Minutes of the Annual General Meeting

70608 Minutes

February 2010

Annual General Meeting
Held at Emerald Buffet, Vanier, ON
on 11 February 2010 at 16:30 hrs.


Zelma Buckley, Local President
Suzanne Martin, Secretary Treasurer
Peter Thibeault, Vice-President
Lynn Roe, Union Steward

Members in attendance: Roland Beaudry, Maureen Fedorus, James McCanse,
Manju Raheja, Pierre Lamontagne, Yvan Cuillèrier, Gina Brazeau.

Special Guests: Mr. Bob Allen, PSAC, Paulette Barker, NCR RVP, Maria Fitzpatrick, PSAC REVP, and Sandra Griffith-Bonaparte


1. The president called the meeting to order at 6:03 p.m. Sister Zelma Buckley welcomed all the brothers and sisters and our special guests who were in attendance for UNDE local 70608 AGM.


2. The agenda was presented and a motion to adopt the agenda was moved by Brother Yvan Cuillèrier and seconded by Sister Maureen Fedorus. Motion carried.


3. A moment of silence was observed for the victims of the earthquake in Haiti.

4. UNDE Harassment Statement: Sister Suzanne Martin read the Harassment Statement and Brother Peter Thibeault was identified as the intervener. Sister Gina Brazeau wanted to know what constituted harassment outside of the workplace. The NCR RVP, Paulette Barker, explained that this was not the intent of the UNDE Harassment Policy to determine if harassment is occurring inside or outside the workplace but was intended for this meeting or any union event. Sister Paulette Barker requested that Sister Brazeau address this matter at the local level.
5. Each member of the meeting was given a copy of last year’s minutes for review. A motion to accept the minutes was moved by Sister Brazeau and seconded by Brother Peter Thibeault.

6. Financial Statements: Copies of the financial statement was distributed for approval. Sister Gina Brazeau wanted to know about the balance in our funds and what it is used for. The president reported that this fund is used for running the local and covering expenses such as sending an Observer to Conventions/Conferences, conducting meetings, topping up strike pays, and charitable donations like the Earthquake Relief. The statements were accepted unanimously.

7. Pension Attack: Bob Allen talked and informed the members on the government attack on our pensions. Brother Bob Allen distributed copies of the PSAC pension attack petition. He indicated how important it was to fill out the petition to obtain as many signatures before 1 March before the 4th March budget, in order to make an impact on the governments’ decision to reform our pensions. The PSAC, REVP, Maria Fitzpatrick wished to emphasize also the importance of the pension attack and reported that the pension that the government wants to reform is really ours and our deferred wages and that this doesn’t just affect Public Service but everyone. It is part of our compensation package. She wanted to emphasize the huge impact it would be on the public service employees but also for our children, their children and the general population. She mentioned to members how important it was to obtain signatures before the deadline.

8. President’s Report: President, Sister Buckley read aloud her Report for last year. She reported on the housekeeping WFA issues. She mentioned that this group was no longer required and that they would be WFA and that most of the cleaning services is already contracted out. She is confident that the dept will accommodate the members affected; however, it is very sad to see our brothers and sisters scattered all over the place as some of them has been there for a very long time and thought they would retire there.
She talked about upcoming actions for the next round of Collective Bargaining. The intent is to start the call for bargaining demands long before the expiry of Collective Agreements. UNDE will be taking the lead by providing education for members of the various bargaining units; each UNDE local will be asked to form bargaining teams
comprising of two members from each group; more to follow as soon as info is received. She also spoke of the upcoming PSAC Bargaining Conference and the requirement to have resolutions ready to be submitted.

The Technical Group, formerly Table 3, has finally received through arbitration their retro pay the same economic increases that we all got; the dept has 150 days to process from the date of signing.

Sister Zelma informed the members about the GS Fight Back Campaign; General Services are looking for new ways to bring back our services that were contracted out. The committee will be meeting in March 2010 and members are encouraged to bring initiatives to the table. The president reported that there are no more Zones for Table 2.

Sister Buckley also reported on the Locals Executive and mentioned that we have been without a Chief Steward for a long time. She mentioned that the NCR RVP could not take on any more work and all the locals are busy with their own grievances; a Chief Steward is required and necessary. The position of the Chief Steward is to assist in dealing with unit grievances in a timely manner.

Sister Buckley mentioned that she had attended many conferences and conventions representing our local throughout the year. She reported that at the last PSAC Convention that the strike pay was increased from $50.00 per day to $75.00 per day.

A new parking policy is being implemented for all government buildings. Sister Paulette Barker did not provide any new information, as she had not been given any new news to date. She indicated that when the information became available that she would forward it to the local presidents.

All PSAC locals in the NCR were asked for donations for the Haitian Relief. Some UNDE locals in Quebec have challenged UNDE locals; to date, we have donated $2,700 and another $300.00 would be forthcoming. It was mentioned that not all locals are able to give a donation, as some of them are very small.
There were no questions or concerns raised with the presidents’ report. A motion to adopt the president’s report was moved by Sister Gina Brazeau and seconded by Sister Lynn Roe.

9. By laws: As it was a resolution meeting concurrence at the 2008 UNDE Convention, the Bylaws required to be changed administratively as the financial statements are due at the end of Sept versus the end of Oct. This change will be made to reflect the new dates. A motion to adopt the changes was made by Sister Gina Brazeau and seconded by Brother Pierre Lamontagne.

10. Term Contract Rollover: Sister Buckley reported that Terms employees are being let go just days before the end of their 3 years. Members are to contact their union representative if they become aware of similar situations in their respective areas. The National office is aware of this practice and is addressing the issue with the department; they are assisting our members where they can for the most favorable outcome. UNDE National office is challenging and working very hard with TB to get the members’ jobs back.

11. New Legislation: There is presently new legislation on Violence and Bullying in the Workplace in effect since 2008. It addresses not only physical violence but also psychological violence as well. It is everyone’s responsibility to stop and prevent this from happening in the workplace. This was intended to be informational and to inform members of the employer’s responsibility to comply with this new legislation.

12. Elections: Sister Suzanne Martin nominated Sister Zelma Buckley, Sister Lynn Roe 2nd the motion. As there was no other nominations sister Zelma was acclaimed as President for the next 3 years.
13. Sister Zelma Buckley nominated Sister Lynn Roe, and Sister Maureen Fedorus 2nd the motion. As there was no other nominations sister Lynn was acclaimed Vice-President for the next 3 years.
14. Sister Zelma Buckley nominated Sister Suzanne Martin, Brother Yvan Cuillèrier, 2nd the motion. As there was no other nominations sister Suzanne Martin was acclaimed as Secretary/Treasurer for the next 3 years.
15. Sister Lynn Roe nominated Sister Gina Brazeau, Brother Yvan Cuillèrier, 2nd the motion. As there was no other nominations sister Gina was acclaimed as Chief Steward for the next 3 years.
16. Following the elections, Sister Paulette Barker administered the Oath of Office and wished the new Executive a good term.
There being no further business to discuss the meeting was adjourned at 6:45 p.m.
Z. Buckley
Local 70608

Lynn Roe
Recording Secretary
Local 70608