Ratification of Appointed Officers/Representatives and Notice of deferal of Election of Local President

00625 News

Happy New Year Brothers Sisters and Friends

The Local is pleased to welcome Lonny and Paola to the Executive Team of UNDE625 as Secretary and Correspondence Secretary respectively. They were appointed on the today by the Local Executive pending ratification on February 13 2018 in accordance with Local Bylaws and the notice of By-Election posted on the Components Website. They will be sworn in by  telecom tomorrow  at Noon.  Executive Members as witnesses of this process have been arranged. The RVP Serge Desbien has confirmed his availability to administer the Oath of Office on behalf of the Component.

Unfortunately we were unable to achieve quorum at yesterday’s Membership Committee Meeting. As a result, the Local Executive has implemented it’s previous appointment contingency plan based on feedback from it’s December meeting for the positions of Secretary and Correspondence Secretary. In addition Acting President Jasat has reinstated the Committee Composition previously identified on the web pending ratification. However for the office of President we will postpone the formal election of this position until our scheduled 13Feb2018 meeting in order to provide sufficient notice. Nominations Can be submitted to Sol and Cheryl until 12th of February. Note Nominators must be in attendance at the election meeting.

 It is hope with the help of the new Executive team we will be able to develop an efficient communication strategy that more fully engage our membership. We live in tremendously challenging times and we must not under estimate the power each member has when their voice is engaged. The problems present in maintaining a strong Union in a commuter constrained and fragmented organization are daunting. Regardless, we must continue develop our capabilities  and resources to meet the ever growing complexity and complications of the workplace. If we do not continue to strengthen our organizations and make our workplaces more cohesive and effective our rights will be eroded. Together we must build a fair future with dignified work for the members in our Local, inspiring leadership through our Union and the practical implementation of meaningful collective actions in all our communities.