join MHC for an online discussion with Isobel Mackenzie – Seniors Advocate, Office of the Seniors Advocate BC. Ms. Mackenzie will be discussing the role and responsibilities of the Seniors Advocate, lessons learned, and answering your questions!

As a reminder, all PSAC Regional Offices will remain closed until further notice, however, our phones are still being answered and staff are using technology to continue to provide service. You can find the contact information for your respective regional office on the PSAC-Prairies website.

Don’t hesitate to contact me directly by phone, 204-805-4536, or via email.

PSAC’s top priority is the health and safety of our membership and that commitment continues to guide your union leadership’s decision-making and actions.