Membership Meeting Agenda 26 June 2013

00629 News

UNDE -Local 629

Membership Meeting

26 Jun 2013 @ 16:30 hrs

Agenda Items


  • Per Diem (Executive)
  • Labour Day events (Unions in solidarity)
  • Scholarship Memorial
  • Survey Results (Membership survey Feedback)
  • Billboard “We are all affected”
  • Coffee Break feed back

(Executive Face to the name connective initiative)

  • By-law Committee (review/report)



Note* If you wish to add to agenda items please forward your concerns nlt 21 June 2013.


Maximum attendance encouraged

You are the union, only you can make your voice heard!


Steve Gauthier,

President, UNDE Local 629


“In Unity there is strength. We can move mountains when we’re united and enjoy

life —Without unity we are victims. Stay united.” —Bill Bailey, 1994