Minutes Of The Local Executive Meeting 15 November 2011

30903 Minutes

Minutes Of The Local Executive Meeting

15 November 2011


Meeting held in the 7CFSD union room.


In Attendance:

President:                     Sr. Carla Van Dyk

Vice-President: Br. Mike Zubrack

Secretary/Treasurer:     Br. Rick Parenteau

Health & Safety:           Sr. Carol MacDonald

Chief Steward:  Br. Duane Vye


1.         Meeting called to order at 12:00pm

2.         Reading of Harassment policy by Br. Duane Vye.

3.         President discussed speaking about the CFIB Petition at the Annual General Membership Meeting.  Nation guests can answer questions that members might have.  Secretary will add this item to the Agenda for the meeting.

4.         Executive discussed pay administration for members pay increments.  President has discussed this issue with UNDE Regional Vice-President.  More to follow.

5.         Executive discussed Annual General Membership Meeting attendance.  Secretary will provide the most current members list and the Chief Steward will have new members sign for a member card.

6.         Executive discussed the annual financial audit for local 30903.  Treasurer will find volunteers from our local to complete the audit before the deadline.


Motion by Br. Rick Parenteau to spend up to $20 on a lunch for each of the audit volunteers;


            Seconded by Sr. Carol MacDonald.




7.         Executive discussed the budget for 2011/2012 year; Executive scheduled a meeting for Nov.22/2011 to discuss the budget.

8.         President brought forth information about upcoming UNDE courses.  Courses include: “Treasury Board Grievance Handling” in Wainwright early December and in Edmonton late February early March, “Local Executive Training” in Edmonton or Red Deer mid January, and “Classification Training” in Edmonton February or March.

9.         Executive discussed acting positions in the Afghanistan Returns section and the timelines and duration of the position.  President will investigate further.




10.       Motion by Br. Duane Vye to adjourn the meeting;


            Seconded by Br. Rick Parenteau.




11.       The meeting was adjourned at 12:40pm.