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Sexual misconduct class action settlement now available for National Defence employees, Canadian Forces members

The claims process is now open for members of National Defence and the Canadian Armed Forces who have endured sexual harassment, assault and discrimination in their workplace.

PSAC welcomes this significant class action victory that could impact many PSAC members.

Current or former employees of the Department of National Defence, the Canadian Armed Forces and Staff of the Non-Public Funds (SNPF) are eligible to file a claim as part of the CAF/DND Sexual Misconduct Class Action Settlement.

Anyone who has experienced sexual harassment, sexual assault or discrimination based on sex, gender, gender identity or sexual orientation in connection with their military service or while working for DND or SNPF are encouraged to apply. Both women and men may be eligible for compensation.

The claims process is open from May 25, 2020 until November 24, 2021. To learn more about the class action settlement or to file a claim, visit https://www.caf-dndsexualmisconductclassaction.ca.

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