May 9-10, 2016

National Executive Minutes

May 9-10, 2016


Chair John MacLennan National President
Members June Winger Executive Vice-President
Dan Frost Vice-President (NL/NB)
Terry Kiley Vice-President (NS)
Philippe Turcq Vice-President (QC)
Paulette Barker Vice-President (NCR)
Rosemarie Smith-Gimblett Deputy Vice-President (ON)
Mona Simcoe Vice-President (MB/SK)
Brenda Ebear Vice-President (AB/North)
T. Mark Miller Vice-President (BC)
Tamara Lindsay Vice-President (NPF)
Monty Montgomery Vice-President (CSE)
Gloria Kelly Human Rights Advisor
Recording Secretary Sandra Montpetit


The National President welcomed members to the spring meeting of the National Executive.

The harassment statement was read aloud by National Human Rights Advisor Kelly and EVP Winger was named intervener.

The hours of sessions were set as follows:

Monday, May 9, 9:00 – 12:00 / 1:30 to 5:00

Tuesday, May 10, 9:00 -11:30 / 1:00 to termination of business.

The agenda was adopted.

Notice of motion.                                                                                           VP Turcq



A moment of silence was observed for the following members who have passed since the last NE meeting:

Sister Christine Stewart, Local 80407

Brother Terry Fisher, Local 00620

Sister Judy Duplisea, Local 00629

Sister Teresa Cunningham, Local 00641

Brother Scott Smith, Local 50705

Brother Tom E. Doherty, Local 40801

Brother Frank Lloyd, Local 30905

Brother Tom Mason, Local 30905

Sister Linda Borovoy, Local 70654

Brother Gilles Prévost, Local 10526

Brother Henry Wrzesinski, Local 10526


  • Young Workers Committee                                                                           m-s Simcoe/Lindsay

    VP Simcoe presented her written report which gave an update on issues discussed on the conference call the Committee had.  The focus is on getting other young workers engaged in the union.  They are also currently reviewing their mandate and terms of reference.  There was some discussion regarding the Federal Student Work Experience Program (FSWEP) as the Committee sees this program as a good way to get young workers employed, however the program needs to ensure it hires through competition first to promote the senior employees first, this item will be brought up a the next UMCC HR Sub-Committee.

  • Land Forces 3rd Canadian Division                                                               m-s Simcoe/Ebear

    VP Simcoe presented her written report, some highlights of the meeting included performance management training, operations staffing as well as EAP.  There was some discussion about service dogs, however a more in-depth discussion on service animals will take place during the Health & Safety Report.

  • Land Forces 4th Canadian Division                                                    m-s Smith-Gimblett/Barker

    DVP Smith-Gimblett presented a written report on behalf of VP Desbiens due to his absence.  There is still the problem of UNDE members not being able to access the self-id for employment equity groups’ statistics without management’s intervention, this will be brought up again at next meeting.   There is also an issue of newly hired members being given their orientation too late, this will be brought up at next LMCC meeting.

  • Health & Safety                                                                                              m-s Kiley/Turcq

    VP Kiley presented his written report which detailed work refusals brought up at the National Health & Safety Policy Committee Meeting (NHSPC).  The discussion on service animals was continued under this report, even though this is a good program for employees requiring the animals at work for therapeutic reasons, there is also a concern for the other employees in that area who might have allergies, fears, etc…  There is a need to look at federal versus provincial legislation concerning service animals in the workplace.

  • Presentation by Chris Dando, Public and Commercial Services Union (PCSU) in the UK

    Mr. Dando, President of PCSU, was teleconferenced into the meeting and spoke to the group about issues of outsourcing and P3s their members have endured at the Ministry of Defence in the UK, which is largely the same concerns Canada’s Public Service Unions are having with its defence department.

  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP)                                                                        m-s Ebear-Simcoe

    VP Ebear presented her written report which confirmed that the National EAP Advisors Committee (NEAPAC) have ratified their terms of reference.  Also complete is the EAP Modernization Initiative Overview, however still ongoing is the review of the structure and its roles and responsibilities.  There is also concern with the implementation of the Total Health Strategy which involves a new attendance management program, management cannot ask for confidential information concerning return to work, only limitations and restrictions.  Finally, it has been suggested to have quarterly reports instead of waiting for the annual report review.

  • Notice of motion.

  • Bylaws                                                                                                            m-s Miller/Ebear

    VP Miller presented his written report.  He stated that most of the regions have submitted their Harassment Quarterly Reports.  It was decided that for ease of reference the form will be easily available on the website under Forms as well as under Committee/Bylaws.  The National President reminded the National Officers that in every three-year mandate following Convention every Local is to review their Bylaws to ensure they correspond with the Constitution.

  • Apprenticeship                                                                                               m-s Miller/Lindsay

    VP Miller presented his written report.  It is requested that all regions send him their feedback on how the Apprenticeship Program is going in their areas and to identify what the numbers and trades/classifications are to compare what the department is asking for in future numbers.

  • Air Command                                                                                                 m-s Miller/Kiley

    VP Miller presented his written report stating that the next meeting is scheduled for June 8 in Winnipeg , there is nothing new to share at this time since the last Union Management Consultation Committee (UMCC) meeting.

  • ADM-IE                                                                                                           m-s Miller/Turcq

    VP Miller presented his written report.  There are still problems with classifications, he has been told that following a task analysis there will be a realignment of positions, however he was assured this does not mean a loss of positions and none are to be privatized.  Concerning P3s, VP Miller met with the Esquimalt MP – Randall Garrison (NDP National Defence critic) and presented him with an information package requesting his intervention, MP Garrison understands the union’s concerns and has agreed to take on the government.  VP Miller has been asked to get a master list of DND buildings that have asbestos in them.


  • Resignations in EAP – VP Turcq spoke of his concern with management in his region not supporting the EAP program which results in resignations of EAP Referral Agents, instead management refers employees to the Sentinel Program.  VP Turcq asked if other regions are dealing with the same issue, most of the regions have said that management supports the EAP program in their area.  VP Ebear has asked VP Turcq to forward her e-mails from his region so that she can take this up at the next EAP meeting.


  • Newfoundland, Labrador/New Brunswick Report                                     m-s Frost/Turcq

    VP Frost presented his written report highlighting elections in his Locals and meetings he attended for this meeting including the Land Forces 5th Canadian Division where there is a question of security clearance for hires, this will be brought to the next UMCC HR Sub-Committee meeting.

  • Nova Scotia                                                                                                    m-s Kiley/Winger

    VP Kiley presented his written report.  He gave an update on the shipbuilding program where there is still the question of who will do the second line work to the equipment at FMF, this could lead to the supply chain portion being contracted out.  His report also outlines the loss of 15 Compensation Advisors who retired on March 29 due to the move to the new pay centre.  VP Kiley also wants to thank Sisters Montpetit and Brackhahn from National Office for helping to coordinate a successful UNDE Health & Safety Conference in Ottawa in May.

  • Quebec                                                                                                           m-s Turcq/Ebear

    VP Turcq presented his written report which states that his region has been dealing with numerous pay issues with the new Phoenix Pay System.  His region is also working to save members’ jobs from being contracted out in the Engineering Services.  Finally he would like to thank Brother Verreault at National Office for addressing many issues in his region.

    • Quebec
    • RV 12 – CARRIED
  • Ontario                                                                                              m-s Smith-Gimblett/Winger

    DVP Smith-Gimblett presented VP Desbiens’ report for the region.  Following an Administrative Review in Borden, there is now a newly formed Local 00621.  There has also been a lot of training in the region.

  • National Capital Region                                                                                m-s Barker/Turcq

    VP Barker presented her written report which detailed meetings and AGMs in her region.  OGUL (Ontario-Gatineau UNDE Locals) are working on their Terms of Reference as well as mapping of members in the Locals.  There will be an NCR regional conference in the Fall.

  • Communications Security Establishment                                         m-s Montgomery/Simcoe

    VP Montgomery presented his written report which outlined his activities and training for this period.  He gave an update on Collective Bargaining with CSE which is still on-going, some progress was made on minor issues.


  • Non-Public Funds                                                                                           m-s Lindsay/Miller

    VP Lindsay presented her written report which gave an update on negotiations in her Locals.  Following a good turnout meeting with Local 90181 in Goose Bay, she said there is a possibility that the Local could now get out of Trusteeship.  The new members are going to receive some basic union and grievance training.  The National President will be setting up an Exit Committee to help move this in a positive direction.

  • Manitoba/Saskatchewan                                                                 m-s Simcoe/Smith-Gimblett

    VP Simcoe presented her written report which provided an update on her meetings and activities for this period.  This also included highlights from elections that took place in her Locals as well as bargaining.

  • Alberta and the North                                                                      m-s Ebear/Smith-Gimblett

    VP Ebear presented her written report which outlined various meetings and activities for this period.  Major issues dealt with were Phoenix pay system problems as well as managers concerning discipline and processes.

  • MOTION                                                                                                         m-s Ebear/Winger

    Whereas the city of Fort McMurray has been devastated by wildfire in the past week;

    Whereas these people are without the basic necessities of life and require assistance;

    Be It Resolved that UNDE National Office donates $10,000 towards the rebuilding of lives and community.

    The motion was carried and it was suggested that other Components of PSAC be challenged to also donate.


  • Finance                                                                                                          m-s Turcq/Barker

    VP Turcq was accompanied by Comptroller Loshuk as they presented the written report and financial statements.  Concerning rebates, Locals are asked to inform National Office when there is a new contact on their executive or when they have a new bank account.  Also a reminder to Locals that they must get their financial reports into National Office to Sister Amanda Agnew on time.

  • MOTION                                                                                                         m-s Turcq/Frost

    WhereasUNDE must reappoint an auditor for every fiscal year to verify their financial statements;

    WhereasUNDE has used the service of McCay Duff LLP as auditors of their financial statements and are satisfied with the results and costs;

    Be It Resolved that UNDE reappoints McCay Duff LLP for the audit of their 2016 fiscal year.

  • Honours & Awards                                                                                        m-s Kiley/Lindsay

    VP Kiley presented the Committee’s written report which was divided into two parts as outlined below:

    PART A – Sister Enza Ricci, Local 70607, was awarded a 30-year pin.

    PART B            – Lifetime Memberships:


    Sister Anne Little, Local 80407, was nominated for a lifetime membership.

    Committee recommends concurrence.                                                                                                             CARRIED – secret ballot

    A member from Local 00654, was nominated for a lifetime membership.

    Committee recommends non-concurrence.                                                                                                      CARRIED – secret ballot

    Motion to destroy ballots                                                                     m-s Montgomery/Lindsay


  • British Columbia                                                                                            m-s Miller/Turcq

    VP Miller presented his written report highlighting his activities for this period.  A regional conference is being planned for the Fall of 2016.

  • Human Rights Advisor                                                                       m-s Montgomery/Lindsay

    Sister Kelly presented her written report.  The Canadian Human Rights Commission has come up with a 3-year plan to address roadmap of issues.  Sister Kelly also made a presentation on behalf of the PSAC Prairies to the Manitoba Legislative Committee to amend the Employment Standards Code Act with a Bill being introduced for Leave for Victims of Domestic Abuse.  The law has been successfully passed.

  • Executive Vice-President
    m-s Winger/Ebear

    EVP Winger presented her written report which detailed her activities and meetings for this period, this report also included reports from the Labour Relations Officers as well as the COMTRA (COMmunications and TRAining) report.  The 2016 Local Presidents Conference was a huge success.  Members are encouraged to answer the survey on the website so that the website can be improved.  Please forward all joint committee minutes to EVP Winger.  The two AEU collective agreements for staff have been ratified.  EVP Winger announced Labour Relations Officer Anne-Marie Lusignan will be retiring in the Fall.


  • UNDE 50th anniversary events in the Locals

    National President MacLennan opened the discussion on what events the Locals want to have to celebrate UNDE’s 50th anniversary this year which was followed by a roundtable discussion on what the regions wish to plan.



  • Motion                                                                                                     m-s Miller/Montgomery

    That $5.00 per member in good standing be allotted to Locals as per February 2016 mud sheets;

    That business cases be sent to VP of the region and to the National President for approval;

    That business cases be received by September 30, 2016 and for approved events to be completed in the Local by December 31, 2016;

    That National Executive has final say on business cases that are questionable;

    That all receipts for events be submitted to National Office following the event.

The National President will prepare a letter to go out to all Locals.