CFHS Minutes




Mary Chamberlain, UNDE EVP, and Col Richard Pucci, COS, called the meeting to order;  Capt(N) Young, Director of Health Services Delivery (D HS Del) and Col Kevin Goheen, 1 Dental Unit (1 DU); Brother Rick Smith, PIPSC, and HR Director Danielle Villemaire, were in attendance.


Col Pucci advised that there were guests in attendance to address specific issues the unions had put forward.


Adoption of the December minutes of meeting were previously agreed to secretarially.


Old Business


Professional Development.  HR, Ms Villemaire, advised that the policy is still out for consultation within ADM HR Civ.  PIPSC provided the background of why this issue has been at the table for the past two years.  The unions again requested that they be consulted.  Ms Villemaire committed to sending the draft policy.


Immunization.  DFHP, Comd Torrie, advised that the necessary policies are in place, he suggested that they are just not being interpreted correctly.  He stated that the employer has a responsbility to identify risks and to liaise with Health Canada who provides the service.  The responsibility for the process rests with the National Health and Safety Policy Committee (NHSPC).  The unions thanked DFHP for the clarification.


PIPSC asked who at the Local level engaes Health Canada?  The response was the Base General Safety Officer.  Comd Torrie committed to following up with D Safe G.


Staffing Issues.  The COS advised that the Comptroller had been invited to explain the CFHS staffing procedures and challenges.  The Comptroller, Robin Dinardo, identified that staffing controls were put in place in 2010 and that an established Human Resources Review Committee reviews all staffing requests and needs.  Considerations: is the position an established regular force military, reserve, or public service position; a permanent or term; is the requirement for an interim period while a staffing process is ongoing; does a term pool exist; the Comptroller also identified that salaries continue to be an issue in the professional trades.  The COS is final approving authority after all considerations are made.


The Comptroller stated that CFHS had to cut 106 positions during the DRAP and STRAT review, they are currently 500 positions short to properly support their health services programs.  But they cannot hire because of the FTE cap of 1,365; the COS stated that CFHS is managing FTEs in parts, for example .8 FTE or a 4-day work week in order to best meet operational needs.


The Comptroller added that 54 mental health positions are currently being staffed to fill vacant public service positions.  These 54 positions are in addition to the 1,365 FTEs previously identified and authorized by the DM.


Using the CDU Clerk positions as an example, UNDE stated that it is difficult to understand how the department could propose almost all the CDU Clerk positions as essential (code 1 and 2) in the event of a strike yet on a day-to-day basis many of these positions are vacant.  UNDE stated that it is frustrating for the unions to hear “public service” first from the corporate representatives when the reality is that contractors and military persons are performing bargaining unit work in the clinics.  UNDE reminded the committee that O&M can be switched to SWE; in response the Comptroller advised that they are flipping SWE to O&M because they cannot hire public service workers because of the FTE cap.


In response to specific concerns previously raised:


Gagetown:  a military person is expected to be posted in to the clinic this coming APS, conversations are ongoing with the career manager.  UNDE stated that if a military person is not posted in, the union expects first consideration be given to backfilling with a public service worker vice Calian.


Moose Jaw: nothing new to report, the COS is awating a response from the Clinic CO.


Borden:  UNDE advised that a new situation has been raised to national in which a Calian employee was given work that could have been given to an existing public service worker; the Comptroller stated that giving the additional work to the public service worker might increase the FTE.  UNDE advised that the additional work resulted from a retirement so there would be no FTE increase.  The Comptroller asked for additional information and committed to follow up.


It was agreed that better communications are needed in the clinics.


Redress of Grievance Policy (CFHS 3100-34).  The COS advised that the policy has been signed off and will be shared with the unions.


Open pending review


Administration of Sick Leave.  UNDE stated that they are aware that email direction was sent.  The unions asked for a copy of the COS’ email for reference.


Hours of Work.  The unions asked for a copy of the COS’ email for reference.


New Business    
Status Report – Staffing 54 Mental Health Positions.  HR advised that staffing these positions is a priority, weekely updates on staffing progress are provided to the DM.  To date, 45 offers of employment have been made:  26 actual offers  (conditions have been met), 10 conditional, and 9 offers have been declined.  Conditional offers are made pending security clearances and licences (if required); the declined offers were a result of location or salary.  The available positions are in the field of psychologist, social worker, mental health nurse, addictions (social worker and nurse), 3 manager positions and 12 administrative support positions.  The Committee was reminded that these are vacant public service positions that are being staffed with public service employees.


New CPRR/Performance Apparaisal Process.  In response to PIPSC, HR advised that the LCC is providing classroom training (not mandatory) and the mandatory training, which must be completed by March 31, is available on line.  It was suggested that nationally created “objectives” for similar functions would assist the process.  UNDE stated that this was suggested in another workplace where they also use CWDs and have a similar structure and responsibilities across the organziation and with the same intent to maintaining consistency in the reporting process.


Standing Items


Collective Work Descriptions (CWDs).  HR advised that due to a realignment of HR-Civ resources the CWD review/rewrite is being handed over to DCCO.  UNDE advised that the member of the UNDE staff responsible for classification related issues works quite closely with DCCO on the department’s CWD project.


Contractors in Health Services Positions.  D HS Del representative provided a written update advising that there has been an overall decrease of 33 contract employees in the clinics.


Standing Item  
Grievance Report.  Not available.


Standing Item


Employment Equity Statistics.  It was noted that current statistics should be available by March 31, 2014.  They will be shared at the next meeting.


Standing Item    

Next Meeting.  To be discussed.

Questions/comments welcomed.

In solidarity,

Submitted Electronically

Mary Chamberlain

UNDE Executive Vice President