Message from Leanne Ordish

30905 News Local 30905 - Edmonton

Hello Brothers and Sisters;


As you are all aware we are in a crisis situation with the worldwide spread of the COVID-19 virus.   ​I am reaching out to you, as members of UNDE Local 30905.

We all know that the Covid-19 pandemic has hit us hard​ by dictating the course of our daily lives​, such as: What we can do, where we can go and our daily work schedules. ​Alberta has issued a state of emergency​, and our Country may not be far behind.   ​The Federal Government have issued guidelines ​for Canada, and as DND employees, we are expected to follow ​those guidelines as presented.


​You may have read the message from The Deputy Minister of Defence on Friday 13 March 2020 indicating how DND will operate as the Covid-19 pandemic continues to spread. ​Information and the guidelines have and may continue to change on a regular basis.  As it currently stands, only those positions that are deemed to be of critical nature to the continued operation of our establishment and support for our military members, which may include domestic and international operations should be performed. Only DND staff physically required to be on base to complete these requirements ​should be at the worksite.  All others should remain home​, and be prepared to be called into work if the need arises. ​There are different requirements for the various sections within our structure at CFB Edmonton.  Some managers have implemented minimum manning, work rotations for staff that are required to be at the job site as precautionary tools.


​In order to be able to assist our membership to the best of the Local Executive’s ability, I am asking you if you have any specific concerns, problems or outstanding issues at this time. Please contact me if required and note these issues will remain confidential.


We have to work as ​a team with our military counterparts to get through this pandemic ​with the least possibility of been infected and spreading this outbreak. We have to remain calm, vigilant and respective during these trying times. Please follow the guidelines put out by our government as they are meant to be in our best interests!  More importantly if are you not feeling well, stay at home.   Please check the Union of National Defence Employees, and PSAC for updated information with regards to the COVID-19 virus.

Remember​, myself and the rest of your executive are here to advise and help you in any way we can during these ​difficult and uncertain times.

We will make it through this!!

Leanne Ordish
President Local 30905
Phone 780-908-9875