Minutes AGM 7Nov2020

00625 Minutes

UNDE625 AGM 7Nov2019 11:30-13:30


  1. Call to Order
    1. Dan called meeting to Order at 11:50. UNDE Harassment Statement with Interveners Dan and Andrew identified. Lonny initiated generating minutes
    2. Role call of Officers found all present Dan, Suleman, Lonny, Paola Present at Dennison and Cheryl present at DCCCA
    3. Declaration of Quorum by Chair confirmed with approximately 35 members present at Dennison CFC and DCCCA. 4900 participation delayed due to tactical issues.
    4. Moment of Silence for Deceased Members was observed
  2. Adoption of Agenda
    MSC Mario, Linda THAT Agenda be adopted as posted
  3. Review Of Previous Minutes 19June2019
    MSC Mario, Katie THAT Minutes be approved as posted
  4. Officers Reports
    1. President advised no Bylaw Amendments received. No Motions from the Floor were made. Therefore there have been no changes to minutes since 2016.
    2. Ratification of Appointments were discussed. No new appointments identified. Appointments since May AGM approved by Consensus per UNDE website such as Yves Chateauneuf taking on LMRC duties at CFC. Brother Fioroni and Brother Navteg were spontaneously nominated from the floor to address shortage in steward body.
      MSC Linda, Mario THAT changes be ratified.
    3. Financial Statement was confirmed held by Dennison and DCCA. In the absence of copies of the document at all locations the President gave an overview and read out the figures by Consensus. The Treasurer presented a background of the expenditures and answered questions from the floor.
      MSC Linda, Michelle THAT Audited Financial Statement be adopted
    4. Grievance activity was reported orally by Dan. Grievance matters addressed through Informal Discussion, ADR hearings and transmittal to higher levels in the process. Currently No issues at 3rd level. Delays in scheduling hearings noted, 40 Labour relations issues phoenix, pension, dues, harassment and interpretation of collective agreement addressed. In addition,2 Classification grievance pursued. (work description concerns were indicated as a persistent problem) 1 NJC Grievance identified, 1 Policy grievance issue referred to Components,
  5. Election of Officers
    1. UNDE Guest Speakers were introduced to preside over elections and briefly speak to the state of the union. RVP Ontario Desbien spoke to the current Bargaining round and provided a process overview. UNDE President Winger Spoke to issues affecting members in the component like phoenix.
    2. Election of Treasurer ( AGM 2019-2022) proceeded with Cheryl Wright being acclaimed
    3. Election of Correspondence Secretary (AGM 2019-2022) proceeded with Andrew Cotrim being Acclaimed
    4. By-Election of Chief Steward (AGM 2019-2021) proceeded with no Nominations identified and the position declared vacant
    5. Election of 2 Auditors was deferred due to time constraints with the positions declared vacant
    6. Swearing in of Officers proceeded with UNDE President administering the Oath
  6. Adjournment
    Meeting adjourned by Consensus at 13:25