VP Reports

The following is a report of my activities as well as actions that have taken place within the Region:

National Executive Meetings

Attended the two meetings held in Ottawa during this period (01 – 02 Nov and 12 – 14 Jun)

Local Election of Officers

Local 90101 (St. John’s) held in Feb 07. Election results:

      President – Sister Shirley Ryan
      Vice President – Sister Paula Holwell
        Secretary – Sister Judy Voisey
      Chief Steward – Sister Tammy Short

Local 90102 (TB Gander) held in Nov 06. Election results:

      President – Brother Dennis Sheppard
      Vice President – Brother Glenn Arnold
        Secretary – Sister Joann Rose
      Treasurer – Sister Lorraine Falardeau

Local 90103 (TB Goose Bay) held in Nov 06. Election Results:

      President – Brother Robert Saunders
      Vice President – Brother Mike Broomfield
        Sec/Treas – Sister Rhonda Barrett
      Chief Steward – Brother Art Hinks

Local 90120 (IMP Gander) held in Nov 06. Election results:

      President – Brother Gene Stone
      Vice President – Brother Sean O’Callaghan
      Secretary – Brother Martin Coady
        Treasurer – Brother Gordon Noftal
      Chief Steward – Brother Jaret Blake

Local 90125 (SerCo) held in Nov 06. Election Results:

      President – Brother Bernie Bolger
      1VP – Brother Garry Broomfield
      VP Non-Spvr – Sister Jenny Winters
      Secretary – Brother John Taylor
        Treasurer – Sister Barb Bird
      Chief Steward – Brother Peter Bloom

Local 60303 (Gagetown) held in Nov 06. Election Results:

      President – Sister Brenda Moore
      1VP – Brother Richard Morin
      2nd VP – Brother Pat Kilbride
      Secretary – Sister Debbi Sawyer-Bowden
        Treasurer – Sister Dianne Barnes
      H&S Officer – Brother Conrad Yavis


Chairperson Training held in Rigaud, PQ during the period 13 – 15 Dec 06. Local 60303 Chairpersons Brother Bob Powell and Sister Debbi Troke were in attendance with facilitation provided by Trish Sampson (Marlant EAP Coord) and Brother Bob Champoux.

National EAP Symposium held in Gatineau, PQ during the period 19 – 22 Feb 07 with EAP RAs from within the region in attendance.

Site Visits

        Goose Bay – union/management relations (Dec 06)
      Gander – IMP Demo for Negotiations (Feb 07)

Collective Bargaining

Regional Bargaining Conference (Nov 06). Elected to attend National Bargaining Conference (Feb 07). Elected to PA Bargaining Team with training held (Feb/Mar 07). Negotiation meetings held in May and Jun 07.


Attended the LFAA LMRC (Jan 07) with copy of minutes attached. Next meeting is scheduled for Jun 07.

UNDE Standing Committee Meetings

Attended meetings for the following standing committees:

        Bylaws (Jan and May 07)
      COMTRA (Apr 07)

Other Activities

      Bill C-257 Lobby (Mar 07)
      Atlantic Council Meeting (Feb 07)
        Prairie Regional Council (Apr 07)
        Maritimes Women’s Conference (May 07)

NB Federation of Labour

Held in Edmunston Jun 07 – Brother Richard Morin elected as PSAC VP and Sister Dianne Barnes as Women’s Director

NL Federation of Labour

Attended the NL Fed Convention held in Nov 06. Also in attendance were Brothers Dennis Sheppard (Local 90102), Sean O’Callaghan (Local 90120), Peter Chayter (Local 90103), Gary Broomfield (Local 90125) and Sister Paula Holwell (Local 90101). Brother Dennis Sheppard was appointed by PSAC to H&S Committee and was also appointed to Committee established by the Fed to lobby for Federal Public Service Jobs in NL.

Regional Training

ESA – held in Gagetown during the period 14 – 15 Feb 07 with Local 60303 Sisters Brenda Moore, Dianne Barnes and Brothers Richard Morin and Conrad Yavis. Also in attendance Brother Dennis Sheppard (Local 90102) with facilitation provided by Sister Colleen Hodder.

Shop Steward – held in Halifax in May 07 with Brothers Stephen Badcock (Local 90102), Art Hinks (Local 90103) and Conrad Yavis (Local 60303) in attendance.

Local 90125 – held in Goose Bay during the period 11 – 14 Jun 07. Brothers Kevin Rideout and Dennis Beresford facilitated UNDE Modules 1, 6 and 7 that were tailored specifically for the SerCo Local.

H&S Conferences

Brothers Jaret Blake (Local 90120), Dennis Sheppard (Local 90102) both attended the PSAC H&S Conference held in Jan 07.

Sister Shirley Ryan (Local 90101) and Brothers Dennis Sheppard (Local 90102), Robert Saunders (Local 90103) and Conrad Yavis (Local 60303) attended the UNDE H&S Conference held in Apr 07.

Fight Back Campaigns

SOS Gander Campaign continues with complete reports provided after every activity. All efforts undertaken are fully reported upon completion of each activity, meeting or function that the Local participates in.

As funds are almost expended, attached is a copy of a new business case submitted for the National Executive’s review and decision.