Ratification votes are taking place now until September 29

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PSAC members in the PA, TC, EB, and SV groups as well as PSAC-UTE members currently have the opportunity to vote on their respective tentative agreements. Voting started August 24 and will continue until September 29, 2020.

You can find all the details to participate in your respective ratification vote on the national website and the Prairie Region website, including webinar dates, times, and registration links. Following the webinar, you will be able to cast your vote.

As there is a maximum number of participants for each webinar, please only register for one webinar.


In order to receive the correct information on your respective tentative agreement and to be able to vote, you must sign up for the webinar that corresponds to your bargaining unit. Make sure to read the detailed instructions on what you need in order to be able to vote and then register for your group’s webinar: PATCEB, and SV groups and PSAC-UTE (all members working at CRA).

Thank you for your patience during this process. This way of conducting ratification votes is as new to us it is to the membership. If you require any help, please don’t hesitate to contact your RO.
Below is information concerning each group’s ratification kit as well as relevant FAQs:

Ratification votes: Your questions are answered here
PA group ratification kit, including the full text of the agreement.
TC group ratification kit, including the full text of the agreement.
EB group ratification kit, including the full text of the agreement.
SV group ratification kit, including the full text of the agreement.
PSAC-UTE ratification kit, including the full text of the agreement.
Register to cast your ballot in Treasury Board and CRA ratification votes 

FAQ: Tentative agreement for PA group, common issues
FAQ: Tentative agreement for the SV group, common issues 
FAQ: PSAC-UTE tentative agreement with CRA 
FAQ: Phoenix damages settlement
FAQ: New parental allowance for TB groups 

Need help with the voting process? Contact your RO through the below emails and phone numbers.

Winnipeg: vote2020_WIN@psac-afpc.com, 431-317-0691
Regina: vote2020_REG@psac-afpc.com, 306-757-0522
Saskatoon: vote2020_SAK@psac-afpc.com, 306-808-2574
Calgary: vote2020_CAL@psac-afpc.com, 403-910-5855
Edmonton: vote2020_EDM@psac-afpc.com, 780-306-3126

Additional Bargaining Information

Deal reached for PSAC members at CFIA
FB bargaining dates set; all PSAC members at CBSA to receive Phoenix damages
Tentative agreement reached for Parks Canada members 

Labour Day 2020: Moving Canada Forward Together

The ongoing COVID-19 crisis has revealed the critical value of front-line workers. Healthcare workers, cleaners, grocery store staff, delivery drivers and many more continued working through the height of the pandemic, ensuring Canadians had access to basic amenities and services.

Tens of thousands of PSAC members did the same. They kept our food supply safe, maintained our borders, and ensured that millions of laid off workers received the financial relief they needed in record time.

While these unprecedented emergency relief measures were largely successful as a temporary safety net, a full, equitable, and resilient recovery for Canada demands an even more ambitious plan. That’s why this Labour Day  we not only recognize workers’ essential contributions during the pandemic, but also commit ourselves to a plan to move Forward Together and come out of this crisis even stronger.

As a reminder, all PSAC Regional Offices will remain closed until further notice, however, our phones are still being answered and staff are using technology to continue to provide service. You can find the contact information for your respective regional office on the PSAC-Prairies website.

Don’t hesitate to contact me directly by phone, 204-805-4536, or via email.

PSAC’s top priority is the health and safety of our membership and that commitment continues to guide your union leadership’s decision-making and actions.

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