Minutes Of The Local Executive Meeting 22 November 2011

30903 Minutes

Minutes Of The Local Executive Meeting

22 November 2011



Meeting held in the 7CFSD union room.


In Attendance:


President:                     Sr. Carla Van Dyk

Vice-President: Br. Mike Zubrack

Secretary/Treasurer:     Br. Rick Parenteau

Health & Safety:           Sr. Carol MacDonald

Chief Steward:  Br. Duane Vye


1.         Meeting called to order at 12:01pm


2.         Reading of Harassment policy by Br. Rick Parenteau.


3.         President brought forth information about Br. Bob Semotiuk’s retirement.

Motion by Sr. Carla Van Dyk to give Br. Bob Semotiuk a $75 retirement gift;

            Seconded by Sr. Carol MacDonald.



4.         Executive discussed having food for the Annual General Membership Meeting Nov.29/2011.  Chief Steward will pick up donuts for the meeting.


5.         Treasurer brought forth the spending figures for 2010/2011.  Treasurer informed the Executive that there is still money that hadn’t been transferred to the Savings account for emergencies.  Executive discussed and proposed the new budget for 2011/2012.


6.         Chief Steward brought forth information about 7CFSD Weapons Verification.  Executive discussed some of the issues raised with regard to staffing this activity.  President and Chief Steward will speak with the MCO.  More to follow.


7.         Treasurer brought forth information about Local 30903’s 2010/2011 Financial Audit.  Audit was completed on Nov.21/2011 by Sr. Jayne Fisher and Sr. Marissa Crosswhite.


10.       Motion by Br. Rick Parenteau to adjourn the meeting;

            Seconded by Sr. Carol MacDonald.



11.       The meeting was adjourned at 12:18pm.