PSAC Web-Posts. The Week in Review

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Date: April 27, 2020 at 10:45:03 MDT
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Subject: FW:  PSAC Web-Posts. The Week in Review


Via blind copy to Northern Alberta Locals, RVPs, PSAC Committees and General Mailing List

PSAC Week in Review ~ In case you missed it:

The following articles were posted to the National Website last week:

PSAC to government: Keep public services stable, head back to the bargaining table

PSAC Scholarship Program – 2020


PSAC/UPCE ratification vote: Let your voice be heard!


PSAC urges pension protection amid the pandemic

Sharon Nowlan: Preparing for an outbreak in Nunavut


A university sector landing page has been launched on the national website

The landing page will also feature the latest news involving our 37,000 university sector members


The following article has been posted to the national website:

PSAC calls on government to prevent COVID-19 from disproportionately impacting marginalized groups


The following article has been posted to the national website:

University of Saskatchewan’s researchers join PSAC’s growing ranks of university sector members


The following article has been posted to the national website:

Sault Ste. Marie lab techs produce hand sanitizer for front-line workers


As part of our ongoing member and public outreach during the COVID-19 pandemic, we are highlighting the work of PSAC members who continue to deliver crucial services to Canadians. 

We’ll be publishing member stories every week and showcasing their contributions on our dedicated COVID-19 member stories landing page on the national website (which is accessible directly from our COVID landing page). We also continue to encourage members to share how they’re serving Canadians through our Still Here for Canada page.


Stay tuned for more stories of PSAC members doing amazing work across Canada.


In Solidarity,



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