PSAC Scholarship Program – 2021

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The PSAC Scholarship Program offers the following 14 scholarships for dependent children of current PSAC members, who will be attending full-time studies at a recognized post-secondary institution in the fall of 2021:

  • one $4,000 PSAC – AGR National Scholarship
  • one $4,000 PSAC – Coughlin National Scholarship
  • two $3,000 PSAC – AGR National Scholarships
  • two $3,000 PSAC – Coughlin National Scholarships
  • one $2,000 J.R. (Joe) Power National Scholarship
  • seven $1,000 PSAC Regional Scholarships – one for each of the seven PSAC regions (Atlantic, Quebec, National Capital Region, Ontario, Prairies, British Columbia and the North)

The PSAC Scholarship Program also offers 5 scholarships to current PSAC members:

  • three $2,000 National Member Scholarships – Full-Time Studies for PSAC members who will be registered in full-time studies at a recognized post-secondary institution in the fall of 2021.
  • two $1,000 National Members Scholarships – Part-Time Studies for PSAC members who will be registered in part-time studies at a recognized post-secondary institution in the fall of 2021.

Applicants must either be a PSAC member in good standing or the dependent child of a PSAC member in good standing as of March 31, 2021. The definition of member in good standing is: A member who has up-to-date union dues and a signed PSAC membership card. Members should contact their union rep, local or PSAC regional office if they have not signed a PSAC membership card.

Scholarships cannot be awarded unless members have paid their union dues. If there is an issue with union dues payment because of Phoenix or seasonal employment, please contact or 613-560-2963.

The PSAC scholarship program is not limited to first-year students. Please note, however, that anyone who has won a scholarship through this program in the past will not be awarded another.

PSAC scholarships are awarded based on the merit of a 750 to 850-word essay, YouTube video, infographic, song or other creative submission which answers the current scholarship question. Any media used to create videos/songs/infographics must be original, submitted under the name of the applicant and not be more than 15 minutes in duration.

The PSAC reserves the right to withhold the granting of an award if no applicant is deemed to possess the necessary requirements, or for other valid reasons. The Alliance Executive Committee (AEC) may award a PSAC Regional Scholarship outside of a particular region if no applicants from that region are deemed to possess the necessary requirements or there were no completed applications received from that region.

All submissions become the property of the PSAC and winning submissions may be posted, in the language of their composition, on the PSAC website or in other PSAC communications materials along with the authors’ names and the scholarships they received.

Application Process

Scholarship Question 

It has been over a year since the Covid-19 pandemic was declared and the world of work has changed. Currently, roughly 80% of federal public service workers are working remotely, including thousands of PSAC members. There are PSAC members in other sectors who are still on the frontlines, but their work has changed dramatically. For many PSAC members, work will never be the same again. 

Following the PSAC Scholarship guidelines, using original ideas and citing any sources you may consult, describe how this new reality of work during the Covid-19 pandemic has impacted Canadian unions and what PSAC, specifically, should be doing to remain relevant to our diverse membership, build solidarity and ensure workplace justice now and in the years ahead.

Scholarship Guidelines

Option 1:

An original 750- to 850-word essay answering the PSAC scholarship question. Your essay submission must be in Word or PDF format. Please ensure your full name and page numbers are on every page as a header and footer.


Option 2:

An original YouTube video, infographic, audio recording of a song you have written or any other creative, original submission which answers the scholarship question. Maximum time should be 15 minutes for any of these submissions.

Entries will be judged on: Depth of research, originality of expression and quality of argument. Top marks are reserved for those who indicate original thinking/analysis on the essay topic. Sources are to be used for information, not as a substitute for self-expression. All applicants should cite the sources they consult. Any plagiarism from online or other sources is strongly discouraged and will likely lead to the disqualification of your submission

Applicants must complete the online form. Applications will not be accepted by e-mail, fax or printed copy unless an applicant is unable to apply through the portal. If an applicant cannot apply through the portal they must contact or (613) 560-2963.

**Deadline is June 25, 2021 at 11:55 pm ET.**

You will require your (or parent’s) PSAC ID number and Component or Directly Chartered Local. If you require this information, please contact your union rep, local or PSAC regional office. Regional offices’ contact information is posted on the PSAC website.

Confirmation of receipt of application received by PSAC will be e-mailed to the applicant. Please retain e-mail for future confirmation.

All submissions will be graded by external judges. Once the judges have made their recommendations, the Alliance Executive Committee (AEC) has final approval.

PSAC will contact applicants recommended to proceed to the final stage of selection. At this time, proof of registration to a recognized post-secondary institution and the applicant’s Social Insurance Number will be required.

All applicants to the PSAC Scholarship Program will be notified of their status by the end of September 2021.

Questions or Information

Contact us at or (613) 560-2963.


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