Minutes – October 5, 2011

301201 Minutes

Union of Defence Employees Meeting
Local 1201

05 October 2011
Joe Tobie Bldg Conference Room</b></u>

The President Amy Weber called the meeting to order at 1400 hrs . Those in attendance constituted a quorum.

Kim Novak
Amy Weber
Jeanne Normandin
Al Davidson
Dan Short
Lara Rooke
Roger Thuroo
Mike Wendehorst
Sheldon Pond
Terry Burns

The Harassment Statement was read by the Secretary

The President introduced the Commanding Officer LCol MacNeil who addressed the membership. The CO introduced himself to the membership and discussed his previous experiences working with civilians. He expressed his desire for a good working relationship and commitment to the LMCC meetings and focus on training opportunities.
He then excused himself from the meeting

President’s Report

President Weber opened with a discussion on the local bylaws and upcoming AGM scheduled for the 28th of November 2011. Members were encouraged to review the bylaws and express any concerns to the President or Secretary. She also noted that all positions in the union were open for the upcoming election.

A union course (Talking Union Basics) was being offered 26-27 October at the PSAC office in Yellowknife. Members were encouraged to look into this course and other offerings.

General information on the Council of Locals meeting held in Yellowknife in March. The next Council of Locals is scheduled for March 2012 in Moose Jaw, SK.
At the UNDE Convention Blair Winger stepped down as Regional Executive Vice President and was replaced by June Winger Members are encouraged to explore the UNDE website https://unde-uedn.com/ to find out more about the union.

Questions were taken from the membership regarding:
When will the severance payment settlements be received?
Hopefully before end of year Amy to action
When will the new northern allowances be reflected on members pay statements?
Amy has been informed by mid Oct. she will action
When would the vacant positions in our local be filled?
Positions should be filled by early Dec.
How can we make arrangements for our members in Whitehorse to be included in our meetings?
Believe the conference room can be set up for video conferencing Amy will check into this for the AGM

What is our current membership numbers?
Amy will go over the list and pass an updated copy to the secretary
How will the Apprenticeship Program affect the local?
More information is required on the program Amy will check into the program
Treasurers Report

Jeanne Normandin gave a brief on the financial status of the local, currently there is $1,368.33 in the locals bank account.

Health and Safety Report

Mike Wendehorst passed out information on injuries while on duty and the importance of doing paperwork up whenever an injury occurs.
Informed membership that protective footwear was a taxable benefit and the process required to go about obtaining new or replace footwear.


Members were asked to review the local bylaws and pass any suggestions for amendments or changes to Amy or Terry for action


AGM 28 NOV Elections
Members were requested to consider nominations for the upcoming elections.
All positions were open for elections

The EAP (Employee Assistance Program) and the EE (Employee Equity) positions were also vacant and members were asked to consider filling these positions. Roger Thuroo requested more information on the EAP position Amy will forward the information to him.

Members are encouraged to check out the Canada School of Public Service http://www.csps-efpc.gc.ca/index-eng.asp

Meeting was adjourned 1500 hrs
Minutes submitted by secretary Terry Burns